Just a fun video. Apparently took place outside one of the Town Halls. Look for more of this in the future.

Found by Neven via Twitter.

  1. bobbo, our opinions reflect our biases says:

    White boy taunting the black cop. Cop walks away. White boy plays with loaded gun and lives.

    “The Man” not even confronted. Cop not a fascist–his boss is, but not him.

    Just get the poor white boys fighting with the poor black boys, and we will cash in our bond coupons while fomenting class warfare====all the way to the bank.

  2. Ah_Yea says:

    Yea, it ain’t America – or at least anything the founding fathers would recognize.

    Doesn’t the first amendment say that “Congress shall make no law… abridging… the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”???

    “The existence of free speech zones is based on U.S. court decisions stipulating that the government may regulate the time, place, and manner—but not content—of expression.”

    So the courts and the government cannot censor what you say. So go ahead and protest, as long as it is at 2:00 in the morning in a baseball field 3 miles away.

  3. kage says:

    Crybaby butthurt Republican showing faux support for the constitution because he’s not getting his way. Hypocrites, each and every one of them. Where was little Johnny Constitution with his sign the 8 years when Bush was tapping phones and emails? Probably watching Fox News back when Sean Hannity and the rest of the slime machine were calling dissenters “unpatriotic” and “terrorists” for not supporting their president.

    It pleases me to no end to watch all this trash twist and squirm under Obama. Payback’s a motherfucker and they deserve every bit of it. I’ll be happy when we bury the last of the neocons.

  4. Specul8 says:

    You may not agree with what the protester is protesting about but you sure ought to be upset with the cops interference.
    How many times have we heard something like: “I don’t agree with what you are protesting about, but I defend your right to protest”.

    We are losing our rights/liberties more every day and BOTH parties are responsible and have been at it for years. As long as they keep us fighting along party lines we’ll be too busy
    to see that oneday are say won;t matter a bit.

  5. Bewildered says:

    It amazes me to no end that commenters like #3 make it “Left” vs. “Right” argument when it’s clearly about having liberty to do and say what one wants versus adhering the protocol of Ministry of Truth.

    I’d be very scared and worried if a public officer would try to prevent me expressing my opinion like this in my country, because this is a sign that some form of tyranny is afoot.

    You may not like one’s message or it might even offend you, but it does not give you entitlement to prevent one from expressing her views.

  6. truthhurts says:

    Kage, dead on!

    I really do not care if Repukes have rights…they have long since gone past the point where they deserve free speech, freedom of assembly or all the other rights they are dedicated to taking away from the rest of us.

    Did the cop violate his precious “right” to lie and scare people? Yes, and good on him. Every Repuke stripped of rights and respect is a clear win for the rest of us. This idea that the Constituton should be taken more seriously than the true will of the people or more seriously than justice is finally at an end and good riddance. These bastards have been hiding behind it for too long.

    When the cops said “it ain’t no more” he meant an America where we have to let subhuman scum like Repukes spew their bile. I hope to see the day when Repukes are either in camps or have fled the country in terror.

    “I don’t agree with what you are protesting about, but I defend your right to protest”.

    That’s a loser’s creed, and you’re brainwashed into thinking it has merit. When it’s someone like Nazis or Repukes (same thing, really) defending their right to lie and spread disinformation is helping them impoverish, enslave and kill people. If you defend a Repuke’s rights, you are now helping the enemy and should be treated the same; shunned, isolated, demonized and eventually forced out of polite society.

  7. pecker says:

    Does anyone know what the picture depicted? Was it grossly offensive or pornographic?

  8. noname says:

    He’s right:


    And the point is?

    It’s not like American’s are doing anything about it.

  9. The Pirate says:

    #8, #4 and #5

    Truthhurts and kage are why we have corrupt politicians elected year after year. Small minded people only looking out for their own self interests. Like the vile, rights destroying politicians they support its all about revenge and myopic vision.

