Now that is just mean.

  1. SomedudeinPAUSA says:

    Great radio!

  2. bobbo, ahh, the benefits of technology says:

    Now we have youtubes of the exgirlfriendsdotcom in action. Seems cheesy, but in the right case …….

  3. sargasso says:

    I don’t understand why an unmarried woman needs to wait five whole years for an indecisive guy. Ladies, learn from this. The clock is ticking, your best reproductive years are behind you. Move along.

  4. Capcent71 says:

    The boyfriend is tough, but fair. 😉

  5. Rob says:

    This is at least 5 or more years old…

  6. KMFIX says:

    “What kind of people are you?!?!”

    That is gold.

  7. Loupe Garou says:

    Nice to know schadenfreude is still popular with the sophomoric set.

  8. Jägermeister says:

    Niiice!! 😀

  9. bobbo, libertarianism fails when it becomes dogma says:

    Are love and hate the opposite sides of the same coin? I don’t think so. Perhaps both highly emotional/involved states but love does not turn into hate. Something “else” trumps the love, the love is not “pure.”

    Distresses me for people to act hatefully when they feel entitled to do so.

    Reveals a character flaw at the deepest level.

    Our society supports and encourages this shabby immaturity.

    Grow up. The golden rule. Think/act thru the pain/disappointment/frustration and be a better person.

    The worst the gf did can only equal what the bf did—and by certain lights, not at all.

    LIttle shit head.

  10. joaoPT says:

    At least she tried to keep her durty laundry private.

  11. jopa says:

    This is disgusting on so many levels… O_o

    The woman is clearly not loyal but he should have ended it like a man – talking with her face to face. Doing it on the radio is cowardly bs.

    Maybe she did have a good reason to look into other men after all…

  12. admfubar says:

    fake…. gaaaawd you believe everything told told to ya!, in that case i have some great property that is a steal, on the north side of cleveland…

  13. Bi*ches be crazy! says:

    All women are cheaters some are just better at hiding and lying about it than others!

  14. lemonademaker says:

    “you play you gotta pay”

  15. chris says:

    This just seems like a lot of lawyers fees saved.

  16. Mr. Fusion says:

    Whatever amuses the small minds.

  17. BrimstoneAshe says:

    I live in St. Louis and these guys are the local DJs. If their history is any indicator, this most likely fake.


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