• Google revenues and sales continue to grow.
  • Video games sales slump.
  • IBM pushing 28nm trick for the next generation of chips.
  • Slingplayer to be killed by Apple. Guess why!
  • Microsoft will public beta Office 2010.
  • Sun back in the sack with IBM?
  • HP tops Dell.
  • Pirate Bay Server becomes a museum piece.

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  1. Angel H. Wong says:

    The more time passes by the more I see Apple Behave even worse than M$

  2. newrepublican says:

    #1 – in other words, you haven’t read the story any of the 500 places it appeared.

  3. Zybch says:

    #1 – Microsoft is in business to further their profits by creating ecosystems by which smaller companies can create their own systems on top of, like a whale with millions of tiny barnacles attached to it.
    Apple is only in business for the betterment of Apple, and like a petulant child, they want as much control over everything as possible.
    Microsoft tries to co-opt everyone in (yes, I’m aware of their past… they haven’t always been friendly about it), while Apple locks customers in and third parties out.

    Apple is one of the most closed-off tech companies on the planet doing everything in their power to keep their ecosystem as closed off as possible.

  4. oplama says:

    the whole damn cell tech is closed Apple fits right in with ma bell and her young-un’s
    try to find reasonably priced voip sip wifi phone. Damn Celler’s


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