I’ve given up commenting on this.

  1. Brett says:

    OH GOD, Deepak Chopra, hahaha!

    The €nlightened $piritual £eader!

  2. JoaoPT says:

    I’m a Mac and I don’t have malware…yet! Because I’ve got too small of a piece of the pie.
    And I usually don’t run in the company.
    You see, I’m the one for students, and aunt May, and Bob the designer, and you can see me everywhere in public places. Just can’t see scores of me in the office, nor the render farm, neither in google’s server farms. Why should you? I’m expensive. Except in the reality distorsion field.

  3. jescott418 says:

    Yes, this is a direct response to Apple. Now, I guess we will see if it works.
    As I see it Apple has been the deceiver and Microsoft has simply taken what Apple could dish out. Apple’s biggest asset is Steve Jobs who has continued to create a sales pitch that distorts everything. Rather then just bragging that Apple’s products are better, it has to imply that everyone else is junk.
    Microsoft has a fine line to walk here. It needs to reply to those ads without doing the same as Apple.

  4. mthrnite says:

    Xbox 360 & an iMac w/10.5.
    That’s MY dual-boot!

  5. QB says:

    This ad says, relax, it’s OK to own a Windows box.

    #32 Exclusively? Very few that I’ve seen – even at Microsoft. Part time, tons in the tech world. Outside the tech world, only if you have teenage boys who wants to play Call of Duty.

  6. chris says:

    This is a good ad. Apple is so snide. Microsoft needs to hit back at them.

    I don’t like Microsoft as a company. They bully other companies and sue people all the time. They buy up competitors when they can or put out poorly crafted derivative products when they can’t.

    I don’t like Apple as a company. They charge too much for their products. Their brand is all about looking down on everyone because you paid too much for your gadget. They place unnecessary restrictions on the use of their products. These restrictions all point to their disdain for their own customers.

    Both companies have pushed for and attained monopolies at different times. Pretending one is some how superior to the other is dumb.

  7. QB says:

    Wow, I’ve never seen so many people get so uptight about their computers. Anyway back to the story.

    MS is concerned that they’ve lost their edge in the consumer market compared with other companies including Apple. The problem is that they have a steady business model but no products are breaking out. For example, is anyone excited about Windows Mobile, Zune, IE, or Live (search, maps, office, etc)? They are also unsure about whether they want their products to live on desktop or the “cloud” – and in true MS fashion they have chosen both.

    There is some interesting stuff in the pipe like Mesh but this ad campaign is about creating a new identity for the brand with the hope that products will follow. Their brand identity is completely unfocused and they are trying to sharpen it – which explains why no products are ever mentioned.

  8. FRAGaLOT says:

    This is a great ad and a direct slap in the face at the Mac & PC ads that gave that “PC Stereotype” that this ads tries to break.
    It’s brilliant, and simple.

    Now lets see if Apple can attempt to break the Mac user stereotype who sips cuppachinos all day at Starbucks, dresses in turtlenecks to “be like Steve”, and behaves as an intellectual snob, and more or less thinks they are elitists.

  9. Esteban says:

    It’s not the greatest ad I’ve ever seen, but it sure as hell beats the Seinfeld/Gates S&M ads.

  10. mthrnite says:

    #40, I think it was IBM and their blue suits that started that stereotype, not Apple. The “Apple = snobs and grandmas” stereotype is a load as well. I use a Mac, and I drink Maxwell House, have never owned a turtleneck, and only have a high school diploma, and even that’s a GED. I keep my Macs on average of four years before upgrading, so the “pricey” evens out. Clones have their place, lotsa vertical-market software demands them, but for me, a Mac is just a more intuitive system by and large. I remember fights breaking out in the old days concerning WordPerfect vs. Wordstar, and nowadays between PS3 and 360, not to mention Democrats and Republicans. It’s all just a bunch of name calling fanboys when all is said and done. Same goals, just different buttons you have to push to get there.

  11. QB says:


    I don’t get that argument – change to what? If I look at Apple’s year on year growth, cash position, brand identity, price growth, and investor targets I’ve got to think they are doing something right. They are outgrowing most, if not all, of their industry.

    If I look at your (and others) comments in this blog the Apple brand draws a very strong reaction. That is worth money in my mind.

    BTW, if you think Steve Jobs is an arrogant worm you should see Larry Ellison or Steve Ballmer up close. 😉

  12. geofgibson says:

    I’m a PC and …

    A fatal exception 0E has occurred at 0028:C0011E36 in VXD VMM(01) + 00010E36. The current application will be terminated.

  13. Nimby says:

    # 43 QB said : you should see Larry Ellison or Steve Ballmer up close.

    Bah. Balmer looks like the lovable monster played by Peter Boyle in Young Frankenstein.

    Come to think of it, Ellison looks a bit like Frau Blucher.

  14. Max Bell says:

    This PC has fish in it.

  15. QB says:

    Nimby, ROTFLMAO

  16. Paddy-O says:

    #31 “If OSX or it’s successors ever gain a substantial portion of the market (and I believe it’s currently only around 8%)”

    Not. No more than 5%, on a good day. You’d have to see it hit ~25% before much serious effort would go into making malware.

  17. Chuzpah says:

    I can see why you stopped commenting about this. I watched it twice and I fail to see the point of the ad. Watching this does not make me want to buy Windows Vista or anything that Microsoft sells for that matter. This ad is neither funny or innovative like the Apple ads. I want the 2 minutes back that I wasted watching this twice!

  18. #49 – Chuzpah

    >>Watching this does not make me want to buy
    >>Windows Vista or anything that Microsoft
    >>sells for that matter.

    No, it doesn’t. That’s not the point. M$ST imagines themselves to be like General Electric, with their old “We bring good things to living, we bring good things to life” ads. No product being pimped, just trying to ingrain the M$FT brand in everyone’s brain.

    That way, when the come out with Window 7.0 (or whatever), people’s reaction will be “Oh, remember those Gates/ Seinfeld ads”.

    Not “Oh Christ, they’re the ones who put out that gawdawful Vista dog of and OS”.

    That will only work on people who have NOT USED Vista, though. I will remember this abortion of an operating system (and who was responsible for it) as long as I live.

  19. QB says:

    Hey, Ballmer’s back! And he’s a PC!

  20. Lou Minatti says:

    The first two ads were a waste. I think this ad is a good one.


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