It is quite interesting to see some part of the list of people who visited the White House over the last ten months.

Some of the biggest names in finance, including individuals with clear legislative interests before the executive branch, stopped by the White House during Obama’s first nine months in office.

The list includes Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein – who made three visits, and JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon – who stopped by six times. These sessions were primarily to chart the government bailout of their respective institutions and other big banks.

  1. Alfred1 says:

    But not Joe the Plumber…the one guy he should have seen…and listened to.

  2. nolimit662 says:

    Well don’t you know,,,,,they’re Obama’s Boss’s. The corporations are the ones really running the show here. We’re just the shills doing the bullwork so they can rake in the millions. So don’t get too out of line or you may end up in gitmo!!

  3. Mac Guy says:

    And how many times has Obama met with McChrystal regarding the situation in Afghanistan?

  4. gal416 says:

    I question the judgement and the motives of anyone who is out to get Obama because they probably voted for Bush. Twice.

  5. deowll says:

    The White House is for sale? How shocking! Change that is no change. Just the usual corruption. Oh yeah about 40% of his biggest givers now have high level government jobs.

  6. Ah_Yea says:

    Well, at least their not Lobbyist. That’s right, isn’t it? He DID promise no Lobbyist, right??

  7. Troublemaker says:

    The “WHOLE LIST”?

    Try doing some research before posting nonsense like this…

    “The White House on Friday released A SMALL LIST of visitors to the White House since President Barack Obama took office in January.

    No previous administration has released such a list, though the information out so far is incomplete. ONLY 500 NAMES OUT OF THE TENS OF THOUSANDS who have visited the Obama White House were made public.”

  8. Steve says:

    I bet there are plenty of guys on the visitor list who voted for Bush twice. Wall St. types tend to vote Republican. But they’re no longer out to get Obama , they’ve got him bought and paid for. Open your eyes.

  9. ECA says:

    It dont matter WHOM you elect..
    IF we could vote for the BEST suited for the JOB, they WOULD DECLINE..
    They know better then to get INTO GOVERNMENT..

    INSTALL a draft for government ELECTED positions.. and you cant DECLINE as its PART of citizenship..

  10. rider says:

    Wow some of the most powerful men in the country,visited the white house, SHOCKING NEWS!

  11. Alfred1 says:

    #11 I agree…nothing can be inferred from such visits.

    AND I don’t believe Obama is a puppet…

    I think he is committed to his leftist agenda…and that unlike other politicians…is willing to be a one term president…as long as he can get his agenda passed.

    I disagree with his agenda…I think its unAmerican…

  12. Dallas says:

    Were you expecting the CEO of the Dollar Store or Cool’s Condom and Bait Shop? Lame.

    The financial sector is the underpinning of a recovery.

    This is starting to be like Dvorafox News.

  13. LibertyLover says:

    #13, And I’m sure the subject of bonuses never came up during these visits either.

  14. soundwash says:

    Like this is news… G&S esp JP Morgan has been manipulating policy at the white house level since the the late 1800’S…

    JP Morgan is the (catalyst) reason why we all are not using Radiant Energy/ Wireless / Free Energy (for all) and a slew of other things Tesla perfected that Morgan pulled the funding for and buried…

    Not to mention again, that these entities were instrumental in creating the ’29 crash…

    I imagine the [traditional] line of officials at the WH are bent over and grabbing their ankles in readiness to receive “communion” from their Bankster Puppet masters. [sans the Crisco, of course]


  15. Benny B says:

    #2 got it. Obama’s failure is pragmatism; recognizing that G.S., J.P., and the titans of money wield more power than the president and Congress combined. After all, they were able to hold the world (and thus US) economy hostage, threatening to blow it up unless the US credit card was turned over to them with a nearly unlimited limit. If Obama reversed the Bush admin’s decision to give those guys what they wanted (at least Obama’s guys asked for a little documentation before signing the checks)then right now 1 out of 3 (or more) of US citizens would be unemployed, the dollar would have already been replaced by the basket of currencies that will still eventually replace it, and we would have had to pull out of our present wars due to inability to get more credit to pay for them. Obama would have to blow up his administration and the party in power to have done much anything different, which of course is what the republicans and their house organ Faux News are pushing for. It may still happen, due to the ubiquity of low information voters.
    (Trolls – click on for any preceding words you may not understand).

  16. LibertyLover says:

    #16, Pragmatism? Pragmatism?

    I don’t want a President who governs by Pragmatism. I want one who will do what he swore to do — uphold and defend the Constitution.

  17. Mr. Fusion says:

    #17, Liberty Loser,

    Yes, how very adroit. By your measure you must be very pleased to have a President that not only obeys the Constitution but also acts in the best interest of the US.

    Can you imagine the crap we would have if a Liebertarian ever became President?

  18. LibertyLover says:

    #18, How does it feel to know I’ll not respond to any of your comments until you respond to the challenge you issued?

    Now answer the question.

    Why would you sacrifice strangers for your wife?

  19. Rick Cain says:

    Whats funny is Goldman Sachs was buddies with the Bush Regime as well, but conservatives didn’t seem to care. Fast forward to a democratic black president and suddenly the GOP warns us of the bad bad GS!


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