    Truthhurts even agrees with Bush that the Constitution of the United States is just a piece of paper. In his snide elitist manner he states, “This idea that the Constitution should be taken more seriously than the true will of the people or more seriously than justice is finally at an end and good riddance. These bastards have been hiding behind it for too long.” Much like the Nazis he purports to dislike he nonetheless uses their technique of hate and vilification to justify his separatist way of thinking. Bush and Cheney would be proud of you boy. Welcome to being part of the problem kage and truthhurts.

    We can only hope they have a hillbilly moment of “hey watch this” and thus self end their own misery.

  10. pecker says:

    # 8 DA, Thanks for clarifying that – I’m not in the US and was just a bit confused about the context of this video.
    In the UK here the standard political tactic for hundreds of years has been divide and rule. It’s messy but really effective – you get the people arguing amongst themselves and it destroys any real opposition.
    Will be interesting to see how these town hall meetings pan-out. If the only concessions made to the proposed reform are to insurance companies and big business we’ll know what the true motivation was.

  11. bobbo, really, a model prooves this says:

    The posted video when frozen shows the top half of the poster. The full pic is here:


    I think my first post actually addresses a less important issue. I guess I’m still coasting from the Gates Arrest. YES–this is a clear affront/violation of First Amendment.

    I can see the cop operating on his own, or more simply just following the rules as he understands them: No pictures on the property. Such a rule is wrong, “school board property” or not.

    If I were an activist, I think I would have advised the officer he was wrong on the law and that he should contact his supervisors before interfering with First Amendment Protected Speech. I know that always gets them on your side. Then I would continue to hold the sign===unless I was out that day just for shit and giggles.

  12. Weary Reaper says:

    Hey, JCD! You finally found a black man abusing his authority as a ‘school cop’, so you felt the overwhelming need to post it on your blog?

    By the way, is a ‘school cop’ anything like a ‘real cop’? You know, the kind of cop trained to do a law enforcement – or something remotely similar to law enforcement?

    How do you figure a dumb, minimum wage security guard is representative of all cops everywhere?

    Once again we have an extremely rare situation, twisted into something it is not and presented as an normal, everyday occurrence.

    It’s kind of disgusting, really.

    OK, you can delete this now:

    [ed. posting guidelines]

  13. The Pirate says:

    If America is willing to take an uneducated cops’ word that “IT AIN’T AMERICA NO MO’!” then pretty much game over. Don’t hate this cop. Don’t love this cop, instead educate this cop. He and the country will be the better for it.

    Educate him what his oath really means, not what he thinks or his boss thinks it should be. If he is willing to sell out what America stands for in order to keep a $25,000 dollar a year job, he doesn’t deserve that job.

    Note – For those curious what was on the poster watch the video on youtube and click more info over by the top right. The explanation is there.

  14. SparkyOne says:

    thankfully he did not start twittering and change his icon to green about his current situation or it would have been just like Iran protests all over again…

  15. Paul Benjamin says:

    Bush threw out people with the wrong thing on their shirt or bumper sticker from his town halls. Obama has idiots walking around outside his town halls with AR-15’s. It ain’t America no mo! How long until the next Oklahoma City type bombing or someone shoots off more than their mouth.

    I have a very bad feeling on where this is all heading. Cheney is still defending what they did, what will happen when another American knocks down the next building? The camps will not be run by FEMA it will be Homeland Security, the most stupid thing that the GOP came up.

  16. Mac Guy says:

    The cop is not acting on his own authority, and it’s clear that he was given instructions that he personally does not agree with. Unfortunately, he’s put in the crosshairs because if he were to enforce his superiors’ decision, he’s got a camera on him, and he’s the facist. If he ignores his superiors’ orders, he’s on camera, and that footage can leak out, getting him fired.

    Fella’s just trying to earn a living, okay? Don’t get on the cop for this.

  17. Weary Reaper says:

    #15 pedro

    “Boy, what an accute mind!”

