Controversial sex arousal tests used on young offenders have been permanently halted, following news that a medical technician working in the program has been charged with an unrelated sexual offence.

Mary Polak, the B.C. minister of children and family development, said her ministry learned Thursday that the technician, who was working on contract, was charged earlier this month. The charge is unrelated to his work for the ministry or the youth facility where he was employed, she said…

The tests, carried out by the government-sponsored Youth Forensic Psychiatric Service, involve attaching a “penile plesthysmograph” to adolescent boys’ genitals to measure sexual responses. The youths — aged 12 to 17 — were shown photographs of naked or semi-naked adults, children and infants. The images were accompanied by a story, read out loud, that described coercive or forced intercourse. The test is supposed to determine whether young offenders have gained control of their sexual impulses through treatment, and to predict the likelihood of them reoffending.

Polak said the B.C. Civil Liberties Association notified her of the tests only several days ago, although they have been administered for 20 years…

20 years!?

After instructing staff to look into the testing protocol, she said: “The information provided to me has led me to believe there’s no reason for us to continue such an intrusive practice that is so concerning, when we have other treatments and assessment practices to treat youth individuals in our care…”

The only difference between the Canadian and American versions of the test is that here our loonies would also photograph the juvenile offenders’ aura.

  1. JMJahn says:

    Clockwork Orange revisited

  2. FRAGaLOT says:

    Didn’t John and Adam just talk about this on No Agenda today?

  3. jim says:

    Nice photo!

  4. Special Ed says:

    They would have merely had to show Pedro a picture of Steve Balmer.

  5. bobbo, all too often studies show what you want them to says:

    I thought these studies already well established the fact that young males will get an erection when shown a picture of anything?

    Reminds me of being only a little bit older and in basic training. Top Sarge said after being there for 6 weeks we could not march when it rained because they were concerned we would be out there f*cking the mud puddles.

  6. steve4eva says:

    Other than a bathouse, the most erections I have ever seen in one place is minutes before the opening of an Apple store during intro day.

  7. sargasso_c says:

    I have never heard it called an “aura” before.

  8. Mextli says:

    Did anyone check the Alt. text for the photo?

    By their actions shall you know them.

  9. woody says:

    [Comment deleted – Violation of Posting Guidelines. – ed.]

  10. Father says:

    Those Qadhafi girls in the picture show that everything is about sex, and the more power someone has, the more she or he uses that power to get more sex.

    Money | Power -> Sex, that’s all that people really care about. Everything else is a smokescreen to hid this naked lust.

    Life is awesome.

  11. Rick Cain says:

    Sounds like it was a good excuse to touch boy’s penises under the guise of a psychiatric test. These molesters are a clever lot.

  12. Dallas says:

    This is what happened to Pedro when the plesthysmograph exam went bad.

  13. Rich says:

    Sorry, Adam.

  14. OmegaMan says:

    What is origination of the actual photo, I don’t believe that they are the personal guard of Qadaffi.

  15. Greg Allen says:

    Creepy! Isn’t it illegal to show pornography to minors in Canada?

    I like Canada and think it’s a pretty progressive place but it has it’s weirdnesses.

    For example, it’s shocking how long Canada kept up the Indian residential schools operating, way beyond when the government should have known better.

  16. Greg Allen says:

    >> bobbo, all too often studies show what you want them to said, on July 31st, 2010 at 1:45 pm
    >> I thought these studies already well established the fact that young males will get an erection when shown a picture of anything?

    Just having the probes attached would give most teen boys erections, I’m pretty sure.

    What doubly creepy about this test, is that it STARTED in 1990, long after credible psychologists would have know better.

    If it was the 1940s or 1950s, it could explained as early misguided science. But 1990? They knew better.

  17. Glenn E. says:

    What military service is that, that allows wearing black stilettos with side straps. AKA, nude heel pumps. That the kinkiest thing I’ve seen uniformed personnel wearing in public. And allowing ponytails is a bit suspect too. So anyway. Is that photog taking snaps of their feet, or does he have a special up-angle zoom lens, they don’t know about?

  18. OmegaMan says:

    Found it, thank Bing Images for this…

    Its the Ukrainian Army

    Not Your Father’s Ukrainian Army

    Common Moderators, properly reference the photos used. Thanks

  19. OmegaMan says:

    Sorry “Come-On” not common. lol

  20. Rich says:

    “The youths — aged 12 to 17 — were shown photographs of naked or semi-naked adults, children and infants.”

    If merely touching the boys’ genitalia to attach the probes causes arousal, and aroused they are exposed to pics of men, women, children, infants, dogs, Buicks, etc., could they be unwittingly training the boys to be sexually aroused by these things?

  21. JimD says:

    Both Pschyiatry and Psychology are BOTH HIGHLY ORDERED BODIES OF ***OPINION*** !!! There is NO SCIENCE THERE !!! Get them OUT OF THE COURTS AND PRISONS !!!

  22. JimD says:

    The kids were just “meat in the machine” !!!

  23. JimD says:

    I guess all those boys were “CURED” – THEY ARE WEARING SKIRTS AND HEELS NOW !!! No chance they will rape again !!!


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