What would you ask him?

President Obama will participate in a town hall at the California headquarters of social networking site LinkedIn on Sept. 26, according to the White House.

At “Putting America Back to Work,” Obama will answer questions about job creation and the economy from a live audience made up of LinkedIn members and employees, as well as questions that have been submitted from other site members. Users can submit questions in advance and watch the town hall live on LinkedIn and WhiteHouse.gov/live.

In conjunction with the Obama’s visit, LinkedIn has launched a community focused on job creation and the economy. This group will also provide opportunities for LinkedIn members to engage with the White House and administration officials following the event.

  1. Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

    I’m old enough to remember what it was like in the Carter years, however everyone predicted out end, that Japan INC was the next superpower…

    Then Reagan restored the peoples confidence in themselves, not in Big Government, and as is always true, they people created the wealth, Reagan made Government move out of the way…

    He only succeeded slightly, yet it cause two decades of growth…

    Ron Paul would really get government out of the way, end the wasteful wars…things would really take off if he wins..

    any one of the republicans debating would be far better than progressives…but Ron Paul would restore the most freedom…and I predict if he wins…it will be like the Roaring 20s…or better.

  2. Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

    I should proof read a little:

    I’m old enough to remember what it was like in the Carter years, how everyone predicted our end, that Japan INC was the next superpower…

    BUT Reagan restored our confidence in ourselves, not Big Government, and as is always true, the people rose up and created new products and services, employing the poor and creating wealth we all enjoyed…Reagan made Government move out of the way…

    Actually he succeeded only slightly in getting BIG Government out of the way, but it was enough to cause two decades of incredible growth…

    Ron Paul would really get government out of the way, end the wasteful wars…things would really take off if he wins..
    But anyone of those debating last night, would be far better than Obama and his fellow Big Government crooks.


    Make my day, get your name on the list, for when the freedom of information act, allows us to publicize all the unAmerican pukes who snitched on their fellow citizens, to the Government.

    Your time is coming.

  3. Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

    One last point…our economy is like a coiled spring waiting to burst out of the box of Government uncertainty…

    Businesses sit on trillions…

    People like me are out of crushing debt…and just waiting to invest, hire…expand…

    But until we have confidence…like what Reagan gave the people…that Government will not defraud us…that it will not oppress us…that statists will be restrained…

    The economy will continue to limp along.

    But the moment it seems certain obama and his progressives are finished, that the ruling DemoRepublican party is out of power for good…

    Boom times …the coil will spring and it the economy will boom…pent up demand will leap out…production will soar in this country, and blue collar people will once again have a pathway to the middle class

  4. Cursor_ says:


    I am beyond suggesting. I am for dissolving the present union and create a new Republic with a new Constitution.

    Have been since the 1980s. But no one wants to do that because they are scared to get their hands dirty with the work of a new government. They would rather stay at hiome, bitch, whine and moan and be arm chair commentators on politics.

    All the American people can think of is what they were taught to thinks of. US is the best in the world, the declaration of independece, founding fathers, tradition for tradition’s sake. Bal blah blah.

    If you loved liberty so much you would want a new form of government that meets the needs of the 21st century people, not a return to some out of date form that helped the agrarian nation we were with an infant industrial age.

    But you don’t love liberty. You love nostalgia. Like so many do that have given up and accepted servitude under Plutarchs.

    Instead of real liberty to make your way, you wish to return to a simple old town of the past with oompa bands in shelters on the town green on a cheery summer day while eating home made pies and chicken idling the good ol’ times away.

    Some of us realise that the world has moved on and that we need new tools to deal with it. And I for one would be happy to assist in making a new constitution that fairly represents all citizens of The Republic. NOt just the rich and their corporations.


  5. Cursor_ says:

    Tea, Paul can no more make change of anything than Obama has. You are naive.

    But then you always are naive when you think that George GW Bush wasn’t in charge during the Reagan years and was the architect of more national debt and more incursion in foreign nations to impose the US will abroad.

