More chances to refuse and be sent to the swine flu concentration camps (Swine Flu Gitmo?).

School children who have never had a flu shot may need to get vaccinated four times in the fall – twice for seasonal flu, twice for pandemic swine flu – officials at the CDC told health professionals on Wednesday.

Most everyone else should expect three shots.
“This vaccine campaign will unfold quite differently than seasonal flu,” said Wortley, in a conference call with health care professionals nationwide on Wednesday. “This is a huge endeavor we’re gearing up for.”
Preservative-free shots will be available for children and pregnant women, about 20 percent of the lots manufactured, Wortley said. They will either come in single-dose injections or as Flu Mist, the live virus that is squirted into the nose.

Adults will most likely get their shots from multi-dose vials which contain Thimerisol, including very low levels of mercury.
There are a number of newer vaccine technologies that are now under development, including cell-based vaccines and vaccines grown in fall armyworm cells. Those won’t be among the tier 1 vaccines used in the United States, Wortley said.
Wortley said the CDC is setting up a process for tracking adverse reactions to the shots, including the rare but potentially fatal Guillain-Barré syndrome, an autoimmune disorder that can be temporarily paralyzing.

  1. Zybch says:

    Any chance you guys could please use a different font (like arial) when quoting from another site in italics?
    The italics make it quite difficult to read when combined with the current fonts’ serifs.

  2. Lou Minatti says:


    Aww geez, not this again. I was hoping that the anti-vaccination paranoia had died down.

  3. phiend says:

    not my kids check out this post

    not me not my kids, This is still a free country… right?

  4. Bob Dole says:

    Bob Dole agrees with comments 1, and 2, too.

  5. pben says:

    I didn’t get a shot when Gerald Ford was pushing it and I will not do it for Obama. More people died of the shot under Ford than caught swine flu!

  6. Fat_Anarchy says:

    I too am finding this anti-vac paranoia to be getting quite tired by now. Most of it is based on a very poor understanding of the science behind vaccination, and just people with the standard anti-government bent.

  7. Mr Diesel says:

    I won’t be getting damn flu shot this year or any other year.

    Obomba and his current ilk can kiss my ass.

  8. Sea Lawyer says:

    Doesn’t “seasonal” flu originate in Asia and travel around the world? Why isn’t that considered a pandemic?

  9. amodedoma says:

    Cool, the best scene from the amazing colossal man. A few seconds later the giant grabs the syringe and throws it like a dart at the guy in uniform, and nails him to the ground. Could be a prophetic use of symbols.

  10. Viruses are dead anyway says:

    Oh they do this crap to the public all the time to get them scared into submission. I highly doubt there will be any act of Congress to force every person to get shot at.

    And to those who say some suffer from “anti-vaccination paranoia”, their pompous attitude reflects their miserable failure in understanding the very nature of science. Scientifically proven facts in science are later proven completely false all the time, especially in medical science as applied to human moving targets of which the immune variables are endless and nearly totally impossible to control what variables affect their immune systems.

    Speaking of science, try this scientific fact on for size, tell us at what # of vaccinations do you stop and say “stop THAT’S ENOUGH”? There are an INFINITE number of viruses that the immune system creates antibodies against, I-N-F-I-N-I-T-E. Once you understand this scientific fact, that has not been proven wrong for 100 years, it’s rather hard to explain, do we stop at 4 shots every fall? Or is 10 enough to cover all the other flus, and against HIV “the most deadly of them all, boo”? Did I scare you? Wait, where’s that HIV vaccine again? 25 years and no vaccine? Quadrillion of dollars wasted on research and no vaccine?

    Will we stop injecting live dead virus in kids arms at about 27 shots every fall? Maybe 100? What happens when they discover 1000 strains of flu? They keep “discovering new strains”, yet viruses are dead as door nails. For that matter you would be better off getting vaccinated with a door nail that someone sat on who had your silly flu scam virus as your body already vaccinates itself internally.

    Here’s another one, answer this, how healthy is it to add mercury to your blood even in small quantities? What about the ground up bovine serum? And chemicals?

    And how Constitutional is it for the State to force anything up your veins without your permission, especially the very thing you want to avoid entering your body, as some way of protecting yourself from it? I consider that close to insane, and label it “holocaust medicine”.

    Since all viruses are dead non-living things and they “mutate” into weaker dead non-living things how does that protect you from rampaging dead things? This data is there in their medical literature.

