What about those of us with our own domains?

According to the Insurance Information Institute, drivers with lower credit scores file 40% more claims than drivers at the higher end of the credit scale.

Forget “red” state, “blue” state… certain states also have higher credit scores than others. The Dakotas and Wisconsin lead the country while Texas and Nevada have the lowest average credit scores.

We found another intriguing credit score correlation, email address domains. Based on a sample of 20,000 credit scores, our data shows that there is a difference of average scores based on what email service users prefer. Interestingly, Gmail and Comcast users came out the top with a higher average, while AOL and Yahoo users had the lowest average credit scores.

What does it all mean?

RTFA to find out.

  1. Hmeyers says:


    If you have a Comcast email address, you have cable and at least have the ability to pay the bill good regularly enough that it hasn’t been cancelled.

    Same for a Verizon, BellSouth or AT&T email address.

    Great article find! That’s a very unique perspective to discern information from a mere email address.

  2. dusanmal says:

    Nonsense. You can do statistics with meaningful data only. My personal counterexample: I have 6 out of 7 “domain e-mail addresses” they have shown. And another 6 from other sources… What address credit reporting have on me? One used to collect spam… This “data” is full of such loopholes and hence meaningless.

  3. Mac Guy says:

    So if we own our own vanity domain name(s) on our own server(s) and use it/them as our primary email address, where does that leave us?

    And what about clownpenis.fart?

  4. Thinker says:

    ohh my…what kind of crackerjack outfit is this?? (he says after viewing the site)

  5. Benjamin says:

    I use Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo, but my credit score is way above 700. It wouldn’t even fit on that chart. I call shenanigans.

  6. Scott says:

    You can sometimes learn about someones IT savvy (or lack) from their email address.

    If someone uses a Hotmail or AOL address as their preferred contact, it may indicate that they are not likely to be very tecchy.

    Gmail is very common amongst IT people I have worked with. The world+dog uses Google but less so all the other bits.

    A .mac address something about users too. If I ever come accross a .tux one, I will assume that the user is enthusiastic about a particular IT style too.

    A personal domain is a sign that someone can do that – although sometimes it is a family member not the adresee.

    Yes, many of us have multiple addresses. Deal with Microsoft much and you will get a hotmail addy. They are very handy for educating spam filters.

    Just do like the article says. Don’t read too much into it.

  7. Jim says:

    Never assume anything about someone’s email address.

    Some of us keep old email addresses for dumping grounds (ie advertising and contest emails) or because we have had them for almost 18 years and some folks only know that address.

    If you tracked correlations enough, I’m sure you could find that your credit score matches to your car model and to the type of breakfast you have every day. Similar to how bumps in your head obviously correlate to your intelligence and aptitude, and the number of the day you were born describes your destiny.

  8. maryland157 says:

    My main email is a gmail account but I also have a Comcast, Yahoo, AOL and there might be a Hot Mail account hinding somewere.

  9. Jägermeister says:

    Pure nonsense.

  10. GrendelKhan says:

    Hotmail is your mom and Yahoo is your Grandmother. GMail is the college kid or the (poor) technorati (the wealthy ones have their own domain name). Now look how age correlates with credit score.

  11. Hmeyers says:

    Technorati = fags … just fyi.

    No, fags != homosexuals. Fags = just plain homos.

    It’s ok, I’m taking it back!

  12. Uncle Patso says:

    What does it say about your credit score if you don’t have an email address?

  13. Ralph, the Bus Driver says:

    #12, Uncle Patso

    They can’t sell your address.

  14. Alfred's Mom says:

    My son uses Live.com so you know he’s a homo.

  15. Alfred1@YahooYahoo.Yahoo.com says:

    I reject that finding as being ungodly.


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