    Reagan was busy sleeping, being a geriatric version of howdy doody and consulting astrologers to what he should do next. So much for your buffet style Christianity where you will over look him going to soothsayers even though they are in league with Satan as you would believe.

    If it is Ronnie it is different. How casually you side with your enemy and hold your hand out and say no to your King.

    How casually you will resort to eye for and eye when your King removed it. How casually when your King gave a command to love your neighbour as yourself you again say no to him.
    How casually you tell the King again and again get off that Throne I know better than you when he commanded the rich to hold feasts for the poor, sick and maimed and called upon the rich men to send their servants into the street to gather those people.

    You are a bold faced traitor to Your King. There is no other word for it. You are in full rebellion. You nail him to the cross everyday again in again with wicked glee. All the while wearing white and saying you are leading the right way.

    You are unable to love others as yourself.

    Because you don’t really love yourself. You hate yourself but say you love. Deep down you are a shattered man that wishes all others to be as shattered as you are. You spit old wine at the feet of your King.


  6. Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

    #95 Wow, I feel like I’ve been beaten with a wet noodle, but I’m not sure…

    Was there a point in all that…whatever it was?

    If God didn’t want us to be free, then we wouldn’t have free will or the freedom to use it…we’d be like insects, everything instinctual.

    The founders of this country were deep Christian thinkers, they encoded the freedom God gave those created in His image, into the constitution and bill of rights.

    It was unique, something that never happened in history before, and we’d be insane to lose it to statists.

    Ron Paul has the right answers, all founded on freedom and he is consistent applying that principle, to every aspect of government.

    He is precisely what we need.

    But Cain, Backmann, even Romney, is a thousand times better than Hoover Obama, whose FDR like policies will keep us in a Depression for decades, even while he succeeds against the rich class, making all of us equally poor.

  7. RS says:

    I am not sure THIS president can answer ANY question truthfully.

    So why bother?

    Wait… how about: “Mr President, what do you think is your best trait?”

    Might be there for hours.

  8. Dallas says:

    #95 kudos for a well written, educated lashing at our resident Christian Taliban.

    I would also add that Teabagged Dude is worthless piece of shit just a cocaine snort shy of shooting up a museum.

  9. Cursor_ says:

    Tea you are so far off.

    Only one of the “founding fathers”, Jay, was a christian. The rest either would not admit to it, like Washington, or were deists. And Jay the protestant was anti-catholic, another who won’t obey the Second Great Commandment of his King. i.e. a rebel.

    Just like you will not love your neighbour if he doesn’t think or act as you do. Very Jewish and not at all Christian.

    YOUR King SIR is your authority. Not you. Not your tea party, not your government. YOUR King SIR. You are supposed to be a vassal of your Lord. But you spit at your King. You denounce his very rule over you by not following his Commands. These are not suggestions, these are commands of his. YOUR King SIR.

    There is NO freedom for you if you are in rebellion to YOUR King SIR. Sounds like he is your King when it suits your needs. But when it becomes too hard or it goes against YOUR will he can go eff himself.

    When he commands that you love your neighbour as yourself he means it. And if you don’t then you are in rebellion to YOUR KING SIR.

    If you truly mean what you say then you would be against carnal wars because Paul, inspired by Your God, said that your war is not of flesh and blood but of the spirit.

    If you truly were a vassal of your King you would be for helping the poor not berating them when they are destitute.

    You would carry them to a safe place, and pay for treatment and for lodging as the Samaritan had.

    If you were a servant to your Master as you say you are, then you would chide the rich men for not setting a place at the feast for the poor, the sick and the maimed.

    But you don’t do those things. Neither does Ron Paul, yet another jackal that will whisper sweetness into your ears to sooth you and then dig a blade in your back with treachery after he gains your confidence. Just as Obama did, as Bush did, As Clinton did, etc. etc.

    They all coo and bring your near only to fill you with poison easier.

    They worship mammon is what YOUR King SIR would say. But you believe them as you too worship mammon. You desire to keep your wealth because you say you made it.

