Anyone living in the affected area and have stories to tell?

  1. TooManyPuppies says:

    Here’s one from CNN’s John King: The water is ANKLE DEEP… OMG ANKLE DEEP where I’m standing and I’m wet! This is the worst hurricane ever! Anderson Pooper: Well John, I’m on a corner in NY and I’m wet too! And look, a 2″ puddle! Ali Velshi: Holy Crap look, it’s a can in the water. A can is floating in the water!

  2. TThor says:

    We have a typhoon heading our way……

  3. What? says:

    It pissed me off how the media tried to scare us, leading up to a tiny catagory 1 storm.

    I had to repeatedly tell my female friend in NY that nothing was going to happen.

    Our Military-Industrial-Academic-Government-Media-Entertainment Complex seems to only wish to scare us.


  4. lynn says:

    I’m in south NJ; there was surprisingly little wind for a hurricane but we have lots of flooding and my power is off. A tornado touched down in my county, luckily in a very rural area.

    There was a bit of hype, but on the other hand, flooding is a real and dangerous problem. I had to come in to work (at least we have electricity here) and the five-foot ditch along the road is full, with water lapping at both sides of the road, but the ditch kept our property dry. I couldn’t take the back road in because the bridge was under water.

    Power at my house will probably be off for days, my provider has 223,000 customers with no power right now.

  5. dadeo says:

    This story seems to have blown away all the other news. Foxnews just said it was now downgraded to a tropical storm. Seems like good practice run for a real evacuation threat. Ron Paul’s on with Chris now.. gonna listen.

  6. mainecat says:

    S&P must have downgraded it to a tropical storm.

  7. Dallas says:

    The most exciting part of the storm will be the Teabagger stream of “OUTRAGE” of Obama’s handling of the hurricane.

  8. President Amabo says:

    #7 – According to this guy, Irene is Obama’s fault.

    Barry must have felt left out because GW was able to cause Katrina.

    Bah, it’s all so irrelevant anyway. Someone needs to propose a “solution” that’s not worse than the “problem”.

  9. jbenson2 says:

    And to top it all off, Obama had to shorten his vacation and leave Martha’s Vineyard one day early.

    Oh, the humanity!

  10. chuck says:

    #10 — Did Michelle leave 10 minutes earlier, on a separate jet?

  11. Miguel says:

    All are welcome here in sunshiny Portugal. No wind at all.

  12. Boringfileclerk says:

    I live in New Haven CT and the storm is a dud here. No flooding, even the file room. The winds are weak gail force at best. There are a few small trees down but that’s about it.

  13. TacoTrainwreck says:

    It’s windy in CT, but it’s in the tropical storm zone… only about 60ish mph winds. Still have power, though, but I’m a few steps away from Millstone and they don’t intend to shut down until sustained winds reach 90mph.

  14. Faxon says:

    We all knew it would be nothing, but I really was hoping for a huge disaster in NYC.

  15. McCullough says:

    #1. I rather enjoyed watching the Weather Channel make total fools of themselves. Especially the idiot in Va. Beach standing in the street with the mic, putting down the people standing around in the streets.

    “This is just depressing, these people should be inside!!! It’s dangerous out here!!!”


  16. What the huh says:

    Living in Balwash area along 95 corridor. Lots of rain. 50 Mph wind gusts. Lights flickered enough to reset digital clocks. Power out for 50,000+ in other local counties. Yard full of downed leaves. Every local TV station had live coverage until at least 2 AM. Anchors, Weather people and a reporter or two doing outside live shots from VA beach, Ocean City MD. or downtown. About 10 deaths so far up and down the coast due to falling trees and storm caused car accidents.

  17. foobar says:

    #9 ReadyKilowatt, we now know where you like to party when you visit a city.

  18. nicktherat says:

    brooklyn ny reporting in…. total snooze fest

  19. dusanmal says:

    Long Island. In the area ordered to evacuate. We didn’t. I (engineering and scientific temptation) interpreted data myself and concluded that we will just escape flooding. Storm was indeed strongest since we live on Long Island (1989) and surge highest seen. Worst rain was midnight-4am. Worst wind came in few separate intervals: about 1-2am worst E/SE wind that made most tree damage in neighborhood. About 5-7am worst S/SW wind, comparable to 1-2am. No measurements… At about 4-5am water began to quickly rise, surge was about 1 ft/30 min to maximize about 8am and stay flat until 10-10:30am. Since that time water drops about 1ft/hr, there is no rain but wind is still strong, gusts to 40-50mph, S/SW.

