The plane that launched the cruise missile as it climbs away?

Lots of websites out there on how the Twin Towers couldn’t possibly have been brought down the officially described way, but not as much attention is paid to the Pentagon attack on 9/11. This website has more photos than written stuff, so quicker to get a rundown on this theory. Have to say that if the video which replays the impact over and over is unretouched or otherwise tampered with, it doesn’t look like a a plane going in. The last item on the page about the wall symbol is a bit much, however.

So, on this 4th of July weekend when we celebrate what this nation is supposed to be, time to get your conspiracy tin foil hat on and discuss what it’s become!

  1. GregAllen says:

    I looked at the original site.

    What a bunch of jumbled garbage.

  2. Ralph, the Bus Driver says:

    #79, bobbo,

    The point is you don’t fly an airliner the same as you would a fighter or even a stunt plane. I watched an air show over the weekend and reflected at how slow the stunt planes really go.

    As you are most likely aware, high speeds at low altitude create control issues. From the same Wikipedia link in #78, the hijacker had full throttle and the air craft was traveling at about 850 km/h (530 mph) when it crashed. The craft was apparently wobbling much of the way on approach.

    The points remain, the “facts” posted by Sue are bull. As are most of the 911 conspiracy theories. Just because someone repeats a lie enough times, has never bestowed validity on that lie. That is the problem with the Republicans at the moment.