1. Octavius says:

    That was retarded.

  2. Guilherme Cherman says:

    #1, that was the point.

  3. noname says:

    To attend, I hope they charge hundreds of dollars and serve cold stale food. People will then have allot to talk about.

  4. rectagon says:

    Would it kill him to look into the camera????

  5. thefakedvorak says:


  6. poindexter says:

    At first I thought it was a joke. It was depressing to realize it wasn’t.

  7. Weary Reaper says:


  8. Dale says:


  9. CountSmackula says:

    This was more boring than Weary Reaper’s inane “NO COMMENT” comments

  10. Mustardtits the blind harp blower says:

    This is some seriously scary shit. Check this guys backyard.

  11. pecker says:

    Very scary indeed. Does this mean I will actually have to meet people to make friends?

  12. Guilherme Cherman,

    Everything you post is bad. Perhaps you don’t understand the American sense of humor. I don’t even check-in that often because of your bad taste and lack of a funny bone.

    How did you get this job, anyway? Do you have some compromising photos of Dvorak?

    And when does your work visa expire?

  13. Troublemaker says:

    Painful to watch.

  14. danijel says:

    #12 His post is pretty relevant to the theme of Dvorak Uncensored and quite amusing for the stupidity it represents. If this is too subtle for you, why don’t you just GTFO.

  15. pcornqueen says:

    I actually liked this video, I saw it when Jeff first posted it to Twitter & Facebook. He’s a Social Media genius, too bad there are so many haters that make negative comments about things, such as Social Media, when they don’t understand it……


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