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Today’s Guests:
Vanessa Fox, Founder,
Roger Chang, Senior Producer, Revision3
Andrew Eisner, Director of Content and Community, Retrevo

The Topics:
The New Twitter
IDF 2010
Intel’s New Wares
Steve Jobs, Ninja
The Killer Kindle Ad

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  1. Smoka says:

    My favorite podcast. I used to download it to a separate computer so I could watch it at work. A weekly treat. John Dvorak at his best. Sorry to see it go.

    PS,#25…..please go f yourself

  2. Mr Dobalina says:

    oh great – we lose the only tech show that doesn’t endlessly-obsess over FN PHONES 🙁

  3. rudedog says:


    Is Tech5 your show or is that owned by someone else? I hope it will be sticking around as I enjoy listening to that show as well.

    Sorry to see CG going away, hopefully you’ll return with something as good or better

    Best of luck

  4. RTaylor says:

    The interest in Silicon Valley news is probably waning with the economy. There’s little interest in computers in general, it’s all mobile. I fear a lot of the tech shows may be suffering. I use to build systems and tinker with them constantly. Now in my 50’s I just want to plug it in and it works. The news outlets just wants a bubbling pretty face to show a product in a five minute segment. JCD would be great in a general economics show. Him and Horowitz has a great show in Unplugged.

  5. ayzee says:

    There have been some really great cranky geek episodes. Sad to see it go.

    It was a nice simple format which often generated good debates between guests. & Dvorak was perfect for knitting it all together.

    GoDaddy ads were a little annoying but I understood it had to be paid for.

    Main reason I loved this show so much us that it was content rich on tech, and low on the offtopic love-in my best pal bullshit.

    Come back soon CG!

  6. Benjamin says:

    Oh no. I love Cranky Geeks. I’ve watched it since episode one. In fact, it was the first podcast I subscribed to. I will miss all the Cranks. I even have the T-shirt. DL.TV went away earlier when the cast slowly left to go to Rev 3, but Cranky Geeks never changed.

    I wonder if John can get all the greats from previous shows like Sebastien Rupley, Natalie del Conte, and Ohm Malik on for the final showdown. I hope so. And maybe he can invite Leo for the final episode. That would be awesome.

    I am sorry to see Cranky Geeks go. I will miss it. Thank you John for getting me into the world of podcasting. You have changed my commute. Before I only listened to NPR and conservative talk radio. Now I can listen to any subject in my car and I am not just limited to shows about politics.

    Without Cranky Geeks, I am stuck listening to TWiT for all my technology news now. Leo is not a bad guy, but John isn’t on every week.

  7. Fido says:

    I think pcmag are shooting themselves in the foot, many podcasts (like pc pro) don’t even bother about sponsors, except plugging their own subscriptions.

  8. Traaxx says:

    Oh, well.

    John you did a good job of changing and adapting; you didn’t start out so well and you fell off a couple time, but you’ve ended well. You really improved you presentation and overall hosting. I thought the show was intereting and you were getting better guests, so this is a disappointment, but this leaves you with the ability to do something like it on TWiT?


  9. steffen says:

    John, thank you for the great time I had watching CG.
    Hope to see you soon on a new format.

  10. Benjamin says:

    #41 pedro said, “I reckon PCMag is dead.”

    I gave up on PC Magazine when they stopped sending me my magazine in the mail and the stores stopped carrying it. I don’t want an e-magazine.

  11. MsOwl says:

    This is truly sad. I catch the show every week either on Zune, iTunes or my phone.

    Hope you get picked up somewhere else, Dvorak.

  12. Listener B says:

    Damn, why can’t the show go on? Really loved cranky geeks – its by far my most favourite podcast I listen to. I can’t understand why Leo laporte/twit, with his 1 1/2 hour long shows, has no problem with getting advertising. All he does is talk crap and blow smoke up his own creepy back end! One criticism though – the show hasn’t changed since day one, black backdrop, same table, same seating arrangement…

  13. Poster Paul says:

    Damn, why can’t the show go on?
    Really loved cranky geeks – its by far my most favourite podcast I listen to. I can’t understand why Leo laporte/twit, with his 1 1/2 hour long shows, has no problem with getting advertising. All he does is talk crap and blow smoke up his own creepy back end!
    One criticism though – the show hasn’t changed since day one, black backdrop, same table, same seating arrangement…

  14. GoGadget says:

    Kinda shocked to hear that this could be the end to a great show. I always welcomed Dvorak’s no-nonsense approach to tech news and found the crankiness entertaining.

    The only real “thumbs down” for me was the occasionally bad sound/video quality.

    Hoping that the “crankiness” will live on perhaps on a show at TWiT or Rev3 so that John can “crank” it up a notch or two over there!

  15. CraigM says:

    Well, damn. Cranky Geeks is (was?) a highlight of my weekly content gorging. Figures that the marketing folks can’t figure out what the techies want. 2 minute shows? Why not just talk about the weather instead.

    Hope whomever made this decision to cancel the show has a long career behind the counter of McDonald’s. And yes, I’d like fries that with that.