    Boy, what a wonderful, ad hominem, typically misspelled, deeply thoughtful argument! Very acute!

    “So what, it should not be displayed because you feel more of these stupid actions should happen before it becomes an issue?”

    Sigh. I can hardly believe you truthfully don’t get it but here goes again:

    Untrained, minimum wage, undereducated, stupid security guard IS NOT EQUAL TO highly trained, highly paid, educated, relatively intelligent police officer.

    Pretending a security guard is a cop, just so you can make some ridiculous statement about law enforcement is intellectually dishonest and to me, morally disgusting.

    I know. You don’t get it. You never do.

    One NO COMMENT, coming up.


  18. RTaylor says:

    None of the drafters were proud of the Constitution. The original plan was to meet later as a functional government and rewrite it. To most it was a barely functioning series of compromises. Jefferson thought every generation should rewrite it to keep it current. Americans has always had a love/hate relationship with it, depended whether or not it fit their current position.

  19. bobbo, please don't "No Comment" me bro says:

    #19–Weary==aren’tyou attributing a whole bunch of very specific statements to JCD that you have wholly made up? All he did was post the video. “Just a fun video.” No comments about the overweening authority of an oppressive police force. Nothing. Nada. Just a blank slate for blank projections to be made upon.

    On balance, I think your position is more valid even though you place police superior on an intelligence continuum, relative notwithstanding.

    Isolated Incident. Dumb cop==still showing more intelligence to walk away and not get into a pissing contest as more intelligent, relatively speaking, cops would have done.

    Its the school board that needs to be called on this. In charge of formative minds and all.

  20. Weary Reaper says:

    #21 bobbo

    Naïveté does not become you, mon ami.

    Nice try for the NO COMMENT, though!


  21. bobbo, I respect scholarship says:

    We do what we can for our enemies and our friends.

    Where did I miss JCD’s rant? Link? Copy and Paste???

  22. Faxon says:

    #20 I am sure that if the Constitution is rewritten every 20 years, good things will happen.

  23. Weary Reaper says:

    #23 bobbo

    Only for you do I uselessly waste this much of my time, bobbo. Try looking under the banner: Bad Cops, Bad Cops Whatcha Gonna Do…

    I realize these aren’t all under JCD’s name but many of them are and the editors can read a banner (see above):


    School Kid Beaten Up by Police After Refusing to Have School ID Picture Taken

    London Police ’steal’ from unlocked cars

    Busted: Paradise For Prisoners & Crooked Cops

    Psycho Cop Filmed Choking Man at Traffic Stop

    How does a cop figure out if someone is a quadriplegic? Tip over his wheelchair!

    Ohio cop repeatedly tasers woman in handcuffs!

    Cop Won’t Let Son Take Dying Mom To Hospital Before He Writes Ticket

    DU Bad Cop Beatdown of the Week

    Brave Texas cop tases 72-year-old woman

    Outrageous video of the week: Cop hits handcuffed man

    Cop “counselled” for moonlighting as a hooker!

    Cop Goes Berserk Kills 6 in Violent Party Spree

    Cop just might be charged in case of man Tasered to death

    WTF? Out-of-Control in Baltimore — Cop vs. Skateboarder

    That’s just for starters. If you want the links, find them yourself. It’s Sunday. I’m resting.

  24. Weary Reaper says:

    #25 pedro


  25. Miguel says:

    Man, you should come to Portugal!

    Just by talking back at the officer, by second 5 of the video you’d be in deep shit. Another officer would join the first one by second 15, briefly observe the exchange and call for backup. Less than a minute later a Police van would show up at the site. A fine is guaranteed by then. Still arguing? A big no no, since now they dragged you into the Police van, and still we haven’t reached minute 2 of the video. A stay in the slammer would then be up to you shutting up and paying up, or to the Police Dep.’s chief good humor – a rare occurrence.

