1. Drive By Poster says:

    Obama – Still not keeping his eyes on the job at hand.

  2. Hawkeye says:

    The shit hit the pan

  3. norm says:

    just getting by.

  4. Darkwolfbc says:

    “Hello Everybody, time for the slaves to come get their slop”

  5. President Amabo says:

    This is what happens when you put too many batteries in the Rectum Stretcher(TM).

  6. BigBoyBC says:

    Obama passes out slop to the long-term unemployed, part of his “living the American Dream” project.

  7. wavking says:

    One order of Soylent Brown, coming right up!

  8. President Amabo says:

    And thus, after the long night of beer and taco salad He began by squatting over the plastic tray. With much grunting and straining, He did eject a large greasy mass of mess. Some of it He did then scoop with a pitcher and examine it closely. He did pronounce it good and joyously proclaim “This, this is what I shall feed my People!”

  9. Anonymous says:

    NO ONE shovels it (down people’s throats) better!

  10. Miguel says:

    People don’t eat Intellectual Property, they eat food!

  11. derf says:

    Have a nice cup of just gettin’ by!

  12. TonyB says:

    Jobs, jobs, jobs and jobs. Let’s vote for jobs!

  13. Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

    “I’m treating blacks like Iowans now, Ms. Watters.”, for those who want to turn me in.

  14. Rebel Rob says:

    I see Fox News has been here before me!

  15. pokey says:

    Due to incredibly limp wrists, President George W. O’Bama spills a whole gallon of slave slop into the wrong tray. The woman with the red headband in the background was beheaded for the mistake.

    A 6″ x 10″free speech zone will be made available from 3:15am to 3:33am on Tuesday for friends and family members to gather and mourn her passing.

    Mr. O’Bama was sentenced to a week of vacation.

  16. Mel O'Doubt says:

    Listen, This is genuine Santorum everybody. I know it to be so I ‘ve read it on the Google.


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