What is the Flashed Face Distortion Effect? from The University of Queensland on Vimeo.

Now you know where monsters come from.

  1. gear says:

    I don’t get the illusion, the cross never changed the entire time I looked at it.

    • Wisdom says:


      Perhaps your eyes are not working quite right? What happens to me is that I focus entirely on the cross, but I still perceive the faces out of the corners of my eyes, but those faces now look like grotesque monsters. The moment I focus on face they are back to normal humans, the moment i focus on the cross its evilness lurking in the shadows :)

    • I never got it either, what am I looking for.

  2. Elgog Partynipple says:

    Why can’t I see previous day’s posts? I only get today’s post then have to select by topic? What kind of sense does that make. You don’t post by topic. You post chronologically. You add a topic then sort. But I only get to look at this every few days. Now I can only see one day’s worth then pick a single topic. It’s crazy!!! Boing Boing did the same thing almost a year ago. I emailed them and they changed it the same day then emailed me back and told me that they changed it.

    • pedro says:

      commenter said: “Why can’t I see previous day’s posts?”

      Because the guy doing the lay out is also doing LSD and showing the wonderful things he can do while trippin’

  3. sammyBoy says:


    How many times does everyone else see JCD’s face?

    I counted 3 :)

  4. Nathan says:

    Interestingly, the effect still works even if viewing the crosshair with only one eye open, so it’s not a stereoscopic trick.