    BTW, undercover videos are also forbidden here in Portugal! Did I mention that? No way you could record a police officer doing something wrong or – gosh – illegal, the camera would be confiscated and you’d be taken in! Same goes for audio recordings. All evidence must be gathered with the accordance of the criminals in my country! This goes for policemen, gangsters, corporation managers, rapists, bullies, whatever.

    Now, for that video you’ll also have to pay a fine. Only after all that will you be able to fight – likely unsuccessfully – in court. You’d just have to wait for the process to drag itself along for 5 or 10 years…

    Come live in Portugal, and get to see the Future!

  26. bobbo, how to frame an argument says:

    #26–Weary==I take that as a high compliment. See Pedro–all you have to do is real politely ask not to be “No Commented.”

    Well, I do approach this blog as each entry standing on its own. This allows each commenter to learn, grown, go on from there. Thats for the commenters, you, me, and Pedro when he decides to do so.

    Now–the editors can appropriately be judged for the locus of values they bring to a blog. Has JCD been consistently conflating security guard with cop? If he has, the time to roll out those guns would be on a specific post where he demonstrates that bias. He didn’t do that here, so even with your broad context approach, you have not applied it correctly.

    Its too much like ME going off on LIEBERTARIANS when the context really doesn’t call for it.

    You may have a winning perspective, don’t blow your wad in an empty toilet==wait for your target to go swimming in it.

  27. dosomeresearch says:

    The officer said they were on school property . What we are forgetting is that protests have been banned for a long time on private property just not under Obama.

    For example

    The right to peaceably assemble is one of the five freedoms guaranteed in the First Amendment, but that freedom does not necessarily extend to private property.

    The 1980 U.S. Supreme Court case Pruneyard Shopping Center v. Robins, discussed below, said the U.S. Constitution does not give individuals an absolute right to enter and remain on private property to exercise their right to free expression. Since that decision, most states that have encountered this issue have followed the Court’s view.

  28. bobbo, how to frame an argument says:

    #31–dosome==I heard the security guard say “This is school board property” which implies to me a public entity? Regardless of private or public though, once an area is permitting free speech activities, even private owners of property cannot discriminate as to the message being urged. In that context, pictures are speech.

    Do you know if this was public or private property?

  29. noname says:

    # 26 Weary Reaper,

    What are you saying??

    That none of these are true??

    That the public who pays the salaries should not be aware of criminal activities committed by police??

    That the police are all good and useful and saying anything else is treason??

    That people calling police pigs should be arrested??

    That police are not public servants but public lords and we are their charges??

    That rampant police brutality really doesn’t exist if the police says it doesn’t??

    That police aren’t the only roid rage public misfits?

    That police are constitutionally immune from roid rage brutality??

    That police should be respected and found innocent regardless of their criminal activities, because if not it would hurt their feelings??

    That police never lie in court to get an innocent citizen convicted??

    I really want to know, what are you saying.

    Your usual “No comment” would be accepted.

  30. bobbo, how to frame an argument says:

    My take on Weary’s meaning is what he posted at #13. “Once again we have an extremely rare situation, twisted into something it is not and presented as an normal, everyday occurrence.

    It’s kind of disgusting, really.” //// That and conflating security guards as if they were cops is also worthy of note. Plus–its often funny even if you haven’t tracked onto Weary.

    So, what we need is “statistics” and standards. Read Post #28. Is what the USA is experiencing now compared to 8 years ago putting us on the road to Portugal, or is it innocent over-reported noise?

    I for one am concerned at the number of people in our jails. We lead the world. It is demonstrative of serveral bad things in American Society==like over regulation of private behavior, lack of social safety nets, mental health services, etc.

    No comment. Yes, its unfair that Weary is speaking only to those who know what he is saying when he uses the private poetry of minimal communication. Even more silly to comment on things you disagree with. Shows lack of imagination, or the imagination that anyone else cares what you think.


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