This Episode’s Executive Producer and 283 Club Member: Don Bean
Associate Executive Producer: John Dunn

Art By: Nick the Rat

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  1. brm says:

    The renewed calmness of Curry from a couple episodes ago disappeared fast.

    He keeps wandering into the danger zone where he’s just plain factually incorrect because he rants without thinking.

  2. ggore says:

    That’s why I stopped listening to all his conspiracy crap long ago. It’s not worth listening for John’s voice of sanity amongst all the lunacy any more.

  3. Wrigsted, the Dane says:

    Not that I don’t like Curry, but it would be nice if he could pipe down a bit. It becomes too much and I can no longer bear to hear the entire show. And I’m even one of them who is on the ATS forum.

    They have lost the balance that was so good about NA, but I think Mr. Dvorak is aware of this. Curry seems like he is hovering in blissful ignorance of its own Limitation.

  4. brm says:

    Well, it would take a *lot* for me to quit listening to the show, because the information is so good.

    But I definitely can’t recommend it to anyone anymore.

  5. B. Dog says:

    Weather Underground is a great website. They have a very fine collection of weather maps. Their photo galleries are just outstanding. They do have some blogs, but I never looked at any of them until Adam mentioned it. Whether or not they have any particular agenda — who knows?

  6. nicktherat says:

    i dont have a really big problem with adam talking so much. i think adams just more “on fire” and johns more cold.

    was funny though, i was skipping through the episode looking for a particular rant and every time i stopped to listen, all i heard was adam yelling 🙂 he must interrupt clips like 30 times in a row. also, not complaining, but i see what people are talking about 😀

  7. BigBoyBC says:

    This show is no longer “No Agenda”. Adam proves every time, he has an agenda. He looks for facts to fit his twisted theories, while ignoring facts that don’t. It’s always the fault of others, never his own stupidity.

  8. This is BS…sometimes Adam spends a lot of time digging up stuff and he blows it out on the show. Unless I find it objectionable I let him do it. This is especially true if he has clips I have not heard. And I thought the CBS gaffe was funny. Not seeing the big deal overall. I got all my material in.

    And exactly what, specifically, is Curry’s “Agenda?” Would someone tell me.

  9. nicktherat says:

    currys agenda is to get everyone in the wold to throw their shoes! this would be great news for horowitz (sketchers!)

  10. deowll says:

    Check the sells figures on electric cars. Two of the better known modals didn’t even sell 2,000 cars combined. If these are the cars of the future why do they have sells that stink? Green jobs anyone?

    Adam missed a good conspiracy theory. The NASA climate satellite that crashed was taken out so it couldn’t prove that man made global warming is a hoax.

    I do hope Adam can find some way to cover his bills.

  11. WiseGuy says:

    Aww Shut your piehole, Dvorak! Go cry about it on your own blog. Oh. Oh this is your blog. So sorry. Well you can certainly understand my confusion. You’re so rarely the one posting the stories. I mean, It’s not like you let other people do the work. That stuff you do about no spam is great, just great. And that thing how you say crazy off the mark shit about Tech. That’s…well that’s just awesome. I don’t think I’ve seen better parody written since National Lampoon. And in all seriousness, don’t let people bitching about Adam on the show bother you. Some people just value their time a little differently than you do. I mean I don’t have time to watch every shitty show on television just so I can record a few seconds of it to prove it’s shitty. You’re a warrior. Just a real warrior. You ever think about writing a book? I mean one about maybe an operating system after Windows 95? I’m having a real stinker of a time with Windows ME. Thoughts? Prognostications?


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