• Nokia weirdness. People quitting over the new Microsoft CEO.
  • Amazon goes after the iPad.
  • Walmart getting into data plans.
  • Intel supposedly shifting gears on the world of chips.
  • Live Tube all over the news.
  • FCC releasing white space to WiFi.
  • Zukerberg call users “dumbfux.”
  • Birthday for Mario Brothers.
  • Microsoft pulls a fast one on corrupt police in Russia.
  • Where is the fastest Internet in the USA? Listen and find out.

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  1. sargasso_c says:

    PC World on Chattanooga, internet capital of America. http://bit.ly/d9ofEs

  2. deowll says:

    I recently bought a kindle and I like mine.

    However I got the thinking. The kindle is designed to allow you to consume media sold by Amazon. It allows you to purchase and down load text media and audio books.

    I then looked at the media for sell.


    This machine can play audio books but not MP3 files? Is somebody stupid?

    This is the machine I’d want to be selling if I were Amazon. A machine that could down load and display all the text files I had for sale. It could download and play all the audio files I had for sale and while I prefer the e-ink because of the fantastic battery life I think I would bite the bullet and it would be able to handle the video files I had to rent/sale. The screen would need to be 720p at least.

    I don’t see how they would loose money if it could use aps/play games either.

    I know that sounds a lot like an ipad but I can’t help it. One big difference is if I were Amazon I’d sell the thing at cost or less knowing I’d more than make the money back from the downloads.It would be a means to increasing sells rather than a source of direct revenue.

    I would also use a removable battery and allow the user to open the back and stick in one/two memory cards in the battery housing. Remember Amazon sells batteries, battery chargers, and memory. If somebody wants to max the system out more power to them.

    I’d sell a wifi only version and a phone connected unit with a deal for more service.

    Sorry but if you wanted to seriously serf the web through the wireless phone network you’d have to pay for your own bandwidth.Somehow I think the phone company might be willing to make you a bit of a deal for the first year or two if you show up with a coupon from Amazon after such a deal was negotiated.

    I do think I may need to note a possible glitch with this plan. Is AT&T subsidizing the ipads that use their network? If they are Apple is making some serious cash off their wifi only ipads.

  3. deowll says:

    Memphis, a great place to do business,a great place to live. A great location, good climate, ultra fast internet, a ten percent sales tax and no state income tax on wadges.

  4. Father says:

    Sales tax is regressive!

  5. Rider says:

    You seriously have to wonder who Zukerberg pissed that keeps starting and spreading these smear campaigns

  6. bobbo, capitalism has its merits but must be checked says:

    Amusing to watch internet speeds increasing while restrictions on delivering content are growing.

    I wonder which curve will out perform the other?

  7. Personality says:

    After doing Cricket cell phone customer service for Chattanooga, I find it hard to believe that these people even know how to turn on a computer.

    Verbatim… “How do I cut my phone back on?”

  8. The0ne says:

    simple… “test” site 🙂

  9. Maricopa says:

    Read somewhere today that the WalMart phone service is something of a bargain for all you can eat calls and text messaging. But, if you want data, youre looking at $40/GB!!!!!!

  10. WmDE says:

    #8 As an ignorant, uneducated Southerner I think I can help you. You can cut off the phone which means turn off the phone. You can cut on the phone which means turn on the phone. Not too sure what you are turning however.

    If you don’t pay your utility bill you may suffer a power cut.

    If you are a towboat captain you try to steer your tow through the cut.

    If you are an electrician you may be involved in a cut in.

    Bakers also do cut ins.

    If you stand in the doorway at quitting time you may be cut down by the employees as they cut out.

    If you work in a deli you may be lucky enough to cut the cheese.

    If you can’t cut the mustard you may get a job in customer service at a minor cellphone company.

  11. hhopper says:

    Hey… cut it out!

  12. ECA says:

    There are a few of you that understand the Idiocy of this.(at this time) Speed boat in a bath tub.

    1. The hardware and WINDOWS software, really wont keep up very well.
    2. The infrastructure needed, ISNT THERE. Its not that 1-2-3 locations have the speed. Its ALL those interconnects BETWEEN you and them. 12 hops from YOU to Steam(game servers) and 1 of those 12 hops is getting Hit hard and slows down the WHOLE THING.
    3. Just CAUSE you can get 1gb, dont mean the servers you are talking to CAN or Want to. They want to limit bandwidth to Each person, and DEAL out EQUAL bandwidth to 1000 persons, insted of ONLY 1 person.
    4. the only THING, you are gaining(IF your hardware can handle it(and windows)) is the ability to open MORE windows at 1 time, at the SAME time. as I said in 1, try this with Linux.

