1. Dirk Thundernuts says:

    You are not forgiven you old pervert. Say 10 hail mary’s and quit handing out UFIAs.

  2. Olo Baggins of Bywater says:

    I don’t see any humor in this.

  3. Floyd says:

    It helps to have been a Catholic at sometime in your past.

  4. hotbarbadosgirl says:

    I am catholic and can stop laughing.

  5. derspankster says:

    My wife is Catholic and was therefore safe.

  6. Sofa Guru says:

    Lenny Bruce said (back in 1966!)
    “The ecumenical council has given the Pope permission to become a nun…but only on Fridays.”

  7. Olo Baggins of Bywater says:

    FWIW I’m surrounded by Catholics…my kids, ex-wife, lots of family and friends/co-workers. I’m not offended by this comic at all, it’s just not funny to me.

  8. Peter says:

    Sadly, not funny.

  9. The0ne says:

    So Marc, have your views changed slightly regarding the issue? Last we’ve talked you had a beef about me poking fun of the pope. With the issue being addressed more lately, I’m curious what your stance in the matter is now. No sarcasm or lunacy intended. I’m genuinely interested.

    The lunacy and sarcasm is reserve for our Bobbo here, which he should be coming forth shortly to make my day! yay 🙂

  10. The0ne says:

    I don’t find it funny in any shape or form. I find this act despicable. We need to do more to stop these type of people. I don’t mind having them sent on death road at all; not one bit.

  11. whaap says:

    NOT FUNNY, not funny at all

  12. Jorn says:

    It’s funny because it is true…

  13. Grandpa says:

    No funny. The people who did the cover up should be jailed as conspirators, not told to say ten hail Mary’s.

  14. Sofa Guru says:

    To all you good folks who think we’re making too much fun of Catholicism:

    Yeah, it’s a tragic situation and all this poking fun at wayward priests and whatnot is probably “too easy a target”, as they say. Okay, probably they’re just regular fallible people like the rest of us.

    But where IS God? Why isn’t He speaking to us directly, instead of that man up there in the pulpit? How did that guy get his authority to speak for Him…is it some kind of “driver’s license” you have to apply for or something?…from a Heavenly Motor Vehicle Bureau?

    Inquiring minds would like to know… /end of rant

  15. bac says:

    #- sofa — The first step is to be called by the god. Then you join a church and do good works like collect money from people. As you work your way up the church ladder, your calling will be tested many times. The community will help you as long as you keep the kids and wives happy.

    Once you are very high up on the ladder and have aged a bit, your calling starts to turn political. Before you know it, you are wearing a white pretty robe, hunched over, carrying a golden cane and being driven around in a bullet proof truck.

    This is how their god wants it.

  16. bobbo, the evangelical anti-theist says:

    Well, I also don’t think it is funny===because IT IS NOT TRUE!!!

    Those pedophiles in black dress have not been asking for forgiveness. They ask for secrecy and cover so that they can continue ruining the lives of those they have volunteered to protect==at the urging of the Pope.

    Corrupt from top to bottom. I could buy individual failures from time to time if “the system” responded appropriately but when the system not only is part of the problem but also causes the problem===what you got is corruption from top to bottom.

    Claiming you are “infallible” and “not subject to the laws of man” will do that to you. But its all a power grab whether recognized or not. A different kind of shame should apply to those who still support the church.

    Whats wrong with you?

  17. Sofa Guru says:

    Ah, thank you. I feel enlightened now.

    Also, the late (reverend?) comedian George Carlin said:
    “…and you know what? God wants MONEY too, and lots of it!”

    (maybe it turns out He Himself is just another Average Fart-Blower as well, eh?)

  18. Floyd says:

    The kinda funny bit is that the priest has to confess his sins (apparently lots of ’em) to the kid, who in turn is supposed to forgive the sins. The kid seems to be pondering what to do next…

  19. Angel H. Wong says:


    That’s not funny. THIS is funny.


  20. Special Ed says:

    Do you think those kids really wanted the unsolicited finger in the ass? I don’t recall reading were that is OK in the bible but weirder shit has been found there. I’d just like to go on record saying you religious people are fucked up!

  21. Skeptic of the Anthropogenic Orgasm Between Consenting Climate Scientists says:

    Supposedly the little boy in the booth beside the priest has been abused and is being apologized to. Reversing roles might make a joke under the right circumstances… but this isn’t role reversal. Little boys didn’t previously sexually abuse priests.

    It’s appalling. A mere apology for that kind of abuse upon the innocent, under the guise of the utmost trust, inflicting permanent damage… is not funny if you understand what it actually portrays. It only makes me feel sickened.

    How many more thousands of abused children does the Catholic Church have to ruin, before Catholics walk away from the church in disgust?

  22. JimD says:

    “Absolute Power, Corrupts Absolutely!!!”

    Corrupt from botton to top !!!

    And this Fish IS ROTTING FROM THE HEAD !!!

  23. Skeptic of the Anthropogenic Orgasm Between Consenting Climate Scientists says:

    Islam isn’t any better.

  24. jman says:

    Statistically kids are more likely to be molested by Protestants or Atheists

  25. bobbo, statistic don't have to lie when they aren't understood to begin with says:

    85% of statistics are made up on the spot for the argument being made.

  26. Floyd says:

    The solution to the UFIA problem is that all Catholic clergy be allowed to marry, from the Pope on down. Especially the Pope.

    I never did understand the bit about couples having to be counseled by a priest before marriage, incidentally (yes I did this once).

    A priest has exactly no experience with marriage, and my fiance and I decided that, since she wasn’t Catholic, and I was just barely Catholic, that we would get married by a judge instead.


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