CNN – October 13, 2009:

She doesn’t want to be identified, except by her nickname “Sze,” and she has a secret past. Her father doesn’t know what she did as a 16-year-old, and she hopes he never finds out. But Sze, now 19, wants young girls to hear her story so they never make the same mistake.

For a year and a half, Sze was part of a growing social phenomenon among teens in Hong Kong called “compensated dating,” a practice in which a young woman agrees to go on a date with a man for a fee. More often than not, the date involves sex.

Prostitution is illegal in Hong Kong, and legal experts say that compensated dating is a form of prostitution. “The law prohibits soliciting for immoral purpose,” said Stephen Hung, a criminal litigator with Pang, Wan & Choi. “When a court looks at sentencing, the greater the age difference, the more serious it (the sentence) is.”

  1. Brian says:

    Have a buddy who was in Special Forces in Nam, two tours. Still speaks of Asia with a tear in his eye. The only place on earth where you can get a haircut, manicure and oral sex at the same time for 2 bucks.

  2. Cursor_ says:

    This is old in Asia.

    Japan has whole networks texting this stuff night and day.


  3. sargasso says:

    #3. Vietnam, is not China.

  4. bobbo, we are not numbers says:

    #5–#3 made that plain to see.

    So, my favorite Asian but not Chinese cultural sextoid is from Japan. I think I learned on this very blog that over “there” ((not in China but in Japan which is still while not being China still Asian)) you can buy little girl kiddies used underwear from vending machines. I would never buy used underwear, so I skipped that thread.

  5. chuck says:

    OMFG – CNN is actually running news stories? I thought they had switched to 22 hours of Nancy Grace, with a 2 hour break for Larry King.

  6. deowll says:

    Well it is a news story. I don’t think it is exactly breaking news or even very surprising news but it is news.

  7. canamrotax says:

    So…if I went there and “compensated dated” a woman older than me, I’d get paid???

  8. The0ne says:

    They’re not reporting “news.” They are trying to report it and then state “we’ll have to leave it at that for now.” hahahaha Love this episode of CNN, what a crack up.

  9. GigG says:

    #8 I think you are missing the the word “new” in “news”.

  10. The0ne says:

    Back on topic…

    I travel to China for business quite often and prostitutes are pretty much everywhere, even babies are an option. Sick country. Law enforcement is a joke there. They get you for the dumbest things like having a yelling fight but never bother to look at the dirty, hungry little kids being force to sell crap flowers or beg for change…at freaking 1AM!!!

    Citizens are no better. Everyone keeps to themselves and they are happy that way. What a fcking screwed up place to live in. I mean these things are right in front of everyone and absolutely no one does anything because well…nothing can be done since the government won’t do sht about it. So, after a while they get “use” to it. Talk about shtty.

    Seriously, with all the debates all of us have here can anyone disagree that they won’t feel sorry seeing babies/kids being use like that in plain sight? This subject makes me so upset, sigh.

    When we war with China, I’m signing up even if I’m 90 years old.

  11. Angel H. Wong says:

    It’s Obama’s fault!

  12. Ended Happily says:

    Brian #3 – Of course, the prices HAVE gone up…

  13. Angel H. Wong says:

    # 16 pedro,

    Well, since lately everyone on conservative radio/TV talk shows are blaming everything on Obama…

  14. Mr Diesel says:

    I have seen two posts today from Angel and neither mentioned sex.

    I’m thinking I must have slipped into bizarro world or something………….


  15. Angel H. Wong says:

    #19 Mr Diesel,

    Talking about diesel


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