• Hulu launches pay services. Did I say $8 a month or $6?
  • Google doing fashion search for some reason.
  • Beatles on iTunes finally.
  • China is ruining the Internet? Maybe.
  • Anti-matter created and captured at CERN.
  • Meteor show tonight. 
  • Today is National Unfriend Day. Who cares?
  • RIM CEO is kind of a dick about apps.
  • Religious leader worried sick about Facebook.

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  1. Special Ed says:

    You had me at, “RIM CEO is kind of a dick…”

  2. noname says:

    Does it matter??

  3. soundwash says:

    anti-matter captured my ass..

    just like they succeeded producing fusion… for 1 billionth of a second..

    when will we discard our false “hammer science” -the science that knows only “impact and explosion” and embrace the harmonic “wave” science of all the universe?

    silly hoomans


  4. noname says:

    Harmonic wave science is just too old fashion.

    It all Hammer time now.

  5. foobar says:

    Google docs is OK for collaboration, but the whole thing is kind of clunky. I stopped using a “word processor” and switched to a plain text editor (pick your poison) and DropBox.

    Easy sharing. Text is text. If you want formatting use HTML/CSS, Markdown, or whatever you like. It’s on every computer and device I use. It has basic revision control. If you want to go crazy you can put a git or svn repository in your DropBox folder for better revision/diff management.

    Highly recommended.

  6. Glenn E. says:

    N.U.D. who cares? Apparently Facebook did. They reportedly altered their pages to make removing persons as “friends” harder to do. Shouldn’t they provide a simple checkoff list, to allow “defriending” large groups of people you have no interest is keeping? But I’ll bet they won’t. It’s all about the numbers. Linking tons of people together, for no good reason, appeals to Facebook’s advertisers. Who have bought into their bullsh*t that these “friends” all share similar interests. And can be used to sell product to each other. Yeah, right!

  7. Glenn E. says:

    Creating AntiMatter isn’t going to automatically lead to Star Trek starships. But you can bet CERN had this in mind to help promote the physics field’s future budgets. Creating AntiMatter, is like splitting hydrogen from water. It takes as much, or more, energy to accomplish, as will result from its combustion. So a Matter/AntiMatter reaction will probably yield less energy than what it took to create AntiMatter in the first place. Other than being a physics curiosity. It probably will have little other use.

    The physics world seems to be coming up with these dead ends, like Cold Fusion, just for public propaganda. I’ll be more impressed when a new form of propulsion was discovered, that doesn’t need rocket fuels.


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