1. A340-600 says:

    I miss Cranky Geeks.

    Is this show aired live or is it just a few minutes long?

  2. bobbo, the evangelical anti-theist says:

    Nano tech will keep all surfaces clean setting the stage for SkyNet to attack the source of all germs.

    Certainly the chip in our brains will communicate our desired level of interface with the cyberworld? I don’t want a single tweet before my first cappuccino is finished, and after that very few.

    “I believe” that such connectedness will be possible but rejected by quite a few if not most. We are herd animals with a need for privacy. A balance.

  3. Russ says:

    I miss Tech5, is this supposed to be a replacement?

  4. tomdennis says:

    I miss Cranky Geeks but I enjoy any video or TV production that John is in.

  5. Brian says:

    The hippie should look at his own shirt. Dude really? What is that organic gravy?

  6. Technophile says:

    Great job! I really liked the format.
    It was kind of like TMZ for Geeks.

    I especially like the non-scripted fast paced format.

    More, more of that.

  7. Aude says:

    This time bobo is correct except with more prison and less espresso.

  8. Aude says:

    I cant even watch this show is so full of hot air.

  9. KMFIX says:

    This will be awesome for porn!!!

  10. siouxmoux says:

    Corning trying reinvent them self in 21th century

  11. tdkyo says:

    Kill the music!

  12. chuck says:

    John’s right – all the screens would be covered in ads – pr0n ads! And you wouldn’t have to worry about finger prints – but bodily fluids would be a serious health problem.

  13. Bob73 says:

    Love it! Thanks, Johnny C

  14. bschuler says:

    Today is a great day for me. Pre-ordered Diary Of A Wimpy Kid 2 tickets and found out Mr. Dvorak is doing Mini-Cranky Geek episodes. Yeah!

  15. msbpodcast says:

    So you don’t want people actually touching the glass?

    How bout you use something like the Kinnect to gesture and gesticulate instead of actually touching the glass?

    Its supposed to be see through and glass vibrates to generate and hear sound. (Using phased-array ultrasound it can even position you in a dark room like a bat does.)

  16. t0llyb0ng says:

    Was it not Farenheit 451 where the walls in homes were TV screens.

    Watch the successive segments of X3 for awhile & one is left wondering, is this the fourth segment or the fifth or what. Hover over the Mevio display but no clue is offered. What’s the date on this group of segments? Who knows.

    They’ve apparently tried to tailor the length of each section to the tiny attention span of the idiot public.

    Recurring intro theme music is of the “Minneapolis” genre of the ’80s—imitation Prince. Is in D-minor.

    Show is generally informative though & I approve of it.

  17. msbpodcast says:

    It was in the film version of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 ISBN:0-345-34296-8.

    The film cae out in 1966, it was directed by François Truffeau and starred Oskar Werner, Julie Christie and Cyril Cusack.

    I still remember Montag fondly.

    The film idea for the pseudo-interactive wall-size screen was, I believe, originally created by Tony Walton.

    Now its available in a 52″ model by Sharp.

  18. mharry860 says:

    Joseph needs a clean shirt.

  19. Luc says:

    So slimeballs like yourself are allowed to view this site. But I am not.

    “I get no spam.” Ha!

  20. Lou Minatti says:

    This brave new world will need a lot more nuke plants to power all of these displays.

  21. Lou Minatti says:

    Will we have firmware updates for our refrigerator doors and bathroom mirrors? Will Microsoft Windows for Your Windows have “patch Tuesdays”?

  22. Lou Minatti says:

    With Microsoft Windows for Your Windows you can’t look outside of your house until your windows have been rebooted.

  23. GregA says:


    I dunno, since Vista released a bunch of years ago now, all my patching happens in the background. With Win7 I have noticed it even less.

  24. Dallas says:

    All I can say is Corning products is the only component preventing all this from happening today. Cheap shot.

  25. So finally a more accurate up to date photo of the master and legend at hand – at last
    Reality what a concept


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