  16. Altdotweb says:

    Hopefully In The Morning we will end up with:

    – 1 CG show
    + 1 No Agenda show

  17. Lamargreen says:

    I started following CG at the end of 2005 and have not missed an episode. Since I’m an old fart who doesn’t suffer from ADD I really liked the half-hour “news magazine” format and the show’s content. It was fun, informative, and had real meat on it’s bones.

    I’m listening to the “Atlas Shrugged” audio book (all 54 hours!) for the fourth time, and the collapse of this show ties in with the central theme of that book.

    We will miss you folks…and Danica Patricks never-changing GoDaddy ads!

    Good luck to all.

  18. GrantB says:

    Bad audio or video quality? Didn’t like the guests? Would like to change the background? Those Danica Patrick ads were too annoying? Didn’t enjoy the content for some reason?

    Give the crankygeeks a break…it is a lot of work to put together a show every week for almost five years on their budget. Of course things aren’t going to be perfect. Hell, even if crankygeeks WAS produced extremely well, I probably wouldn’t have watched every single episode. I remember liking silicon spin on ZDTV (I have a mug) but I didn’t watch every episode, it was over produced, not nearly as candid as crankygeeks.

    I and many others will miss this show if it discontinues.

    JC, don’t quit this format! If you do have to quit crankygeeks, please start another video tech news cast with pundits. This format is great, 30 minutes and all.

    I loved everything, the great shows, the bad shows, the hilarious moments with Chang, all of it! And it kept me informed, as well as challenged by reinventing my current ideas, insight and positions on technology.

    If this is it, and I hope it isn’t, THANK YOU ALL WHO’VE BROUGHT US CRANKYGEEKS!

  19. trip1ex says:

    Well this sucks. Great show.

    Why not continue it as a podcast? That’s how I listened to it most of the time (usually in the car.)

    Costs would be much cheaper for a podcast-only production.

    Ironic the show is being pulled just as the market is about to be hit by a variety of streaming boxes from Apple, Google&partners, Boxee, ….. in addition to Tivo and Roku and consoles etc.

    It seems to me this is the time to get on board with this type of content when a $99 ATV will give you access to it.

  20. Bobkat says:

    Thanks John for all the great shows. I will miss Cranky Geeks. Please consider a podcast if possible as I never watch the video anyway.
    The only thing I didn’t like was it seemed too short. I looked forward to the show all week.
    Best of luck in the future.

  21. GreatAmerican says:

    Sorry to see this show go. Does this mean JCD will have more time to devote to Tech Grouch or Tech Hippie?

  22. Gizmo679 says:

    I will be sorry to see the show leave, it was the only Mevio show that i actually watched and i have been a long time viewer of the show for the past few years 🙁

  23. jules says:

    Such terrible news; just like losing Silicon Spin. Surely some way can be found to save the show.

  24. t0llyb0ng says:

    The brain-dead owners won’t let John keep the name & his little show franchise intact. So he’ll have to wait a few months or a year & make another somewhere else.

    It’d be okay if they did it over on TWiT but then all the geeks would have to have silly, oversized mikes sticking out of their chins.

  25. Littleroot says:

    Loved reading John 20 years ago and I discovered the show only after I got an iphone and discovered podcast subscriptions earlier this year. Never watched, subscribed to podcast version only. I listen to twit, too, and never watch. For both shows there is nothing to see, for me, which I cannot google myself.

    I cannot believe anyone watches any of these shows live and I am nearly 50.

    I loved the show – only complaint was it was too short- so I will follow John wherever he goes but know this: do not plan on me watching as I just have to multitask.

  26. t0llyb0ng says:

    Am remembering back around 1984 when John was a columnist/pundit & computer magazines were a quarter of an inch thick with tiny print & ads for everything then under the sun as far as computing gear. Articles would show code snippets. They were seductive, fascinating, & I would stare at them & began to comprehend them somewhat. Fun times, long gone.

  27. madtruckman says:

    sad to see this show go. i really enjoyed hearing non-fanboys of every product critically hashing out the tech news of the day. heck, i even bought one of the cranky geek shirts from jinx when they came out. that shirt gets me the most comments in public when i wear it. oh well, keep up the good work john!

  28. HateBadDesign says:

    There were always a lot of ads for 30 minutes, figures someone greedy was at the top.
    But we need a cranky geek somewhere in cyberspace!

    Not sure Revision 3 is a good fit, they seem to be aiming at the popcorn set as well, with a lot of small pods.

    Twit could work – you and Leo could do a wine show and call it “Sloshed Geeks” *g*

  29. Jim says:

    Wow, hard to relive I have been watching it for over four years. Always enjoyed it, Thanks John.

  30. soundmiami says:

    never posted to anything before but as an old fart who stared programing with punch cards I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed JCD keeping me current with the good the bad and the ugly of IT. Unbiased (yeah right!)and unabashed. Like other’s here it got to the point over the years where actually looked forward to some down time so I could listen to the podcast on my old school blackberry. Good luck John.


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