    And, yes, my estimate proved to be quite correct. I expected to come to about 1ft from flood entering the house. Close cut – at 10am there was 6″ left, than it receded. No damage to house. Some branches torn from large trees. Main damage all around – muck from flood and many typical trees torn down. Surprisingly almost no damage to houses all around. I give that to extreme North-Easter last Winter that though weaker than this storm came close. It tore up all weak points (at that time there was a lot of shingles and siding torn all around), properly and strongly repaired since as it appears.

    Positive surprise: with Bob in 1991 all across LI there were week-long electricity outages. I expected to be without power for few days. Turns out, just for few few minute long intervals! Good LIPA (local power company).

  20. bobbo, you must respeck mah authoratay!! says:

    “I interpreted the data myself” //// HAW, HAW!!!!

    That was a good one. What do you call putting your entire fist up your ass?

  21. Dallas says:

    Evidently the sidewalks are heavily puddled. On the upside, sex toy and porn sales spiked.

  22. John E. Quantum says:

    Here is what I learned in the DC area-

    Hurricane + beer = no problems
    Hurricane + vodka = no worries
    Hurricane + wife + no power = beer + vodka

  23. Badda bing says:

    #21 The term is a bobbo, oh wait that’s when you put your head up your ass.

  24. Miguel says:

    I was quite entertained by the CNN coverage making a huge show of the Hurricane… Almost looked like the Oscars or something…

  25. Drive By Poster says:

    Al “Slum Lord” Gore is now calling those who don’t believe in man made global warming “this generation’s racists”.

    Apparently, conflating them with Nazis and middle east muslims who deny the WW2 Holocaust happened (aka, “global warming deniers”) is no longer deemed to be sufficiently effective in demonizing those who believe any global warming is a completely natural phenomena that’s been going on since the end of the last Ice Age and will continue until the start of the next Ice Age.

    Me? I call anthropogenic global warming alarmists fools and con artists who have turned junk science into outright crap science. The climate models the alarmism is all ultimately based on as “science” aren’t worth the hard drive space their executables take up since they can’t predict the KNOWN PAST for any length of time without FAILING BADLY.

  26. Uncle Patso says:

    The northeast U.S. coast dodged a bullet this time — looks like fewer than 100 deaths attributable to the storm, but an increase in the power of the storm of only a few percent would likely have killed many more and damaged infrastructure enough to make a noticeable dent in the country’s GDP. Better safe than sorry, I say. Of course, it’s always possible to go overboard, but IMHO, the warnings were mostly within allowable limits.

  27. BoomBoom says:

    How annoying is it to click on a picture link only to be presented with a gallery of photos with no indication of where the picture you were interested in resides?

    Am I right?

  28. MWD78 says:

    yet more media fearmongering over nothing. gotta keep the sheeple afraid. more nonsense. IT KNOCKED A GUTTER OFF THE HOUSE ACROSS THE STREET! OH THE HUMAINTY!

  29. Daniel says:

    A downed power line and a couple trees knocked over is all we suffered around here. Supposedly there is “massive flooding” in low laying areas near the ocean. I’m hoping to wake up tomorrow to find that the ocean has reclaimed Boston, but I’m guessing no such luck.

  30. So what says:

    Had a storm a couple of months ago that knocked out power to roughly 30 counties, not limited power, no power period. Rural electric crews had all the power back on within two days. Funny thing, the national media never even mentioned that a quarter of Missouri and a third of Iowa counties were without power and suffered significant thunderstorm damage. This was after the Joplin tornado by a few weeks. If its not east coast or west coast it apparently doesn’t exist to the national media. Some east coast shmoe can’t get his ipad to connect and his socks get damp and oh dear god its the end of the world. It did however get matt lauer, ann curry, and al roker to work a weekend.


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