  13. WmDE says:

    #13 – See?

    Speaking of Samsung. On the rare occasions that my wife’s phone cuts off due to a dead battery she asks me how to get it to cut on again.

    I tell her to hold down the END button. This button does have an icon indicating that it also functions as a power switch, but it is microscopic.

    As to cutting things on and off another term I have heard is “Shut the light.” I think this goes back to gaslight days when you cut off the light by shutting a valve.

    With electricity you shut the light by opening a switch.

  14. bill says:

    #14 has it exactly right.
    I wonder how many of the ‘mega servers’ out there are just old PC’s that someone couldn’t throw out! (oops recycle!)

    try typing “traceroute http://www.dvorak.org” in a terminal window or CMD and see how many hops it takes to get there!!

    It’s amazing it works at all!!

  15. SparkyOne says:

    Dad has gas lamp (twin globe) taken from a passenger train hanging in his home. Single feed, twin valve (for fine control of the illumination).

    I still use the term “shut the light”.

  16. ECA says:

    thanks bill.

    Another point is this..
    Do you know what it REALLY IS?
    its the phone lines.
    From cellphones, iphone-ipad that uses the CELLPHONE system..it all falls back to the Phone system. A system thats been up and PATCHED over the last 80 years.
    Lets add one thing to this..How long will it take to get FIBER to every home? est. 20 years.
    DO NOT think that just because the major cities are getting it that..
    1. HOMES will get it tomorrow.
    2. that the ISP/server farms have access to it. AS the smart ones will install a large building in the middle of LOW INCOME…NOT DOWNTOWN at 100 times the price.
    3. FIBER is the backbone(and it needs to be BIG) but the Phone Corps only install what is needed.. They ADD to the system as needed, NOT as you need. The main lines AFTER fiber, are copper and Coax. yes FIOS is out there. And most of you aint got it, and wont get it, for 5-10 years, in the major cities. They have to RE-WIRE everything.
    4. AS with all tech..NEWER is out there.
    5. The net, ISNT a net. Its like a ball of SHORT strings, knotted at points where they can cross to another string. AND its limited. Who remembers a few years back when s. cal lost Connection..1 location was compromised.
    6. UNTIL we can get individual servers into the mega-terabyte(BYTE not BIT) ranges, and a BACKBONE ‘from hell'(about 20,000 miles of it) things will NOT increase in speed on the net.

  17. WmDE says:

    I still use the term “shut the light”

    Aha! Someone I can ask. Do you apply shut the light to electrical lamps as well as your Dads gas lamp? If so is your family from a large city, one apt to have had gaslights way back when?

    The rural gas is http://youtube.com/watch?v=Gc1URQgQWNo

  18. Counterweight says:

    Shut the lights.
    Very common usage in Britain.
    Also “close the lights.”

  19. WmDE says:

    Well the Brits have using English for awhile.

    I’ve heard a window referred to as a light. If the window is in the ceiling it is a skylight.

    What do you use to close the light? Shutters!

  20. electrohead says:

    The Municipal Utilities in Chattanooga are out of control. According to the census Hamilton Counties population has been and still is on the decline. The reason according to the Tennessee Tax Revolt blog is High Taxes. Many in the business community have relocated. Up until the VW plant started Hamilton County hasn’t had a major business locate there in 5 years.
    Now the Chattanooga Chew Chew ! The damn muni wants to expand outside the area they serve.
    They got shot down! Good I’m so glad.
    Here are some excerpts @ http://www.timesfreepress.com/news/2010/may/27/epb-cable-growth-plan-cut-from-bill/
    AT&T’s top Tennessee executive, Mr. Morton, attacked the proposal repeatedly on Tuesday during testimony before the Senate Finance Committee.
    The provision also would have allowed the municipal electric services for the first time to use taxes or cross-subsidization for advanced broadband provided their elected governing boards voted to do so. That is unfair, Mr. Morton said. He also questioned whether communities even need the amount of megabytes that EPB and the six other municipal electric services are able to provide.


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