    Flu is created, not caught.

    There are factors such as oil slicks in the colon, lack of fiber, stress, and bad bacterias on a sugar and oil feeding frenzy something like when you find ants all over leftovers on your kitchen counter or picnic table that create the flu.

    Compare, the immunization theory is like trying to protect your child from child molestors, by inviting child molesters in your home for the very purpose that your child would be exposed to the child molesting, so that he or she would become immune to child molesting by developing an immunity to child molesting.

    Did you come up with a number yet of how many shot’s per year is the limit where you would finally say stop?

  11. Named says:

    7, Sea lawyer

    Can you imagine the headlines for “seasonal” flu?

    “The Seasonal Flu is BACK! Again.”

    And that’s about it. No drama, terrah, fear, xenophobia, etc. Just the regular damn flu that kills loads of people every year…

  12. Named says:

    FWIW, here’s the official standpoint from the Canadian government regarding vaccines and thimerosal.

  13. leftbankhook says:

    If you want the vaccine, feel free. And you’ll be protected from people (like me) who didn’t get it…well unless the shot doesn’t work for the strain of flu going around, or unless it gives you a mild case of the flu itself, or unless something unforeseen happens…

  14. Nom de Guerre says:

    Thimerosal, mercury, live vaccine… all these ‘reasons’ not to take vaccines are discussed from someone who actually knows what they are talking about.

    I love a good conspiracy, but sometimes these trollish attempts fail so hard.

    Mark Crislip’s quackcast.

  15. Rabble Rouser says:

    I’ll take any shot, as long as it’s at least 100 proof ethanol!
    If the government will give me a shot of 100 proof ethanol, I’ll take TWO!

  16. tcc3 says:

    I hear they’re going to outlaw tinfoil hats this fall too!

  17. Sea Lawyer says:

    #10, Named.

    Seriously, you’d think that we didn’t already have at least one new strain of flu that makes its way around the globe every year. This swine flu thing is out of control.

  18. Mr. Fusion says:

    #13, Nom

    My usual practice is to dismiss all Youtube, blogs, and opinion pieces. For some reason though I listened to that podcast. Thank you

    To everyone else, it is a few minutes long, by an infectious control Physician. He puts into perspective all the concerns made by the anti-vaccine crowd. Skip the first three minutes of self promotion to get to the real good stuff.

    People that think only of themselves will skip it.For some reason they are too good, too selfish to think that maybe that some baby is too sick to be given a vaccination but will die because they brought the infection close enough.

    And no, tin foil hats should not be banned. They are too good an indicator of the wackos and Liebertarians.

  19. bobbo, balancing public health against ignornace and freedom says:

    #11 + #13==thanks for the links. The podcast will have to wait, but its been awhile since I “decided finally” about flu shots. Good to review every now and then.

    Who knows the answer: Its been said (eg #12) that those that want protection can take the shot and those who don’t want the risk of reaction can risk the disease. Is that accurate? If so, then the statement seems unassailable. If 30% of the population don’t want to use science on their behalf, why should society force them into compliance? I thought the issue was that leaving a large group of individuals open to infection actually INCREASES the risk to those otherwise taking the vaccines–ie, a real non theoretical opportunity for the virus to mutate. If that is true, then science/society does have a rational case to REQUIRE vaccinations.

    Any thoughts?

  20. The Watcher says:

    I had the thimerisol debate with a health professional a couple years ago. Took a while to convince her that the whole thing was junk science. The kid will get more lead from licking the vinyl weatherstripping in an old house….

    (I don’t know if somebody changed the law/rules, but there used to be enough lead in that stuff that the guys mixing it before extrusion had to wear filters.)

    Meantime, bHo’s empire will do ANYTHING to force us into silly stuff….

    Some bHo kids were talking to a meeting of scientists a while back, and when told that “what you’ve asked us to do violates the laws of Physics.” To which these administration weenies responded: “A law? So what…. We’ll just have Congress change it….”

    A friend of mine got Guillain-Barré from that Swine Flu mess way back when. It didn’t kill her, but it was a tough year. She was one of the lucky ones….

    Nobody really ever established the relationship, though, but….

    I won’t be lining up with the rest of the sheeple to be killed….

