This is an example from ONE SHOW. Unwatchable.

Via the Live Feed.

  1. Jägermeister says:

    #20 – audion

    Agreed. #1 FTW.

  2. GF says:

    Yep, if a product is mentioned by name or you can see it’s trademarked label or profile it’s product placement. You can bet Leno would never have done the Wendy’s bit w/o approval from a bunch of lawyers from both NBC and Wendy’s signing off.

  3. Hugh Ripper says:

    Is all this product placement necessary to make up the shortfall of revenue due to ad skipping and TIVO etc, or is it extra revenue on top of that? Lots of people, mostly older folks, will watch the ads because they like to.

  4. d43pan says:

    Bill Hicks on Jay Leno…

  5. jbellies says:

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  6. zeph says:

    …someone watches Leno?

  7. Animby says:

    Funny you should bring this up. I was watching the tv series Psych and noticed Microsoft has modified the computers on the show to have a big glowing Windows logo. Then, of course, in the credits you see a “promotional consideration” announcement.

    I’m not sure what bugs me more: product placement or product obfuscation. You know, when six people are sitting around a table and, somehow, you can’t see the label on any of their drinks!

    Somebody ought to invent a line of fake beer, soft drinks, laundry powder, etc. for use on TV shows. Sort of like in the 70s when there were all the cop and medical shows set in Los Angeles. You saw a lot of Mayfair Ambulances. I understand that was a real company but they weren’t responding to medical emergencies. They responded only to casting calls by renting a vehicle to TV shows in need of an ambulance.

    As for Leno? He has always been unwatchable. Shill or not.

  8. Cap'nKangaroo says:

    Worst piece of product placement I saw was on a CW sitcom where a character spoke the entire voice-over for a women’s deodorant commercial. I thought it was just bad writing until I later saw the actual ad. It was then blatantly obvious the product bought the right to insert their ad directly into the storyline.

  9. FRAGaLOT says:

    Letterman isn’t watchable. I swear the guy is getting too old and must be going senile. He will do a bit, or a gag, and do it repeatedly for a month, as if he forgot he’s been doing that stupid gag for more than a week.

    For a whole month, if not longer, he kept doing this stupid gag where a phone would ring, he pulls it out from under his desk, answers it, and you’d hear what sounds like audio from a police scanner from somewhere in LA. He did this so much, a good month at least, so much that they repeated the same audio bits from 3 weeks ago. I was fed up after that,I just stopped recording his show and never looked back.

    Leno, O’brien, and Fallon have always been much better to watch, even if some of their guests are dull. Yay for Fast Forward!

  10. Carcarius says:

    #26 – funny you should bring that up about the “promotional consideration” on the tv show Psych. Someone must have noticed that one of the characters used a Mac while the other character used an Alienware laptop. Naturally, non-geeks/non-techies may not realize that any PC will more than likely have Windows installed (especially Alienware since it is a hardcore gaming machine), but since Windows is software, it wouldn’t be identified as clearly as an Apple product on screen.

    So they put that silly Windows logo on the laptop cover so people will identify a Microsoft product to counteract the Apple product displayed on the show. I wonder if this annoyed Alienware or if the Alienware product placement contract simply expired allowing MS to use this spot. Regardless, as a techie and geek I saw the Windows logo on the laptop and immediately recognized the tacky product placement by the show. Since when does ANY laptop prominently show the Windows logo on the back of the display cover?

    MS has become incredibly insecure and has gone to some unnecessary lengths to keep up with Apple’s brand recognition.

  11. See B.S. says:

    Props to whomever watched this to pull it in the first place (though someone’s copyright is likely violated). Wonder if due to being posted here on DU that (edited) ep of Jay was seen more on the net than OTA …

  12. deowll says:

    I don’t care. I will merely observe that seeing any of them can get to be painful after too many views. Most are of course for things I won’t buy.

  13. Likes2LOL's saturated eyeballs says:

    Leno is the total shill, but he’s under major pressure by NBC to generate revenue, so he’s not the one to blame for these placements. Especially annoying is the bald-faced admission of the “Earn Your Plug” segment. Ironically, the Bing segment was demo’ed on a Macintosh browser screen — I bet the M$ PR folks winced when they saw that.

    Soon the sponsors’ ads will be displayed on the screen during the show in a way that we can’t possibly avoid. I wouldn’t be surprised if Leno’s desk started displaying ads on the front surface. (Is there an AdBlock Plus extension for TV?) Any form of subtlety is long gone.

    I’ve come to re-appreciate newspapers because at least the embedded ads aren’t animated! Unfortunately, they won’t be around much longer.

  14. Glenn E. says:

    I too loathed seeing Heroes being turned into a shill for Sprint. I don’t mean simply seeing a Sprint cellphone during the show. But they use to cover up all product names on Tv, decades ago. I mean the supplemental story line, that can only be seen via the Sprint website (or on their network?). I’m not going to lose any sleep, worrying about what I might be missing of Heroes, because I don’t have a Sprint account. I’m barely on board with this show, mostly out of curiosity. But if it ventures into multi-laned commercialized channels, forget it!

  15. Glenn E. says:

    Speaking of Microsoft placements. Earlier this year, when I rented the movie “Day the Earth Stood Still” (2008). They had this “Microsoft Surface” tabletop in one scene. And one briefly saw the Windows XP logo in the center. Not I still think the “surface” technology is useless and has no real purpose. But this movie’s producers went out of their way to create a scene for a fictional Microsoft product. That’s not even (and may never be) available to today’s consumer market. So why even bother?!

    I guess it’s like how they projected the existence of Pan Am, in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. When 2001 finally came (and went) Pan Am was out of business. And certainly never had commercial flights into space. So movies are shill for these companies to keep their stocks strong, not to sell products one can buy. Isn’t that a bit like Insider Trading, in some slick way?

  16. Rick Cain says:

    If you want product placement, watch spanish language television like “Telemundo”.
    There’s one show where the host actually gets the audience to sing the official tune of some Laundry Soap.

  17. Zellers says:

    Someone mentioned the Google search bar in the Bing segment…funnier is that the browser they show is Apple’s Safari.