Telegraph UK – 26 Jun 2010:

Former US vice president Dick Cheney is expected to spend the weekend in hospital in Washington after his latest health scare.

Mr Cheney, 69, who has suffered five heart attacks since he was 37, was admitted to hospital after telling his doctors he felt unwell. He is undergoing tests, his office said.

“On the advice of his physicians, he was admitted to the (George Washington University) hospital for further testing. He is expected to remain in the hospital over the weekend,” said a statement released by his office.

The hawkish Republican was the most influential vice-president in recent history during his eight years alongside George W Bush and remains extremely popular in conservative circles, despite leaving office with extremely low public approval ratings.

He played a key role in US decisions on Iraq and Afghanistan and has emerged as one of his party’s most outspoken critics of the national security policies of President Barack Obama.

  1. Bm3 says:

    What’s th matter Patrick? Couldn’t spread your republican blabbering? Go watch more hannity and his bullshit flicking, incomplete sentence and pseudo-fact spreading nonsense.


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