Moving Egypt to where Iraq should be is pretty odd since someone actually had to do this graphic for it to be posted. Are they just making it up as they go along? Can’t they use the Internet to get a map? How does this sort of thing happen on a network in the first place?

Use this for reference boys.

Found by Baron von Pelsmaekers.

  1. Ah_Yea says:

    Fox had it right.

    It’s not where Egypt is, it’s where Egypt SHOULD BE!

  2. ® says:

    We deceive, you decide.

  3. Cap'nKangaroo says:

    Fox News intern overheard on the phone: “Seriously dude, I did it. .. You double-do-dared me and I did it. So pay up. .. That’s right, a twelve pack. .. No worry, no one who matters will notice. And if they do, I’ll just yell “Keith Olbermann” and they’ll start gnashing their teeth and forget all about it.”

  4. TooManyPuppies says:

    Maps and such…

    *DING* Hot Pockets!

  5. Mextli says:

    #33 I’ll just yell “Keith Olbermann”…

    He used to have a television show didn’t he?

  6. deowll says:

    Somebody should get a day off from work with no pay.

  7. George says:

    CBS news accepts photocopies of Microsoft Word documents as factual sources.

    Chuck Schumer thinks the 3 branches of government are the House, Senate and the President.

    The President thinks there are 57 states.

    The Right has no monopoly on idiocy.

  8. Blind Stevie says:

    Thanks for the link. You are quite the hardware freak. Good luck with the system. I’ll have to keep up with your rant. I built a system once and decided I was lucky it worked. So I went back to homebrewing to exercise my geekiness. If I keep reading your rant I’ll want to build a system myself. I’m sure that’s a bad idea.

  9. bobbo, the evangelical anti-theist says:

    #38–Stevie==not a geek, but I can read. Actually, I’m just putting on line the written record I make when “evaluating” anything. My notes. But I am looking for input from the real experts who lurk here and there–most of them too busy to read a newbies trip thru the obvious–so, yea, I am detailing a bit more for the public than I would for just myself.

    “Homebrewing” is what self built computer folks call themselves–probably a lot of other hobbies as well.

    but “formally” I too homebrew along with make cheese and baking of all types. Actually, of all my hobbies, building my own computer is about the easiest? Very little “art” to it. Parts is parts?

  10. Yankinwaoz says:

    Hey… it could happen. Remember in 2009 when Australia relocated itself to the North Atlantic after a drunken binge?

  11. TThor says:

    I guess for most Americans it is “over there”… so who cares?

  12. Brett says:

    Well that’s what happens when you outsource your fact checking division to a developing nation. But on the other hand… If there is any truth to Leno’s “Jaywalking” skits on the “Tonight Show,” I fear the average man could not do much better.

    In fact I will step up here and admit I could not remember where exactly where in Africa it was located either. However, I am quite capable and willing to look on a map to double check myself. This would be especially true if I was creating a graphic for a national news outlet.

    Is it shocking to me that this happened? No, not at all! I have questioned the credibility of Faux News for quite some time now. In fact if you ask me, I think some of the content on Fox News is akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater.

    Unfortunately, their ridiculous rhetoric further insights the mentally unstable to foray into committing violent crimes. These peoples actions are not exactly Fox’s fault, but all that bs that Fox spews certainly doesn’t help either. Much like a “Judas Priest” album, Fox’s news sounds awesome when played forward or backwards.

  13. Brett says:

    I almost forgot to mention this. I stumbled across a press conference held by NASA on Fox News once. The topic was the discovery about what needs to be present in order for life to evolve. I am no scientist, but I was getting the gist of it.

    Then just as it was getting good, Fox’s anchor woman broke in and declared that she did not understand what the NASA spokeswoman was saying. Then the anchor woman said they would break away from the press conference. The reason given was the following.

    Since she did not understand it herself having received poor grades in biology as a student. She surmised that the audience didn’t either. So as a result of this ignorance they would be returning to regularly scheduled programming.

    What a joke!

  14. Glenn E. says:

    Glenn Beck probably thinks the Nazis moved Egypt from its proper place, next to Iran. So he had the map restored to the Republican ideal of how the world map should look.

  15. msbpodcast says:

    Hey give them a break.

    They’re doing the best with what they’ve got.

    Fox News doesn’t have a budget for graphics, or maps.

    They are still using Rupert’s old wall maps which refer to all of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran etcetera as Mesopotamia!

    They are still using old reference material which call some countries by their old name, like Tanganaika. (Rupert’s wall just has crude hand scrawled map of Africa labeled “Full ‘o [N-word], Full ‘O A-rabs, Full o’ Joos.)

  16. msbpodcast says:

    And I wouldn’t be a quick to cast the first stone.

    I still remember seeing in the seventies a map of the American labeled by adults which had the Soviet Union placed somewhere below Mexico (approximately in Belize) because there were all sorts of news reports stating that the Soviet Union should get out of Central America.

    No wonder the American education system is such a joke. Its been that way since the end of the space race.

  17. msbpodcast says:

    Sorry “map of the American” should read “map of the Americas”

  18. bobbo, the evangelical anti-theist says:

    #46–Scott==low blow. Do you always suck so hard? Big difference between a simple “misspeak” and altering the written words on a templated map that was correct to begin with?

    Big difference between misspeak and making a long prepared statement that is wrong in so many ways on its basic facts and then defending those basic facts in errors when challenged.

    Its shills like you that need to be removed from any debate on subjects touching the political.

    Stupid Human.


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