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UPDATE: While not in the same league as to situation, the cop was right to stop him and Moats kept pushing him, the lack of compassion by slowing the process down and then contempt for questioning him makes this cop a powertripping douchebag. That he later had to apologize is proof he handled this wrong. (found by Mr. Justin)

“I can screw you over,” the officer told Moats. […] “Shut your mouth,” Powell told him. […] “Your attitude says that you need [a ticket].”

  1. TreeBeard says:

    I know that cops are there to protect us should we ever need it. But to be honest, the cops that I know are pretty much block heads. Just sayin’.

  2. bobbo says:

    Hah, hah. “Requires EXTREME good judgment.” Yea, those rules are hard to write: “Help people.”

  3. dawn says:

    holy crap, in Googling for details I found TWO stories about this sort of thing, one in Plano (near Dallas)involving an NFL player, and one in Memphis. Both captured on dash cams. Gotta think departments are starting to rethink this dash cam thing…

  4. smartalix says:

    I’d love a cop to tell us why they are such assholes. We almost never see nice stories about what cops do positively for people. Law-enforrcement reform should be the next thing on Obama’s to-do list once he fixes Bush’s fuckups.

  5. Named says:


    Obama is giong to fix Bush’s fuckups? That’s a nice LOL.

    as for fixing the police next? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Everyone knows the police force are basically a revenue system for counties, municipalities, cities, towns…

    Anytime the police contracts are threatened, they just seize up on writing tickets. Once the city figures out the loss of revenue, the police get their contract. Then, the police do their bit by ratcheting up the ticket quotas to make up for the shortfall.

    Cops are scum. And if one isn’t yet… he will be in short order.

  6. Dallas says:

    Disgusting. Immoral and uncaring behavior from those that are suppose to be public servants.

    How can there be no training for instances that involve medical emergencies?

  7. Named says:


    Do you think police believe that they are “public servants”?

  8. Awake says:

    #5 – Named –

    You are correct, Obama will have extreme difficulty fixing the mess that Bush made of this country. It will take an all out group effort to even start to correct the disaster produced by the previous eight years of criminal management. It’s too bad that the Republicans have taken a “Party first, cronies second, America third” attitude to fixing the problems.

    As for this cop:
    a) He should be fired because he obviously does not have the common sense to function as a reliable cop. Would you want this idiot as a partner when he makes moronic decisions like this?
    b) Sue him personally for everything he owns and will own. Until we start making cops personally accountable for their actions, they will continue to cowardly hide behind their shields and their unions. If you can not be held responsible for doing wrong, you will behave accordingly. (Circular topic… Bush is a prime example of no accountability for his behavior, and he acted accordingly.)

  9. Benjamin says:

    Can we please have a text link to this story. Don’t have speakers at work.

  10. eyeofthetiger says:

    The deputy made the correct decision. Sure, everyone likes to rip dicks assholes – but what do you know of the situation? Primary concern is it is safer for the man and the women to wait for an ambulance than for him to drive his dying mother to a hospital.

  11. Named says:


    The police could have provided an escort. But he was busy writing a ticket.

  12. Poppa Boner says:

    To swerve and neglect!

  13. Sister Mary Hand Grenade of Quiet Reflection says:

    I’m surprised he didn’t taser her while he was at it.

  14. Cornfused says:

    Wouldn’t have been a problem if they driver had cared enough to have current plates, or called an ambulance from home. Biggest mistake people make is trying to drive someone to the hospital by themselves. The cop probably made a mistake, but was doing his job.

  15. Named says:


    What part of his job? Serving and protecting or billing?

  16. faxon says:

    A few cops are great guys. A few cops are total assholes. These are the one who create problems for us all. One of the Oakland cops who was shot used to follow people out of the courtroom if they had their license suspended, wait until they got to their car in the parking lot, and then write them up for driving with a suspended license. An asshole. He did not deserve to get shot, of course, but he WAS an asshole who probably fucked with everybody. He was said to be “a stickler for safety”. Meaning he was always fucking with people for seatbelts, taillights, license plate lights, cracked taillight lenses, etc. An asshole. Once, a Marin Co Cop wrote a co worker a ticket for having the year sticker on his license plate being the TINIEST bit CROOKED! I saw it. Barely noticably crooked. At 2am, parked in front of his house! Assholes. So. Wonder why I have no need for cops? I can protect myself, and they are useless in that regard, anyway. All they do is string yellow tape around a crime, and harass the public.

