And you thought this was a settled issue decades ago.

Anti-abortion conservatives are proposing a new constitutional amendment that critics claim would make it a crime to take birth control pills in Florida.

The “Personhood Amendment” that conservative activists are filing today in Tallahassee would add language to the state constitution that defines someone as a “person,” regardless of age or health status, “from the beginning of the biological development of that human being.”

Pat McEwen of Palm Bay is one of two leaders of the loose collection of activists, collectively known as Personhood Florida.

  1. jccalhoun says:

    Moreover, 1 Tea Party demonstrator is worth 100 of Obama’s

    You sure you don’t mean each Obama supporter only counts as 3/5th a person…?

  2. Mr. Fusion says:

    #81, Alphie,

    When facts are appealed to, that contradict your position, you change the subject, either smearing the blogger, or his position, fabricating straw men so you can defeat them…

    Would you care to point to one example? Just one.

    Now I am sure that all the other posters on this site realize that YOU are the one who fails to respond when called on. Well, all those excepting Dr Dodd and his pseudonym Patrick. Oh, and Pedro.

    Sorry Alphie, you’re a phony. Dangerous to be sure. Still, a phony. May the Lord have mercy on your soul, no one on earth will.

  3. meetsy says:

    Why do you persist in beating a dead, rotting horse carcass? Your arguments are not well thought out. It appears that you simply like rant. I don’t think you are religious at all…not in the very, teensy-tiny least. You are a sycophant, at best, or a fool.
    You give Christians a bad name, but, you’re in good company, there…. a lot of crazy, psychopaths are spouting bible passages. I’m sure, somewhere, God is crying.

  4. Rick Cain says:

    I don’t think Republicans understand constitutional amendments.

    An amendment is designed to GUARANTEE a right, not deny one.

  5. jccalhoun says:

    Its not “out of context”, he meant precisely what his words said.
    There was no context given for when or why that phrase was written. That is precisely the definition of “out of context.”

    Please stop calling us racists…calling anyone who disagrees with the Establishment, racist.

    Its a powerful strategy…certain to advance your cause.

    Its not fair.

    Please stop it.
    You budding Nazi’s hate that.

    Wow, really?

  6. Uncle Patso says:

    Another hijacked thread.

    I was always given to believe, by professionals in the field, that OCPs (Oral Contraceptive Pills) prevent pregnancy by mimicking pregnancy, fooling the woman’s body into not ovulating. IUDs, on the other hand, were believed to work by preventing implantation of fertilized ova.

    This proposed amendment is extremely poorly and broadly written. It’s nothing but an excuse for mischief.

  7. Ralph, the Bus Driver says:


    So what is a czar and what power do they have under the Constitution or legislation?

    Do any of these czars have that word in their title or is it something people like you attach to someone in the Administration you don’t approve of?


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