1. pedro says:

    Next video: How to watch paint dry.

    Yet, I agree with #11, a gorgeous production. I could only watch it in 720p, which is the resolution of the TV I have in this hotel’s room.

    Regardless, you’ve made my day with this video Gasparrini, thx.

    #1 You’re always insightful and unpredictable in your comments…NOT!

    #14 Hahahahahaha. So I’m not alone then.

    #16 Rather than SAS, I think those programs you mentioned are just LBP (low budget productions). Maybe the ones with SAS are the producers.

  2. joeevil says:

    @#1. Baby octopus killing is a slaughter, but liberals making sure you can kill human unborn baby is ok?

    How is it over there in bizarro world?

  3. Rightwing Nutjob says:

    #22 – Loony lefties like that think humans are pests on the environment. Especially people who are not like them, so blacks, republicans, etc. The more of them aborted, the happier they are.

  4. ECA says:

    Anyone know the recipes??

    as long as I dont sell what I make, I can make it..

  5. gmknobl says:

    Very nice info-ad. I really enjoyed that.

    This too will go overseas and out of business if the oligarchs have their way in Canada as they have in the U.S.

  6. e? says:

    Mesmerizing. And per the other posters, beautiful, and more so in 1080p

  7. AlBme says:

    Now *THAT* is how a marketing film should be made!

    Marketing doesn’t always have to be run by a-holes. The group behind the 10:10 fiasco cannot even hold a candle to these folks.

    Nicely done!

  8. 888 says:

    gorgeous video, thanks!