“I only use my iPhone for fun.
Wanna play, too?”

Forget that Apple has been carefully courting businesses and business users; forget that the iTunes App Store has over 78 pages of business-specific applications. Apple is insisting to one very disappointed Swedish customer, J. Martin Wehlou, that its iPhone Apps aren’t business tools and are not meant for business use.

The incident began when Mr. Wehlou contacted Apple seeking details on how he could deduct taxes on the apps he purchased for his business use. Though the apps were obviously business oriented, Apple perplexingly responded, “The iTunes Store sells only to customers as end-users for personal, noncommercial use.”

Further, Mr. Wehlou complains that Apple told him, “the specific terms of your agreement with Apple when purchasing from the iTunes Store is that the content may not be used for commercial purposes… any attempts to claim your purchases for tax reasons would be in violation of the terms of sale.”

  1. pkubera says:

    Thats crap. I use alot of the apps for photography and corporate film productions. They are tools to get the job done. Just like gaffers tape to mark talent location cues.

  2. Ah_Yea says:

    How do you spell L-I-A-B-I-L-I-T-Y?

    Yes, if anything goes wrong with your Iphone or anything you do on or with it, Apple isn’t responsible for your losses.

  3. KMFIX says:

    It’s okay Pedro.. You can be jealous of someone working in the entertainment biz, making professional use of their iPhone.

    I’m sure you’d be just as poo poo at me if you knew my day rate for pushing pixels around on my cinema display.

    I hope you’re doing just as good if not better using your not as easy to use computer and phone.

  4. jobs says:

    #3 The iphone and itouch bot have copy and paste out of the box. And I would guess not being able to read something is a excuse. It’s possible to zoom in enough to read each letter.

  5. Brian says:

    What an idiot. I always call Infiniti to to get mileage deduction advice and Microsoft to write off my MDSN subscription.

    Oh, and yes, i am in business and have said iPhone. Oh and I do business on it.

  6. MikeN says:

    So there goes the plan of charging workers for their personal use of cell phones.

  7. jobs says:

    #9 I have no problem moving files back and forth from itouch to computer wirelessly or connected. I have apps that sync and can be edited. Big deal.

    You said shipped, but we all know that it doesn’t ship that way anymore. I said it comes with copy & paste out of the box and we all know it does.

    Don’t need to rationalize anything I know it’s a great toy.

  8. Ron Larson says:

    OK… from the comments, no one read the article. True, the way the blurb is written, the story makes no sense. Who calls a vendor for tax advice?

    The issue has to do with the way Apple doesn’t handle VAT correctly.

    The problem is that Apple doesn’t report the VAT (a sales tax) collected on purchases. The receipt was supposed to have the VAT as a line item. This allows consumers to track how much VAT they have paid for tax reasons. He needs a receipt with the VAT listed to qualify for a tax deduction for VAT he paid.

    What is weird is that Apple hasn’t been attacked by the tax department for failure to follow the law. In all countries that I’ve lived in, VAT collected has to be a line item on the receipt.

    So it really is Apple’s bad.

  9. deowll says:

    I will leave the fan boys and their bashers to have it out.

    I will merely note that I thought Apple was trying to market the iphone to businesses in which case claiming that they weren’t is not merely stupid; it’s stooopid. A local term for doing something seriously brain dead.

    I suspect that marketing and legal haven’t been talking to each other again and the peon that answered the phone is completely out of the information loop.

  10. seapilot says:

    You guys are such nerds. The photo has a great chest. That’s all I care about.

  11. The0ne says:

    Bra looks photoshopped. Any agree? She’s hot imo 😮 It’s the tan!

  12. Cap'nKangaroo says:

    #13 Thanks for clearing that up about it being a VAT rolled into the purchase price.

  13. interglacialman says:

    Very pretty, but someone needs to show her how to hold a phone properly or she might end up on PhotoshopDisasters.


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