Found by Doug Edwards.

  1. JimD says:

    A Tale of a Whale !!!

  2. Pays2Think says:

    Every once and a while we get a rest from all the Green hate Whale hate Air and Water hate etc hate. Nice going !!

  3. Skeptic says:

    Wonderful!!! Thanks hhopper. That post beats all the other crappy news we can’t do anything about.

  4. deowll says:

    Golly gee! Just think of all that dog food going to waste!

    Actually I greatly approve of the escape. May it live long and prosper.

  5. jbenson2 says:

    Japan’s cows

  6. Dallas says:

    Awesome feel good story!
    Thank you president Obama!

  7. identity217 says:

    Thanks goodness its a feel good story of that red speedo on the old guy would haunt me forever!

  8. msbpodcast says:

    This was a distraction of the week I didn’t mind seeing.

    Thanks hhopper.

    It makes up for a lot of other crap we’ve been watching on CSpam.

  9. bobbo, are we Men of Science, or Devo? says:

    You do what you can…..but…..our oceans are dying. As too many will mindlessly respond: the ocean will always be there.

    IN CONTEXT: the biodiversity of the ocean is crashing. Garbage fish are now marketed as “Chilean Bass/Salmon” and shark is cut to look like scallops, but the diversity of many stocks has been decimated to levels where recovery may not be possible as the 5-10% levels remaining are not capable of surviving their remaining competitors.

    Quite a story the human caused extinction of the bio mass.

    Hold on to your socks.

  10. Ray says:

    my only problem with these guys is that they put the kid they have with them in danger.

  11. Riscy says:

    Best story I’ve seen for ages, brought a tear to my eye. Cheers.

  12. bobbo, are we Men of the World, or Isolationists? says:

    What “kid.” You mean the 150 pound young male in the group?

    Whats wrong with you?

  13. Animby says:

    #9 Bobboboy – as a diver, I won’t argue with anything you said. But, there are SOOO many people craving protein, you gotta find it somewhere. I hear conspiracists claiming the elite want to kill off half (or more) of the people in the world. I laugh at the theory but I secretly think how much better off we’d be – and then I remember, I’m awfully likely to be in the dead half.

  14. bobbo, are we Men of the World, or Isolationists? says:

    Animby–so why the but? The ocean’s could provide x4 the protein “IF” it was properly managed. REQUIRE fish stocks go UNFISHED until they recover and repopulate the oceans.

    I watched “Whale Wars” for a few episodes. What kind of world do we live in where Japanese Corporate Floating Kill Factories are allowed to take the last whale out of the ocean in the name of “research?”

    Maybe whales should be taken out of the food chain allowing all that protein to go to faster growing fish? Probably not, but that is the question that should be answered–all the way up and down the food chain.

    You know ocean management? Another “anti-freedom” regime brought to you by the Nanny State and not approved of by the Liebertards (sarc/off).

    Protected breeding stock, pollution run-off prohibitions, deep oil drilling safety regulations. Maybe we can live without the protein that comes from the Ocean, but thats a bet with too many unknowns. I say regulate and manage it. No free market. Start regulating every aspect of it===see what works, change. Rinse and Repeat.

    Only idiots will disagree. Only idiots are in charge now. Thats my White Whale, I have it harpooned, but its dragging me down.

    Silly Hoomans===can’t cooperate to save themselves.

  15. andycatus says:

    #11 tears to your eyes?

    Truth be told, You were blubbering!

    I’ll get my coat.

  16. Animby says:

    #14 Bobbo – Did I say something that suggested I was AGAINST managing ocean resources? I hope not.

    But the problem is, of course, that it’s an international problem. We see what good the ban on whaling does. The Japanese refuse to follow the ban claiming they need the creatures for research. But the meat still ends up in the market.

    I was offered some whale meat, once. I turned it down though I was desperately curious. Same reason when I turned down some shark fin soup. Though I wondered if the shark would have turned down Animby fin…

    By the way, you stated earlier they are selling “garbage” fish as Chilean Sea Bass / Salmon. What’s wrong with that? If you can talk people into eating less desirable fish just by giving them a better name (sea bass sounds much tastier than toothfish) though I think I’ve read that making it sound better has led to serious overfishing. -sigh-

    I’d like to see a much greater emphasis on farmed fish. I’ve feasted on farmed salmon in Scotland and farmed catfish in Texas. They both seemed okay to me! The farmed salmon are raised in the ocean.

  17. bobbo, are we Men of the World, or Isolationists? says:

    Animby–of course you were muddled in your presentation. Look at your own but again as and even your more considered response as at best resignation that our oceans “need” to be fished out to supply current protein needs. If thats not what you sloppily mean, then rephrase your thinking. (excessive chiding/off)

    A few years back I heard Salmon fishers were “for” catch limits so that their children could be salmon fishers too. Then there were 3 interviews in a row with Animby types saying they had to fish to earn a living.