    But YOUR King SIR said his FATHER Made it and gave it to you. It is NOT yours in fact. It is his. And he shares it with you because you need it. And what is left over is to be shared with others less fortunate. Because that is what YOUR King SIR did.

    And IF you think that YOU should do it and not the government, then why did Paul tell you that the government is there by God’s choosing? He said that it is there as it promotes love for your neighbour. Read Romans 13 and pay very close attention to verse 8!

    Your taxes are the vehicle that pays to help those less well off that IS love for your neighbour. Ordained by God. YOUR KING SIR!

    Why will you not obey your KING? He has called you out of your old ways. Your tradition for tradition’s sake. He called you to the New Way, to be a New Wineskin, filled with New Wine.

    But you bibe old and say it tastes better. Just as The Jews do. You refuse YOUR King SIR.
    He will deny you when you call Lord Lord. Because you KNOW you are in the wrong. That YOUR King SIR would want you to be better than you have been, to love and to share what Your Father has given you.

    IF you are a Christian then OBEY YOUR KING SIR!

    If you are not, then stop saying you are with The King when you are his enemy.

    At least be honest about something.


  10. Cursor_ says:


    Though I may not be a proponent of deities I say to you that no human is shit.

    The ONLY reason why humanity is anywhere above being just dumb animals is because what we lack in fur, fang and claw to make us great we make up for by the melting together as a civilisation to make us great.

    Alone we are weak and fragile. But together we can move mountains, change the course of rivers and walk on the moon. Humanity is a powerful and great thing.

    BUT ONLY together.

    There are no shit people, there are only people who do shitty things because they lack the will to do better.

    We are better than that. And we need to all work together to get better and advance our race.

    The Human Race.


  11. President Amabo says:

    If you want to advance the race, the best thing is to make a moon race type goal for America to get 100 million 4x4s on the road by 2014. Outlaw mass transit and start building the infrastructure to support a minimum of 1 4×4 per driving age adult.

    That’ll generate some jobs.

  12. Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

    #98 Is hard to believe you beat out 100,000 other sperm…perhaps her being infallible helped.

    And there he was, reigning supreme at number 2…time to up your medication.

  13. Taxed Enough Already Dude says:

    #98 Is hard to believe you beat out 100,000 other sperm…perhaps her being inflatable helped.

    And there he was, reigning supreme at number 2…till you arrived…time to up your medication, in celebration.

  14. Dallas says:

    #103 hard to believe it’s 2011 and holier than thou loons still spawn 19th century mentality pieces of shit out to foster misery to people you don’t know. If there is a devil it lies in you. Your hands are bloody for driving innocent young lives to suicide.

  15. LibertyLover says:

    #81, Phydeau,

    Tell you what… I’ll go with shipping all the power back to the states if we eliminate national and international corporations. Corporations can only be incorporated in the states. AT&T of Alabama. Microsoft of Washington. Cripple the corporations, and I’ll consider crippling the federal government.

    I’ll agree to that and take you one step further. ALL corporations have to be state-based only. That includes unions and charities.

  16. LibertyLover says:


    If you loved liberty so much you would want a new form of government that meets the needs of the 21st century people, not a return to some out of date form that helped the agrarian nation we were with an infant industrial age.

    LOL. You really think the US Constitution is out of date? Puh-Leaze. We just need people who will FOLLOW it and not try to find ways around it.

    What in the Constitution do you find to not fit with 21st Century American?

  17. Thomas says:


    If you loved liberty so much you would want a new form of government that meets the needs of the 21st century people, not a return to some out of date form that helped the agrarian nation we were with an infant industrial age.

    In fact, many people in this thread are calling for exactly that: a Constitutional convention to rework the Constitution. By far the biggest problem is that people today are wholly ignorant of the fundamental idea behind the Constitution: limited Federal government. The single most important idea behind the Constitution is that it was a document in which the States granted powers to the Federal government and all other powers belonged to the States. If there is one goal in restructuring the Constitution it should be to return us to that root design of government.


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