And beer bongs rectally as well, and lets not forget trying to get a buzz from ‘drinking’ Vodka through eyeballs.

  1. Rick Cain says:

    So what do we do, soak tampons with a chemical that converts alcohol into a toxic substance that burns the wall of the vagina?
    Or do we impose legal penalties for girls who soak them in liquor? Or perhaps do we ban tampons altogether and force the makers to create a special tampon inserter that can’t be cracked open without ruining the tampon?

  2. John E. Quantum says:

    A subtle marketing ploy by Proctor and Gamble to get their products used every day in the month.

    These are good with or without cherries.

  3. Buzz Mega says:

    Here’s one that gets no respect: vodka enemas.

  4. Gasparrini says:

    SNL did a spoof of a news segment that seems remarkably similar to the video above:


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