A new plug-in for Photoshop allows you to take a photo and turn it into an oil painting or watercolor (among other things) with very little effort. In the case of the landscape below I added some clouds and the program did most of the work. Sliders control brush strokes, color mixing, etc. Killer little product which I write about in more detail in today’s PC Magazine column. (to be posted later)


This can now be turned into a signed and numbered print and sold or given away as gifts and become a family keepsake or something you put in the closet (choose one). It can also be printed on canvas with the right ink jet printer and become a nice Giclee print. The possibilities are endless.

  1. thePeacefulOne says:

    Hey, hey, hey, hey, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Hey!

    Everyone Exhale! Can we just have a little breather here!
    I say Art is subjective and in fact personal. Period. Let one
    have his own cup and drink his own wine. Need I say more?
    Peace be to you all !