• Everyone is preoccupied with Conficker. I have one simple question. Hear it here now.
  • HP may use Android OS for computers.
  • PS2 going to $100. Or is it a joke?
  • Gartner says cloud is getting all the money.
  • American Airlines to put Wi-Fi hotspots in their planes.
  • Wiki Search killed. They cannot afford to keep it going.
  • Netflix going to $8 month for Blu-ray.
  • Honda making robots that read brain waves.
  • Howard Stern to market the Palm Pre.

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  1. Jim says:

    I would have said — “Howard Stern… didn’t he die years ago? Maybe they’re trying to hit the Jerry Garcia bandwagon.”

  2. Mark says:

    The reason setting your computer clock to April 1st won’t work is because the virus is waiting for instructions to be delivered via the net. It’s not a date-based virus like the Michelangelo virus. It’s just the suspicion that the command will be sent out on April 1st because it’s been building for so long, people are getting impatient and want to see some fireworks.

  3. wiglebot says:

    Hey, I wish Wiki Answers would go away. They have 1000’s of questions with no answers and lots of advertising. And they hog goog searches.

    If Grand Daddy conficker does not have a sophisticated proxies, he will be destroyed in a few seconds upon sending out instruction sets.

  4. Lou Minatti says:

    The PS2 is a great platform and last time I checked there are more titles at your local Wallymart/Best Buy than there are PS3 titles. Sony lost their mojo and they simply want to milk as much cash from their old successes as possible before dumping their Vista.

  5. Tyrant says:

    A few of the things I’ve read about Conficker cover what you talked about. It uses an http date check, which is to say it doesn’t rely on the system clock to figure out what the date is. Researches found this out and have already manipulated responses to this check to make it appear as April 1st. What they discovered is that it starts a rotation of checking several domains, looking to download an update to itself. The real concern is what this update might then instruct the computers to do.

  6. Nitroneo says:

    Actually Howard Stern is getting a little personal preview of the Palm Pre. Currently he uses the Treo and is looking to upgrade. Since Howard has been heavily discussing the different available phone options currently available on his show, it’s a good promo at little cost to go out of their way to offer this.

    Actually a pretty good business decision since he’s a heavy Treo advocate.

  7. Angel H. Wong says:

    Ha! The PS2 here is sold on average for about $250 and the PS3 is sold for about $800.

    Greedy bastards…


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