It’s not exactly official, but should also surprise no one: According to a new study the psychological profile of iPad owners can be summed up as “selfish elites” while have-not critics are “independent geeks.”

Of course the “haves” would probably call the “have nots” “cheap wannabes” to which the “have nots” would retort: “FANBOI!!”

Which is why we should stick to the science. Consumer research firm MyType conducted the study, in which opinions of 20,000 people were analyzed between March and May. The firm’s conclusion was that iPad owners tend to be wealthy, sophisticated, highly educated and disproportionately interested in business and finance, while they scored terribly in the areas of altruism and kindness. In other words, “selfish elites.”

They are six times more likely to be “wealthy, well-educated, power-hungry, over-achieving, sophisticated, unkind and non-altruistic 30-50 year olds,” MyType’s Tim Koelkebeck told

So, are you an elitist snob? Don’t be a denier!

  1. Mojo Yugen says:

    Well this should certainly drive traffic to Cupidtino.

  2. P89 says:

    OK. What is the verdict on Prius owners?

  3. Improbus says:


  4. bobbo, millions on phones, nothing being said says:

    Isn’t anyone with a cell phone being an elitist? That used to be the case but culture moves the target ever higher to justify the mark up. Yes, a consumer driven society.

  5. soundwash says:


    I bet study results of the “intellectuals” that dreamed this
    Ipad study up -are even bigger elite snobs.. ;p


  6. dbres042 says:


    Isn’t everyone with a toilette an elitist? Indoor plumbing used to be a luxury of only the elites, but again we moved the standard higher..

  7. Mike in Newark says:

    Sounds like your typical early adopter for a high priced device to me.

    Oh look, they performed the survey from March to May, when most of the buyers were “early adopters”. I wonder how much the results would change if they took the same survey today now that the user base is much broader?

  8. cgp says:

    I got one the other day.

    Apple now owns the world.

    Games at prices like 13 bucks. Still toys and previous generation minus two, but the big boys will soon have to play.

    A developer feeding frenzy like nothing before.

    The machine is powerful, and it has been set free by not burdening it with ‘server thumb twiddling’ that most operating systems still keep.

    There is no competition. You cannot put a PC in them without the gut cleanout that Apple did.

  9. ECA says:

    I wonder what they think about Ex-Amiga owners.

  10. chris says:

    I am a proud independent geek.

  11. Robart says:


    …or current Amiga owners.

  12. jbenson2 says:

    In, the final paragraph discussed the fanboi view of critics who have the audacity to criticize the sacred iPad:

    “As a mainstream, closed-platform device whose major claim to fame is ease of use and sex appeal, the iPad is everything that they [i.e. critics]are not.”

    Those fanbois need to get out of their parents cellar occasionally.

  13. Steve S says:

    “They are six times more likely to be “wealthy, well-educated, power-hungry, over-achieving, sophisticated, unkind and non-altruistic 30-50 year olds”
    Well I am none of those things and besides, I only use mine to play games.
    So there! ;P

  14. Floyd says:

    Well, having seen an iPad in action at Best Buy and the Apple store, it’s really an upscale game toy. #14 sums it up well.

    Call me when it has a real keyboard with keys, and grows up.

  15. Zybch says:

    #5 you have an iPad don’t you.

    Anyway, this study seems pretty much on the mark, but to call them elitist snobs seems a bit odd, after all, ‘insufferable assholes’ fits the bill much more neatly.

  16. ECA says:


  17. Mark T. says:

    Does this mean that iPod Touch users simply rate as self-centered yuppies?

    I guess Amiga users today would be called counter-culture radicals.

    So, what does this make a Windows Vista user?

    The iPad is just a cool, elegant, and simple to use internet browsing device for people that don’t like or understand or want a computer. I was thinking about buying one for my mother because it is likely the only computer she could ever have a chance of learning how to use or even tolerate. And I would hardly call her an selfish elite. She is more of a disinterested bystander.

    The iPad is to computers what the Wii was to the generic gaming console. They both Apple and Nintendo threw out the rule book for the user interface and, as a result, brought in a whole new clientele of previously disinterested customers. Both devices are both game changers.

  18. Dallas says:

    Looking to get one on Jesus’s birthday. It’s perfect for showing photos (awkward on laptop), signing field contracts and consuming content.

    I have an iPOD touch now and totally love being able to read DV drivel while laying down on my couch, real news and facebook.

  19. Father says:

    Man in the picture is of low birth and wit.

  20. honeyman says:

    Its just more ‘brand identity’ nonsense that is popular among slaves of the New World Order.

  21. bobbo, millions on phones, nothing being says:

    Anybody using a toilette IS an elitist==and I’ll bet they drink from a bidet as well.

    Time was when a corn cob and an old Sears catalog was all you needed. Course then the TOILET was outside where it should be.

  22. jccalhoun says:

    When apple introduced a battery charger yesterday there were people on twitter talking about how they wanted it. That proves that apple fans will buy anything with an apple logo on it. I bet if apple released asbestos facemasks there would be people lining up for them.

  23. hhopper says:

    The iPad is strictly a fun device that can occasionally be used for something constructive. It’s great at games, magazines, music and news.

  24. bill says:

    “selfish elites” with good reason!

  25. Timbx says:

    Hey what does Leo have to say about that ask him on TWIT.See if he can spin that…LOL

  26. chuck says:

    “They are six times more likely to be “wealthy, well-educated, … over-achieving, sophisticated, …”

    They forgot to mention that they also lie on surveys.

    As far as I can tell, the iPad seems to be designed specifically to appeal to tech-bloggers, since it seems to be the ideal device to post updates to your blog page that no one else reads. (Excluding, of course.)

  27. MikeN says:

    Wait till they design a car.

  28. Greg Allen says:

    I’ll admit it .. if I had more money, I’d probably buy more Apple products.

    I’m not too jealous, though. I’ve lived long enough to understand that toys don’t make me much happier.

  29. Rich says:

    I believe you can add to the list of Apple devotees’ characteristics “technologically retarded” and “indiscriminate purchaser”. Consider-Apple toilet paper would always be recycled, come in designer colors and cost $5.00 a roll.

  30. Special Ed says:

    I have an iPad but that is beside the point. I just wanted to let Pedro know he can blow me. Apple is selling these as fast as they can make them, whiner!


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