This happened a couple of years ago but I had never heard about it. The complete story is here:

Found by Art Snyder.

  1. Cursor Persson_ says:

    Its the progressive agenda that causes people to think they have to remain young forever and keep up with younger people.

    These loons are always trying to tear down good people with their agendas of forced equality.

    People are equal enough as God made them. They don’t need some leftist agenda to force people into being equal.

  2. chuck says:

    Nice to see Larry Bird making a come-back.

  3. Milo says:

    Hi Alfred!

  4. skunkman62 says:

    blogging a story that is 2 years old. really? has anybody checked to see if the dude is alive?

  5. tjspiel says:

    #1 What are you talking about?

    It’s not about being equal, it’s about living. My mom probably could have lived another 10 years if she had been the least bit active in the last half of her life. The last decade certainly would have been much more enjoyable for her.

    This guy has been bothered by something that happened 50 years ago and he finally did something to put it behind him. The school may be small enough that basically anybody that wants to play on the team can. So why not?


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