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  1. liono says:


    Anyone browse the internet blogs today? twitter? facebook?

    They all had one thing in common today, they all talked about what a failure the ipad is.

    I mean come on, at the least they could have given free 3G to iphone owners. Instead they want you to pay an extra $150 for a 3G version and a $30 monthly bill.

    Your better off buying a macbook.

  2. laxdude says:

    The iPad is as big a failure as the gen 1 iphone running iphone OS1 was.

    Right now it is just a freaking big ipod touch that you can attach a couple of new dongles to (keyboard, USB/card reader).

    It needs to have back ground applications and a front/rear facing camera. It should have a standard USB port (in and out). It should have a SD card slot built in. It will get the camera and back ground applications…eventually, it will not get anything else. A device that could be as powerful as this tablet that can not accept and then read and write files to a USB thumb drive is useless. Just how many monthy data plans does Steve thing one person wants?

    Apple needs to get its house in order. That means fixing the App store and making a work oriented desktop sync application (in other words NOT iTunes). In my perfect world, this non-iTunes sync application would also be a development tool for applications, and allow open market place applications (that can not be drm’ed) to be installed OR for an IT department to allow applications from THEIR server only to be installed and managed.

    Right now it is just a nice example of industrial design that once again falls short on the technical side. In other words, a typical Apple first generation device (the Nano is the exception).

  3. Bastian says:

    Obviously this device is not for everyone but I like it. It seems perfect for my dad who e-mails and surfs mostly. I’ll get one and figure out the glitches, then give it to my dad. Nothing wrong with that in my book.

  4. FRAGaLOT says:

    Clayton Morris sure looked like that CrackPot, Adam Curry.

  5. Charlie Cortina says:


  6. derspankster says:


  7. Nitroneo says:

    Drop Test? How well does it fair a 5 foot drop test? Or how about something heavy being crushed on the screen plate while in someones man purse?

  8. bac says:

    Massive hysteria grid locks blogs because iPad is not a MacBook Air tablet with a phone at a $300 price point.

    People are acting like Apple killed their best pet.

  9. Rick Cain says:

    No telephone, no battery door, no memory expansion, no flash card slot, no USB or FireWire port, no provider other than AT&T.

    You know, I remember when AT&T was a corporate megacompany so powerful it seemed to rival the US government, and nobody questioned its ability to do telecommunications.

    Now it feels like AT&T can’t even string a wire across town without messing it up. Apple’s refusal to allow other companies in on the action will kill the iPad.

    I don’t see how AT&T will handle the load coming from possibly millions of new iPads out there.

  10. Mr Diesel says:

    iPad for the first generation and iMaxi-Pad for the next generation.

    Both will smell as bad after using them.

  11. rezyde says:

    I’ll wait for the second gen maybe it’ll have a camera, gps and some other nifty stuff. Right now a bit disappointed.

  12. Pikachu says:

    I like the iPad. But then I wanted a CrunchPad too. And I owned several Newtons.

    If done properly a tablet computer can be very useful.

  13. Pikachu says:

    Another thing, a passive display like the Kindle’s is inherently better than a backlit one.

    I would not read books on an iPad. I’d use it for tons of other stuff.


  14. GregA says:

    And once again… With this devices iPod heritage, it does not aim to compete with portable computers, it aims to compete in the digital picture frame segment. Once you put it in that segment, where it belongs, it is easily the nicest digital picture frame.

    Really, google around for digital picture frames, and you will see the devices that Apple is benchmarking against.

    The iPhone did the same thing, everyone was comparing it to smart phones, when apple was targeting it at the free with service phone crowd.

    Look at the core features they demoed at the press conference. The photo selection and viewing features, and the app to make photo presentations.

  15. Pikachu says:

    One phone app that is vital to me is Foodist, which I use to manage my nutrition every day:

  16. the only one who knows says:

    Having Adam on Cranky Geeks is a massive FAIL. He is a loser and has nothing to offer the show. I guess because the show is produced by Mevio now, Adam feels he can appear on the show cause he’s the big big man at Mevio. Well, he sucks shit! I’ve never seen someone who is so stupid and knows so little appear so arrogant and all-knowing before. What a jack ass.

  17. GregA says:


    I don’t know, he found an use for the fart app. He is gonna use it as a sound board on his radio show…

    Back in the day when I had a radio show, I just used a sampler keyboard, but hey, whatever works for you I guess…

  18. howzitjoe says:

    Started listening to the show but was overwhelmed by the feeling that everyone really, really, really was hoping that Apple would give them a free Pad. For such a group of sharp minds there was a lack of edgyness to the critical comments (or lack there of)

  19. Sulabha Jobonee says:

    Software will set it free…

  20. GregA says:


    How so? A basic idea of the early web is that it should be platform agnostic. Since Apples vision is that we stop using the web and start buying app store apps which can only be made on a Mac, it sort of loses that platform agnostic quality, doesn’t it?

  21. deowll says:

    Considering the number of responses they must have been on and Adam found a new use for the Ipad if it works. This thing is short on physical connections.

    How does the CPU in this thing compare to an atom?

  22. FRAGaLOT says:

    I’ll wait for the iFuck I’m sure it will make sex cool.

  23. ipad says:

    iPad is target of criticism by people who want it for normal use only. But Apple developed the iPad with different motive. The intention of Apple in the development of iPad was to facilitate professionals in their jobs. Like iPad can be used by a newspaper writer to write news, a web marketer to make and update blogs, a lawyer to write cases, and people belonging to other professions who somehow requires a touch-screen note book which is far better than Mac Book because iPad is a mix of both, Mac Book and iPod. It`s both a professional working device and an entertainer. There are many iPad accessories which makes it even more users –friendly. For-example, External keyboard helps users having problem with touch-screen keyboard.


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