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Today’s Guests:
Sebastian Rupley, Co-Crank
Cade Metz, U.S. Editor, The Register
Rafe Needleman, Editor, CNET’s Webware

The Topics:
iPhone OS SDK Irks Developers
The Adobe/Apple Dust-up
FCC Won’t Back Away From Net Neutrality
Has Apple Trounced Microsoft With the iPad?
IBM Exec Denies Open Source Sellout

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  1. Anthony says:

    “Flash isn’t developed as quickly because it is not open” hahahaha. The web formats are open but the web is behind and probably will always be behind proprietary formats like Flash so it is a little dumb to think Flash would be better if it were open. Adobe’s mistake was not standardizing like Microsoft did with Silverlight.

  2. Buzz says:

    The whole ‘Flash on Apple Products’ issue will end as soon as Steve Jobs finalizes his purchase of Adobe.


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