This video contains nudity and is NOT SAFE FOR WORK.
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  1. Mustardtits the blind harp blower says:

    Finally some REAL news.

  2. David says:

    Where did all the prudes on this site come from? Somebody shows an ankle and everyone throws a fit. I wonder if they wear bathing suits in the shower just so they don’t have to see their own human form.

  3. Zybch says:

    Now we need to get the same company that makes these bikinis to release a line of Muslim-friendly burkinis so muslim women can go swimming in public…

    Also, I second David (#22). Where did all the uptight idiotic puritans suddenly come from?

  4. Somebody says:

    Dear Editor,

    Less of this please!

  5. lovethepornbutnotatwork says:

    Some of us work in offices where we can do a bit of surfing, but bare breasts are a no-no. There is a time and place for porn (my storage drives attest to it), but I don’t go to those sites at work.

    You can make all the “Gosh Americans are so stupid and prudish, why not be like the wonderful Europeans” you want, but female and Muslim co-workers will sue the company to kingdom come.

    These posts are making it DU off limits, John, so not another whine about how you’re being blocked. Whether it’s a sign of horrible prudishness or fear of lawsuits, the FACT is that DU is turning more and more to sex for clicks…and not even interesting stories about sex, but high-school locker-room level jokes.

    It’s your blog and you can do what you want, but STOP COMPLAINING about dropping revenues and filters.

  6. joaoPT says:


  7. lovethepornbutnotatwork says:


    No, that would be called common sense…til I’m on my own, keeping my job means, in part, no naked people on my monitor at work…unlike all the other people here apparently.

  8. noname says:

    # 26 joaoPT,

    Don’t you think your a PORN SHEEP!!!

  9. Animby says:

    My two cents.
    Link to NSFW but don’t embed. Twice in my travels I’ve seen DU blocked by government authorities. Once in Dubai and once in Thailand. I’m no prude but I’d rather see the links blocked than DU.

  10. Zybch says:

    #29 Nothing surprising, EVERYTHING is blocked in Dubai.

  11. joaoPT says:

    No, I don’t even care that much for porn, and this isn’t even porn.
    And BTW if the product was a dissolvable male thong, DU would become blocked in so many more places at the speed of light…

  12. Weary Reaper says:


  13. noname says:

    # 31 joaoPT,

    “And BTW if the product was a dissolvable male thong, DU would become blocked in so many more places at the speed of light…”

    Maybe so, but I know the republicans will be watching it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  14. pwuk says:

    Is this the militant wing of the, who want to go a bit further, like.