Possibly NSFW in red states

Who the f__ cares about all this economy crap on the news shows and networks and Interwebisites when selection of the First Dog(s) has yet to be consummated? I mean can’t we, as a country, get our priorities straight?

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  1. Joe Dirt says:

    Is that Russell Crowe on the right?

  2. mcosmi says:

    i love these guys…i subscribed to their podcast feed.

  3. joaoPT says:

    I’m Portuguese, and I’ve never seen a Portuguese Water Dog…live…
    Seriously, they’re rare.
    I’ve been told it’s a fine dog though. They were bred for centuries under the pressure of our nautical expeditions, so they are extremely intelligent and dedicated. They are a natural water dog. I mean if they see puddle or a lake, they jump right into it. Although not a very big dog (they look like a big french poodle) they are strong (stories are told of these dogs saving fisherman from the water…)
    All in all not a bad choice, but not the classic, state look of a Golden Retriever:


  4. James Hill says:

    He already has a Pelosi. Why get another bitch?

  5. The World's Greatest Poster says:

    He already has a Pelosi. Why get another bitch?

    [Hey, way to sneak in a double post there James. – ed.]

  6. John Paradox says:

    Hey, he could’ve gotten a Siberian Husky….


    (NOTE: the Water Dog is non-allergenic)

  7. hhopper says:

    Portugese Water Dogs are cool.

  8. KD Martin says:

    Portugese Water Dogs are cool. Until they clog the drain in the bathtub. Har!

  9. Sonny says:

    #5, World’s greatest poser,

    Hey, ya know were I can find dise here free porn everbody’s a talking ’bout? You seam like the kinda girl (or guy) that wood know about this.

    Hey, arn’t ya the girl in dat golden shower movie? The one shot in Utah. That movie I paid good cash for.

    [Ed. Redacted — Violation of posting guidelines]

  10. Obama dog says:

    This is a wonderful pet, and its curly hairs are good for allergic people.


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