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Alec Garrard, 78, has dedicated a massive 33,000 hours to constructing the ancient Herod’s Temple, which measures a whopping 20ft by 12ft.

The pensioner has hand-baked and painted every clay brick and tile and even sculpted 4,000 tiny human figures to populate the courtyards.

Historical experts believe the model is the best representation in the world of what the Jewish temple actually looked like and it has attracted thousands of visitors from all over the globe.
Mr Garrard, from Norfolk, spent more than three years researching the Temple, which was destroyed by the Romans 2000 years ago and deemed to be one of the most remarkable buildings of ancient times.

He then started to construct the amazing 1:100 scale model, which is now housed in a huge building in his back garden.

  1. Special Ed says:

    No Starbucks?

  2. bobbo says:

    Where can I download a virtual tour?

    I think this is practically worthless until digitized. Much better the full reconstructions. I’d like to visit the rebuilt Parthenon–in Memphis Tennessee I think? Then a side trip to the Holy Muses/Temple Whores for the complete cultural immersion.

  3. Special Ed says:

    #2 – I searched on Temple Whores and only came up with a university in Philadelphia.


  4. Random says:

    Very impressive! Good thing the guy didn’t trip standing in it like that… 33,000 hours wasted

  5. bobbo says:

    #3–ed==thanks for reminding me of google (slaps forehead). Well, I can’t think of any better reason to visit Philly.

  6. MikeN says:

    Uncle Dave, why do you fall for such Jewish propaganda? Don’t you know that there were no jews in Jerusalem until they invaded in 1948 and kicked out all the Palestinians?

  7. Gary, the dangerous infidel says:

    I wonder, does God feel as special when people build miniature temples as he does when they build them full-sized? If I were God, I couldn’t help but feel insulted by the insignificant size of the project. A few well-aimed lightning bolts might teach this guy a lesson to build on a grander scale. If it doesn’t show up on Google Earth satellite photos, it doesn’t impress the Lord.

    However, look for an even smaller knockoff version of this temple as an accessory for “Ancient Jewish Princess Barbie” from Mattel, hopefully in time for Hanukkah later this year.

  8. Mr. Fusion says:

    And I suppose he had actual drawings to work from or is this just another wing nut imaginary idea of what the temple might have looked like.

    The right wing nuts are pretty good at imagining things and just making them up.

  9. sargasso says:

    See what happens, when someone retires!

  10. chuck says:

    I didn’t see any 1:100 scale suicide bombers in any of the pictures.

  11. JimR says:

    … meanwhile across the hall, Julio Antonius 82 (arch enemy of Alec Garrard), has been working for an impressive 29,800 hours hand modeling, baking and painting, over 18,000 troops of the Roman Empire Army led by Titan, complete with actual working miniature armor and weapons.

  12. Mr. Fusion says:

    #11, Jim,

    Ouch !!! We didn’t see that coming.

  13. deowll says:

    The Parthenon (the copy) is in Nashville.

    We have several decent descriptions of the Temple including a fair amount of information on what the materials used where.

    Of course the plateform is still there and some drawings/engravings exist. It was considered one of the “must see” places while it existed.

    When the old boy passes away I figure a couple of guys with shovels can have that space cleaned up in no time.

  14. Carcarius says:

    This guy had far too much free time on his hands.

  15. PcMaster says:

    That is just AWESOME!


    It was “Titus” not Titan, who led the Romans to sac the temple in Jerusalem in AD 70

  16. Angel H. Wong says:


  17. the real billybob says:

    Titan painted it…

  18. JimR says:

    #15… oops. 🙂

  19. Ron Larson says:

    #11 JimR….

    Good one… sounds like the setup for a good Gary Larson Far Side cartoon 🙂

  20. Joe says:

    It would’ve been quicker to build a life size one.

  21. RBG says:

    13 deowll: “When the old boy passes away I figure a couple of guys with shovels can have that space cleaned up in no time.”

    You laugh. This happened to the old boy who made the Challenger Relief Map of British Columbia: a monumental, hand built 80-by-76 foot topographic map of the province made of carved wood. Built by George Challenger and his family from 1947 to 1954, it features all of B.C.’s mountains, lakes, rivers and valleys in exact-scaled topographical detail.

    The Guinness Book of Records cites the Challenger Map as the largest of it’s kind in the world. The map in its entirety occupies 6,080 square feet (1,850 square metres) of space.

  22. PPCLI says:

    A masterful piece of work. 30 years of effort doesn’t deserve smart ass comments.

  23. Named says:




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