1. Lalas_EFO says:


    Amazingly well done, the kid w/ leucemia was a very nice touch… 😛

  2. Greg Allen says:

    I hope they got college credit for that — it looked like a ton of work.

    But funny. I hadn’t seen half the games though — and they looked like oldies.

    But, yes, I’ll admit it — I wish games had a super easy mode.

    I can’t get past level one on most games and I don’t like violence so I haven’t played a game since the PS1. I did like the “Need for Speed” games on that machine.

  3. Benjamin says:

    Although contra was already super easy if you entered up up down down left right left right b a and start.

  4. Riker17 says:

    #3 – The Konami Code! Made a lot of games super easy.
    #2 – Yeah, several were oldies, I definitely remember BattleToads.

  5. Randomized says:

    Pretty sure this is all of them in order..

    Sonic 1
    Duck Hunt
    The Legend of Zelda
    Mario Kart
    Space Invaders
    Wii Fit
    Mortal Kombat

    Classic games > new games

    I could maybe name one or two games if they did this video with nothing but newer games.

  6. ECA says:

    I wish games were on the ABILITY side.
    Teach the kids something.

  7. The0ne says:

    Love the Battle Toads and Pong one. That Battle Toad sequence is extremely difficult lol.

  8. MarkBaars says:

    My favorites: Pac-Man and Space Invaders! lol Oh and Tennis made me laugh too!

  9. KD Martin says:

    Wish I could get some older games like Legend of Zelda for the iPad or iTouch. It took days to finish that game…

  10. Angus says:

    Wow, reminds me of the modern American school system.

  11. chris says:

    Bah, back when I was a kid we spent MONTHS on Metroid and Zelda. Kids today just aren’t taught patience, and controller hurling fury, that comes with playing a game that assumes only a small fraction of users will gut it out to the end.

    Modern games are often super easy. Ever put a couple of hours into a game and it suddenly finishes(any CoD single player campaign)? Or discover the single move which allows you to beat every opponent easily(Assassins Creed)?


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