  17. amodedoma says:

    I’m no fan of authority figures, cops included, but they’re human beings, that means you got your good ones and you got your bad ones and you got your mediocre ones. Thank god for the dash cam and wouldn’t it be nice if they were all required to wear individual cameras. Save for MP’s all the cops I’ve had to deal with were good ones. Maybe I was lucky.

  18. bobbo says:

    #18–amodedoma==you aren’t a fan of authority figures? I stopped reading right after that. Hope I didn’t miss any of your other personal preferences.

    Any thoughts relevant to THIS thread?

  19. Rick's Cafe says:

    I wonder what the other side of the story is like? Maybe the policeman is as heartless as the article implied or maybe the son forgot to mention a few things in talking with the reporters.

    I have noticed one consistent truth thru the years – Never have I seen a person who gets caught breaking the law tell the whole truth. Partial truths, almost truths….coulda, woulda, shoulda truths, but not the whole truth.

    Taking the ‘word’ of a person caught breaking the law as gospel, is as smart as believing the politicians in Washington will fix the current mess our country is in.

  20. loconavi says:

    Remember all those stories about the police and military having to lower recruitment standards to fill the shortages. This is the consequence of those actions.

  21. bobbo says:

    #20–Ricky==you should get together with amodedoma and find out why he is not a fan of authority figures, how a dash cam or personal cam would have provided more complete information for us to evaluate here, and who those MP’s were. Course, with YOUR attitude, you’d think he was just lying anyway.

    Whats your estimate of the amount the cops lie? Do they have the same motives to lie, or more? or less?

    Life, so many varied facets to admire.

  22. Named says:


    Lets see… his mother died. The cop wrote a ticket. And he called an ambulance. So, it looks like this is the story:

    Guy was driving his mom to the hospital. Cop stopped him a wrote a ticket. A ticket is generally the lowest of the low traffic offenses. You don’t get a ticket for murder, rape or robbery. Then the cop called an ambulance, which means that the woman WAS ill. The woman died due to the delay. So, what other side are you looking for? How hard a job the cop has?

  23. Olo Baggins of Bywater says:

    If he had taken just a bit more time he could have written the son up for transporting a dead body without authorization. Stupid cop.

  24. Goggles N Teeth says:

    I know Mr. Abels. I worked with him at a local TV station (a different TV station than the one that had the report) while I lived in Memphis. Very nice guy. It is extremely unfortunate that these situations happen in the first place. Doubly so when you know one of the main individuals involved.
    Sorry to hear about this Wayne, and sorry about your Mother as well.
    This cop will probably only recieve the usual paid suspension while the case is “investigated” or swept under the rug….
    More dirty cops getting away with murder.

  25. smartalix says:

    The cop could have easily escorted the man and his mother ot the hospital, then give a ticket to the son.

    This is inexusable. It appears that anal retentiveness trumps human life (unless it’s a fetus, I guess).

    (Full disclosure – bad cops killed my cousin-in-law, BTW.)

  26. bill says:

    I bet they tried to use the car pool lane too!!
    (another ticket!)

  27. Mr Diesel says:

    If I just hopped on this blog I would gather it is just a bunch of cop hating nimrods.

    1. The man made the mistake of trying to get his mother to the hospital instead of calling an ambulance.
    2. The man broke the law in his truck.
    the police officer sees the infraction and does a stop.
    3. The officer sees the problem and calls an ambulance (and rightly so) for the man’s mother.
    4. The mother assumes room temperature.

    Escorting someone to the hospital is out of the question due to liability against the department if let’s say, the cruiser makes it through an intersection and someone t-bones the truck and kills or injures both.

    The officer was correct in making the stop and at that point he and or the department would have been liable if he just waved them along and something bad happened down the road.

    I guess I shouldn’t confuse this blog for a bunch of intellectuals because too many aren’t.

  28. Named says:


    So, there has never been a police escort of a civilian in an emergency?

    Yes, carry on Mr Intellectual. Make sure you complete all your tasks assigned in your work-camp… for the good of the country.

    I’m guessing, due to liability, you rarely leave the work-camp?

  29. Uncle Dave says:

    #28: Odd then that Lindsay Lohan could get a police escort home from shopping.


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