Click pic to view webcam found by Brother Uncle Don

At the NOLA website which has much more info on New Orleans and Gustav, the image is updated every 30 seconds. At least until the camera is blown away.

Check out what New Orleans IT departments are doing to prepare.

While watching, take a listen the old blues song, When The Levee Breaks, by Kansas Joy McCoy and Memphis Minnie. It inspired the song of the same name by Led Zeppelin.

  1. Greg Allen says:

    Thanks for the link to the webcam.

    I still get amazed by the internet, sometimes.

  2. brewyet says:

    look for the bridge camera, it is a live feed, not a picture every 30s

  3. Greg says:

    I’m live in Luling, LA and evacuated to Baton Rouge. I will be blogging the storm as long as possible. I have two UPSs and my modem has a 12 hour battery, so hopefully this will be possible. Here’s what we can expect to see for those that aren’t familiar with New Orleans. The heaviest damage will be those that weren’t effected by Katrina and Rita, including the westbank of Orleans and Jefferson. Very heavy damage from St. Charles (where Luling is), Lafourche and Terrebonne parishes as the storm surge is expected to be 10 – 12ft with no levee protection. John, if you want me to provide updates, send me a tweet (username: gschult).

    blog url:

  4. eyeofthetiger says:

    I awoke this evening to a fox news reporter standing in the water of the gulf showing that their is a hurricane on it’s way. Nice /drink/

    Here is a link to the LA statewide P25 radio. The channels that are mostly scanned are state police and national guard:

    Live feeds from:
    New Orleans: WGNO, WWL, WDSU, WVUE; Baton Rouge: WBRZ

  5. Mister Ketchup says:

    This is a picture from the web cam this coming Tuesday.

  6. James Hill says:

    Looks like NOLA is going to be clean this fall. May be worth a visit.


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