1. deowll says:

    Take your pick.

    1) Are You Our Mama?

    2) Wha’cha doing?

  2. Robublind says:

    Wolf: “Hey lady, is that the new Canon? Yeah I was going to get the new one but…” Deer: “I have a Nikon”. Wolf: “geez you are embarrassing yourself, Nikon, only tourist use Nikons.”

  3. FRAGaLOT says:

    me finks ur amin that camwah de wrong ways miss.

  4. McCullough says:

    Deer: “Hope she doesn’t notice I just took a dump on her back…he he.”

  5. admfubar says:


  6. Beezling says:

    “Awright Louie, I got her pinned … now gnaw her face off!”

  7. chris says:

    How Squee!!!!!!!

  8. The DON says:

    Woman: “F#ckoff! Im trying to get a picture of the oilspill”

  9. Techno Beaver says:

    Hey, distract her while I poop on her back.

  10. KMFIX says:

    I’m not having any more kids with you if they’re going to look like baby deer.

  11. The Pirate says:

    Stalking the Muslim Small Penis tribe, Dr. Vagina is joined by the forestland cast of the remake of Bambi.

  12. bobbo, we think with words says:

    With all this poop talk, there must be a Dirty Sanchez variation that is applicable? “Lets leave her a cow patty picknic?”

    But almost on topic, techology marches on. Only 3-4 years ago I got a Cannon S2. x10 optical with image stabilizer and vga motion film. Today I see the Kodak whatever only slightly larger with a x26 OPTICAL ZOOM and 720 HD motion recording for $100 less than I paid. Better Macro and Wide Angle as well. I don’t know==Cannon for M thru Friday and then carry the Kodak for Sat and Sun walks in the park? When will it all be on my cell phone?

    ie–that slr lens in the photo is so old tech. I bet the animals in that photo actually do speak?

  13. Rusty says:

    Can I see your beaver?

  14. Scooter says:

    And then the attack. 🙂


  15. Frankenwad says:

    Hey Lady, before my folks get here, I just hadda ask – what kinda camera is that?

  16. Ascolti says:

    “Don’t mind us. We’re auditioning for the next Disney movie”.

  17. EdB says:

    But I’m cuter than he is!

  18. Anon8969 says:

    Goddammit, Cartman!

  19. WhiteyMcBrown says:

    Jenny, the world’s worst nature photographer.

  20. Dallas says:

    “.. oh these frigg’n animals appear every time I go make myself new nature screen savers”

  21. Buzz says:

    “Okay, when I say ‘action’, you and Butter go over to the stick and run around it counterclockwise. You do know what counterclockwise is, don’t you?”

  22. KW says:

    Failed nature photographer considers career change.

  23. riding the short bus says:

    Have u seen a fawn around here?…

  24. Computist says:

    “I recommend a lower ISO for this shot.”


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