  21. dusanmal says:

    @#18 Problem you fail to see is that science/medicine is fluid, not a black&white issue. Ex. doctors in early 20th century may have seen that microbes are destroyed by irradiation and used your reasoning to irradiate whole population before realizing that they are damning the whole population to a death from cancer…
    Other way around the same way of thinking you propose: people who would be dead via natural selection may linger around due to vaccinations and weaken the whole human race by allowing their weak genetic form to propagate. Hence, ban all vaccinations for the betterment of the human race… Equally stupid…

    The very human freedom should mean that we should pick (and suffer from) our own choices as we please. This is not 1984 (or North Korea) where society decides for us.

  22. amodedoma says:


    As always you cut right to the chase. Unfortunately, people tend to become irrational over things they do not understand or cannot explain, especially if it deals with health issues. In fact all americans face mandatory vaccinations as children, only until recently has it become an issue. I feel a society that prides itself in it’s civil liberties should use it’s resources to convince the public that this vaccination is something we need to do and why, and not just try to herd the cattle so to speak. This doesn’t seem to be the case yet. Perhaps they’ll come around. I sure hope the nay-sayers and pooh-poohers are right this time.

  23. Dave W says:

    #15, Right on!

    I of course will be taking the vaccine. To those who refuse, I say great! The world desperately needs to reduce the surplus population. If the reduction is mostly loons worried about Thimerisol, vaccines in general, God, etc. so much the better for the rest of us!

  24. bobbo, thankful for a half response says:

    #20–dismal==accepting your argument for the exercise, I would have to counter that “some things” in science are fluid, and other things aren’t. So–I asked the question unanswered as yet==does leaving a large percentage of the population unvaccinated INCREASE the risk of further virus mutation placing all (get it?==ALL) members of society at greater risk of infection/illness/death?

    A LIEBERTARIAN self centered asshole appeal to some dipshit notion of “freedom” does not fit. The increase in life span in humans from 30 years to 80 years has come by way of public health==no freedom to shit in the public water supply, no freedom to leave yourself unvaccinated ((see question above)).

    NO Freedom to choose not to risk mercury poisoning even if such is a real fact. Not when the larger public health fact is 300 may die from preservatives but 30 Million can die from the flu. Simple Math even simple people should be able to understand.

    The question of vaccines is a good one. Are you a man of science, or just a stupidstitious fool?

  25. bobbo, thankful for all kind words says:

    #21–amodedoma==thank you for the kind words and wise support. How is it that you and I are in agreement/disagreement about 50/50? That sets up quite a tension. Most agreement slippage is around 80/20.

    Each of us could say of the other: “Oh, he is certainly “x” but he is also “y.” I’ll have to pay more attention to see what those variables are. With no memory of it, I suspect religion plays a role==but it will be fun to monitor and identify.


  26. Sea Lawyer says:

    “no freedom to shit in the public water supply, no freedom to leave yourself unvaccinated”

    Telling people they can’t take a shit in somebody else’s drinking water is hardly the same thing as forcing people to inject foreign substances into their bodies against their will.

  27. Someone says:

    So I have one question….What the fuck ever happened to Bird Flu?



  28. RTaylor says:

    There are plenty of legal precedents for mandatory immunizations. There will be a small percentage of complications. This damn virus is mutating constantly. It’s the public good, not your individual sorry ass at stake. During marshal law you can be put up against a wall and executed without due process. This is an example why nothing can be accomplished in the country, because there is a God Damn collection of nut jobs for every possible conspiracy theory. I don’t care if you don’t take the damn shot, just be willing to stay home and die without contaminating someone else. Bunch of crazy sons of bitches.

  29. bobbo, thinking better of Sea Lawyer says:

    #25–SL==whats the matter? Sick? Feeling low?

    YOU KNOW, I KNOW YOU KNOW, WE BOTH KNOW EACH OTHER KNOWS that any two ideas have similarities and differences. A person who considers/decides/posts acknowledging only one or the other characteristic is, is, is – – – – -well, an idiot. Or a shill.

    You are more than an idiot shill so hopefully this temporary stupidity will pass and you can post rationally again.

    I look forward to that.

  30. bobbo, not an epidemiologist says:

    #26–someone==what happened to bird flu? /// Gee, I think it went into summer time retreat presumably to mutate and return this fall==just like the Great Flu of 1916.

    Way to use your boundless ignorance as a sword. Can’t you even read/remember items on this tiny little blog to inform yourself? Google? No?

    Just stupid forever huh?


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