    Why not stop all salmon fishing until the stocks recover? Maybe take 30-50 years but then the grand kiddies and their grand kiddies can see salmon spawning instead of only films about it.

    Go down the line: salmon, tuna, haddock, sole, snapper, flounder==they are all depleted. Fishing these specieis should be illegal until their survival is guaranteed. Error on the side of the fish, which in reeality, is only in our own long term benefit.

    Short term thinking====all too vogue, and not really thinking at all, just what someone wants “today!” To quote the Nimby: “But they gotta get their protein from somewhere!”
    Cats, dogs, old people, horses in a nice base of soy beans? There’s your protein. Stop ocean fishing, farm fishing goes up thru the roof, good local green jobs. The market does have a role, its just not dogma. Did I mention dogma?…………Yes, I did. Its in the base of protein.

    You don’t eat your seed corn. Or if you do, your children don’t eat corn.

    Easy Peasy. Another cheap protein source.

  18. Skeptic says:

    I don’t eat fish unless it comes whole in a can. Sardines, mackerel etc. They are the most nutritious for you and I don’t believe they are on any danger list. We don’t need very much meat protein in our daily diet.

    I’ve tried farmed salmon from BC Canada. I had to throw it out because no one could stomach the mashed potato consistency and dead carcass taste.

  19. bobbo, are we Men of the World, or Isolationists? says:

    Skeptic–enough soy sauce and smoked paprika will cover that corn fed protein taste I also detect. The answer to all our food needs has always been:……….paste from a tube. Or in this case: salmon cakes. Once you add garlic and onions, soy sauce and bread crumbs “everything” tastes good.

    Actual whole piece fillets are for the rich people, and they only heat it for the snob factor. Everyone likes paste!

    Oops, I just made myself hungry. What kind of paste can I have for breakfast? Fried or boiled….hm, mmmh, good!

  20. Ray says:

    whats wrong with me is that i actually watched and listened to the video. at the 5:09 mark you can hear the mother saying its ok hon to the kid so that the kid wont get scared. and the kid actually talked near the end of the video if you had bothered to finish it.

  21. bobbo, you just can't trust machines says:

    #20–Ray==I watched the whole thing too. I enjoyed it. At 5:09 the female says something but I can’t make out what shes says nor who she says it to. The old guy was getting tangled in the netting and that pole thing was about to whack him in the nuts. The kid had a life jacket on and looked to me to be having the experience of his life. What can be more life affirming than saving a whale with your family on a nice sunny day and thereafter for an hour watching the whale do his thankyou dance?

    Danger? Yes, they weren’t in a bed in front of tv. Is that you definition of danger? What level of danger is worthy of what reasonable outcomes?

    Again: what’s wrong with you people?????

    Where are the future airborne rangers going to come from?

    Ray—seriously===explain your concern.

  22. Ray says:

    life affirming or not i myself wont put my own kid in any unnecessary danger.

    and heres a link for the level of danger you are looking for:

  23. bobbo, you just can't trust machines says:

    Ray–thank you. I agree but only “if” we know the whale is going to breach and slap you with his tale.

    Isn’t “life” nothing but a trade off with danger?

    Being in a small boat is more dangerous than being at home in bed in front of the tv. Where do you draw the line?

    Obviously, the parents had the kid in a life jacket and I assume they allowed the kid to do or not do what he did to the degree the kid felt comfortable himself all in direct supervision of the parents. Or was this just an example of bad parenting in that they were taking chance and did not have life jackets on. Imagine if the parents where killed if the whale had breached upon the boat?

    Should the parents be prosecuted for neglect or maltreatment in this life endangering event? The example you link to seems to be too vague. I think we should agree all the necessary facts are on the video that we have both watched?

    What should the authorities do to these parents? Your best thoughts?

  24. bobbo, you just can't trust machines says:

    In a related story, Bear Gryllis’ sone, age 7, rescued a playmate from drowning in a river. The father was not around–not there supervising his kiddie. The school professionals miss the boat of course saying that more time should be spent learning math rather than survival techniques==but should Bear be under some kind of court supervised parenting review for allowing his kiddie outside without adult supervision? I see nothing but stubbed toes, sun burns, and tragedy in this young man’s life.

  25. alt173 says:

    I’ve heard of “Tighty Whiteys” before, but come on… Gonna have nightmares tonight…

  26. Animby says:

    #24 Bobbo : Interesting link. But Grylls is a weirdo. Can’t believe he would saddle a kid with a name like that. What was he thinking? “Jesse”????

  27. Dexton7 says:

    A tale of a whale that ends well.

    Yes, I had a Dr. Seuss moment. Sry.

    Good video. =)

  28. Esther The Netherlands says:

    Fantastic, what an incredible adventure… Thanks guys for the rescue of this beautiful animal!


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