Seems Cars Keep Coming

Gabrielle Silva takes down a customer’s order from the drive-thru window, stuffs a bag full of products and passes it outside to the couple waiting in a car.

“Thanks, and I put some free condoms in there, too!” Silva chirps.

In this technology-savvy north Alabama city, visitors won’t just find burgers and prescriptions at the drive-thru window.

A “romance” store called Pleasures offers a rare convenience not only for these parts but nationally: a drive-through with adult novelties for sale. Business is brisk so far, with cars sometimes lining up three deep for vibrators, lubricants, lingerie and other risque items.

Is this today’s ultimate instant gratification? With my luck, some nosy do-gooder would be taking video of my car and license plate.

  1. George says:

    We’ll see how long this lasts. Sex toys are illegal in Alabama. They claim they are operating under an exception in the law for medical purposes. That won’t last long I predict.

  2. Yankinwaoz says:

    This biz won’t last long. I’m sure the local DA is up right now pacing the floor trying to think of charges he can make up to shut it down. The local Taliban Baptist are going to riot of he doesn’t.

  3. BigBoyBC says:

    What kind of freak goes to a drive-thru for sex toys. What ever happened to the good ol’days of the trench coat and dark glasses.

  4. chris says:

    That’s hot!

  5. What? says:

    Huntsville is so boring, can understand why.

  6. sargasso_c says:

    I love the expression on her face. That, “double whopper with cheese” expression.

  7. msbpodcast says:

    God, I HATED Alabama, and I didn’t much care for Georgia either.

    South of then Mason Dixon line was where I met some thorough hypocrites.

    They say one thing in church, loudly, whether you’re interested in hearing it or not, and in “private parties” they are into S&M, urolagnia, coprophagia, and they believe in bringing the whole family into it, including their underage sons and daughters.

    F*ck ’em where they breathe.

    (The south EARNED my lack of respect…)

  8. t0llyb0ng says:

    Jeebus doth not approve of sex toys.

    Chick in the pic has impressive boobs. *Drooling*

  9. BigBoyBC says:

    Guess we know what she’s get’n in her Happy Meal

  10. High Karate says:

    Alabama has an epidemic of obesity. They should outlaw French fries and soda pops.

  11. Rick Cain says:

    I like the warnings put on sex toys which presumably discharges the maker from being liable

    “Do not use for unexplained calf pain: See a doctor. This device is sold for novelty purposes only and should not be used to penetrate bodily orifices”

    I swear to god, they put those labels on dildos in Texas.

  12. Tippis says:

    # 8 “Jeebus doth not approve of sex toys.”

    Jeebus most certainly approves. Being a carpenter (or some other form of artisan, depending on how you τέκτων), they probably generated a nice supplemental income for him.

  13. What? says:

    AP, you turn ideas into idolatrous manifestations.

  14. admfubar says:

    well that should make for quite a few interesting “distracted while driving accidents” reported…kinda the new alabama slammer….

    soooooooooooooooo the obvious thing to ask.. Can you get your order “Super Sized”??

  15. So what says:

    New definition of driving while buzzed.

  16. foobar says:

    “As a Christian, I see it as part of those signs Christ said would appear that indicate the End is Near…”

    So what are you saying? No french ticklers? No butt plugs?

  17. Mr Fog says:

    # 7 msbpodcast – urolagnia

    I prefer vegetarian lasagna.

  18. lynn says:

    One of my favorite restaurants is on a little strip of stores, and its neighbor is a “love shop.” No one is ever parked in front of the “love shop.” Parking around the restaurant is packed, yet only a few people are in there. “Love shop” has stayed in business for years and years. Maybe they do their business by mail order 🙂

  19. Buzz says:

    This wouldn’t work in Hollywood. Too low on the “party town” index, recently.

  20. KD Martin says:

    George said, on December 31st, 2010 at 8:53 pm edit

    We’ll see how long this lasts. Sex toys are illegal in Alabama.


    # 13 Alfred Persson said, on January 1st, 2011 at 4:29 am edit

    With my luck, some nosy do-gooder would be taking video of my car and license plate.

    Do gooders wouldn’t bother, who in society would care?


    Who indeed? Cops? The DA? Your wife who isn’t the girl in the car?

  21. Floyd says:

    Alfie: You’re just upset because you don’t live in Huntsville Alabama.

    #7: At one time I lived in North Alabama, in a nominally dry town close to Huntsville and full of hypocrites. Everyone living in that town made bootleg runs into Huntsville to stock up for their weekend barbecues and beer blasts, buying and drinking far more beer and other drinks than people in my “wet” Midwestern home town ever did.

    I’m not surprised that the sex toys are selling well in Huntsville, but I’ll also bet many customers are coming to Pleasures from those dry towns.

  22. foobar says:

    I’m guessing that Brandi McNaron’s facebook page is taking on hell of a beating.

  23. SimonSezz says:

    I go up to Wisconsin frequently and there is a town there with about 8,000 people and they opened an adult video and toy store. Everyone in town was very much against it (it’s a very religious town, I think I counted five churches). Anyway, a year later, that place’s parking lot is jam packed at night and I guess it’s really popular. I don’t know what goes on there but I wonder if these people ever heard of the internet.

  24. Floyd says:

    #26: Funny thing: humans are wired to be very interested in sex, because it propagates the species.

    Preachings to the contrary from ministers, priests, and their followers get overridden by what the human brain is designed for–making more humans.

  25. Rich says:

    Ummm..I don’t even care about this issue, but I must say the chick in the foreground is hot in a left-handed way and the one in the background looks like one of the monsters from the Harry Potter movies that I would know better had I ever seen a Harry Potter movie.

  26. The Monster's Lawyer says:

    #7 msbpodcast – What kind of freakin church did/do you go to?

  27. JimD says:

    Hope they don’t drive and try to use the toys at the same time !!! Nothing safe about “Distracted Driving” !!!

  28. Zargy says:

    I happen to live in Huntsville, AL.

    I am kind of offended at all of you who are saying nasty things about my town and state.


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