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It seems like only yesterday that Apple decided it must show Motorola’s new Droid X phone as having more signal problems than the average British railway line.

Would Motorola stand by and let Apple suggest the Droid X had just the same antenna issues as any other cell phone?

Well, a previous Droid X ad had already offered these words: “And most importantly, it comes with a double antenna design. The kind that allows you to hold the phone any way you like and use it just about anywhere to make crystal clear calls.”

So who could be surprised that, according to Droid Life, a new Droid X ad has launched, one that tries to mock the iPhone for its sartorial inelegance.


  1. KMFIX says:

    I don’t get it, so this is a NEW Droid X? One that doesn’t have the same problems as the previous Droid X? Or is it the same Droid X that has the same “Grip of Death” problem?

  2. chuck says:

    So it’s come to this: phone makers are bragging about how their phones can be used to make phone calls.

  3. Luc says:

    You’re paying attention.

  4. Rider says:

    @1 Why do people keep comparing what happens with the iPhone to a “grip of death”. As far as I can tell the iPhone is the only phone that lets you short out it’s antenna by simply touching it with the tip of you finger.

    Lets start to be honest about what the problem with the iPhone is, and stop pretending it’s how you hold it.

    Even after consumer reports showed all you need to do is lightly touch the antenna people keep talking about gripping the phone.

  5. Apple poop says:

    iPhones are great! They are the best! I love my iPhone! I sleep with my iPhone between my legs, because it is also good in that way.
    Fuck the iPhone.

  6. RASTERMAN says:

    @#4 – Touch it, grip it, hold it any way I like and I still can’t get it to drop a call in any of the cities I frequent. In fact I’m getting signal in areas I have never been able to get signal previously.

    Same number of dropped calls as both of my previous iPhones, about one every twenty or so calls. Usually it’s only while on the move, so I suspect it’s the hand off from one tower to another.

    Obviously it’s a vulnerable design choice for some folks. I can’t however, no matter how much I try, successfully replicate a situation that affects my day-in day-out usage.

    In my situation the iPhone 4 has been a superior phone in every way to all the phones I’ve used in the past 15 years.

    I know, good for me, right?

    If you like the the iPhone design & specifications, the Apple ecosystem, and aren’t interested in whatever Android iPhone killer du jour is out there, give the iPhone 4 a try. It’s zero risk. On top of that you get a free “jacket” for your troubles.

    I will say that when the iPhone becomes available on Verizon, I’ll happily consider switching carriers. Obviously a new phone and family plan will be required, but I would certainly consider making the move.



  7. Father says:

    Ain’t the free market grand?

  8. Holdfast says:

    Today for the first time ever, I had an iPhone moment. My HTC Hero dropped a call. Admittedly I had just gone into a lift and the doors shut but I have now had the Apple telephone experience.
    I do not often talk on the phone in the lift and it has never done this before. How can I have more of this wonderful iExperience?

  9. BigBoyBC says:

    Once they’ve seen the man behind the curtain, you can’t expect people to continue to believe in the smoke and mirrors of the Wizard. Apple is now going to have to compete with the other guys.

    Let the smart phone wars begin…

  10. Say Kai Lee says:

    People wonder how this whole fiasco could possibly happen. I know the answer, but nobody seems to agree. The problem is that all Apple hardware is designed for Left-handed people.

    This is the reason that nobody noticed the antenna issue. Not a single one of the designers were right handed. This is the same reason that Apple will never have more than roughly ten percent market share – roughly the same percentage of left handed people. Think about it, window controls on the left, drawers on the left, and if I remember correctly, the default dock was installed down the left side.

    I’m right handed, so I bought an Android phone. My android phone has never once dropped a call. As for the “grip of death”, I can’t seem to replicate it, no matter how I hold the phone. Mind you, dropped calls seem to be less of an issue in Canada.


  11. GeekPirateRoberts says:

    I think it’s funny that after years of taking cheap shots at Windows with partial truths and spin (not all, but some of their anti-Windows claims were spurious) that caught on in the public perception, now the tables are turned and Apple is getting bad press for a problem that’s not really as bad as it is portrayed. It’s just that Steve Jobs can’t handle any negative press since Apple has until recently always been given a free pass by the Mac-using press.

  12. ZZman says:

    Is two small antennas better than one big one?

    We just drove around with the EveryTrail app and finally got the whole trip mapped. The 3G iPhone could not find all the GSM towers so 1/3 of the trip is just straight line. The iPhone4 could still keep the signal where, all the other phones showed no network. Obviously Apple got something right.

  13. Waz says:

    Yeah take that Apple, Motorola know how to make phones that work the way phones should. Long Live Android..


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