1. jpfitz says:

    Twelve to one, but I shall fart in your general direction.

  2. Drive By Poster says:

    The TSA’s street presence was getting out of hand.

  3. Memesis says:

    What the f#ck you lookin at!

  4. Animby - just phoning it in says:

    Whaddya think, guys? Pepper spray or Taser?

  5. What? says:

    and this http://forbes.com/sites/kashmirhill/2011/10/27/tsa-is-firing-the-get-your-freak-on-girl-baggage-screener/

    the French still are focused on Africans while we are freaked Arabs, brown people can’t catch a break, same as it ever was…

  6. Wrigsted the Dane says:

    Can we send him home to Africa by parcel post and who will pay?

    The officers in this picture is Compagnie Républicaines the Sécurité, the French riot police, so you can’t blame Obama this time. Sorry guys

  7. Anthony says:

    Occupy D.C.

    aka Day Care

  8. MacBros says:

    “Do you have a permit to have that bike on the….”
    “HE’S GOT A TOY GUN!!!”

  9. SeanO says:

    When did the LA police get new uniforms?

  10. butterbutt says:

    Ok Charlie, you drew the short straw. You get the first shot at beating the crap (oops, I mean confession) out of this terrorist with his high speed escape vehicle!

  11. Charlie says:

    Great undercover guy – we’d never have found this kiddie porn ring without him!

  12. david says:

    “no ….really officers the training wheels were my sista’s idea”

  13. deowll says:

    The kid looks American. The uniforms don’t. Photoshop? I don’t recall ever seeing a cop with one of those caps on. My father had one like it that GIs wore during WW II.

  14. UncDon says:

    “I wanna know why the genetic lab let this out. I don’t buy the ‘training wheels’ argument.”

  15. Holdfast says:

    The uniforms look like the French CRS. They are not nice.

    Not sure what Deowll means by saying that the kid looks American though. Looks like a kid with ancestors of African origin. That could be just about anywhere in Europe as well as the USA. Or perhaps the French riot police are on an exchange visit to Zambia or whatever.

    • deowll says:

      You tell an American by the cloths they wear otherwise most of them look like immigrants.

  16. MWD78 says:

    CRS: Can’t Remember Shit!

    “Why did we pull this kid over again???”

  17. illuminated says:

    “Seriously, officer, you guys look like a bunch of douche bags!”

  18. illuminated says:

    Anybody else notice…there’s no seat on the bike?!

  19. Get used to it kid! This is gonna happen a lot more, as you get older.

  20. Mike Gladich says:

    (sound of batons being removed from their holsters) Hey aren’t you Rodney King’s little boy?

  21. Mike Gladich says:

    License and registration please? Are you carrying any weapons on you?


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