An interesting, freedom of speech idea given Halloween is this week, however, I have a feeling creationists won’t like it.

The atheist bus campaign launches today thanks to Comment is free readers. Because of your enthusiastic response to the idea of a reassuring God-free advert being used to counter religious advertising, the slogan “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life” could now become an ad campaign on London buses – and leading secularists have jumped on board to help us raise the money.

The British Humanist Association will be administering all donations to the campaign, and Professor Richard Dawkins, bestselling author of The God Delusion, has generously agreed to match all contributions up to a maximum of £5,500, giving us a total of £11,000 if we raise the full amount. This will be enough to fund two sets of atheist adverts on 30 London buses for four weeks.

If the buses hit the road, this will be the UK’s first ever atheist advertising campaign. It’s an exciting development, which I never expected when I first proposed the idea on Cif in June. Back then, I was just keen to counter the religious ads running on public transport, which featured a URL to a website telling non-Christians they would spend “all eternity in torment in hell”, burning in “a lake of fire”.

UPDATE: If these signs make it to buses in the states, this will be at the bus stops.

  1. Paddy-O says:

    #47 QB “the old Communism == Atheism argument. So very, very old.”

    And so very true.

  2. Sea Lawyer says:

    #1, You can’t say there definitely is no god, because it can’t be verified; the best you can do is say that there probably isn’t one.

  3. Floyd says:

    Mr. Mustard:
    “And while we’re at it, show me “a news article that says a group of believers in God attacked…”.

    The Bible is a good source. Lots of smiting and stoning and general killing of people in there by people that believed in some kind of imaginary deity, then recorded the killing in their holy book.

    You want something newer? Let’s see: Ireland, Yugoslavia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran, Israel/Palestine, and of course, the rest of Europe (noooobody expects the Spanish Inquisition). The funny thing is, they are all arguing and killing each other about how one is supposed to worship the same deity (Allah is just the Arabic word for God).

  4. QB says:

    Paddy-O, you’re so predictable. You equate atheism with an unhealthy society.

    Try thinking this way, a healthy society promotes personal freedom. See where that takes you and get back to me buddy.


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