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Associate Executive Producers: Anuson Ltd Hong Kong

Artwork by: Paul T.

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  1. Uncle Don says:

    “Vajazzling” is weird enough of a word, but I can see it permeating my daily vocabulary over time. “Slutsquad”? Certainly not in polite company, surely.

  2. deowll says:

    Dude, Aids is found in the common chip and it got spread to humans either by sex with a chimp or butchering chimps to eat: the phrase is bush meat.

  3. Doobie says:

    Artwork by: Paul T (code by ki6amd) <- forgot the Sysadmin credit in the artwork 🙂

  4. Sea Lawyer says:

    Yes, that Congresswoman is a fucking idiot, and the people who put her into office are what is the fatal flaw with a democratic system of government.

  5. TooManyPuppies says:

    Sounds like John’s speech impediment is getting worse.

  6. Mr. Show says:

    Excellent find about Chris Hardwick! Such a great standup routine from John Oliver’s show.

    He and Joel McHale are the ones to watch in comedy!


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