The Boko Haram Islamist sect, which aims to impose sharia law across the country, claimed responsibility for the three church bombs, the second Christmas in a row the group has caused mass carnage with deadly bombings of churches. Security forces also blamed the sect for two other blasts in the north.

St Theresa’s Catholic Church in Madala, a satellite town about 40 km (25 miles) from the center of the capital Abuja, was packed when the bomb exploded just outside.

The book of knowledge has a good overview of this group here.

Boko Haram opposes not only Western education, but Western culture and modern science as well.[13] The group also forbids the wearing of shirts and pants and the act of voting in elections. In its view, the Nigerian state is run by non-believers.[8]

The founding leader of this operation is Ustaz Mohammed Yusuf

In a 2009 BBC interview, Yusuf stated that the belief that the world is a sphere is contrary to Islam and should be rejected, along with Darwinism and the theory that rain comes from water evaporated by the sun.

Curiously they reject science but make bombs.

  1. Ah_Yea says:

    Get ready for more!

    Thanks to the retarded Obama administration, expect Jihad around the world thanks to the Muslim Brotherhood!

    Good job!!

    • jpfitz says:

      Explain The POTUS fault that some loons have an agenda.
      I’m no fan of Obama but I don’t see the connection.

  2. #01--bobbo, are we Men of Science, or Devo says:

    So, it could be thought of as the Tea Party of Nigeria? Good conservative values?

    Ha, ha.

    But seriously folks—you know “anti science” sentiment runs deeply in GOUSA as well. maybe not with a retrenchment into fundamental religion, at least not outside of the South, but equally ludicrously if not as damaging, to extremes of “mystical thinking” including conspiracy theories of all sorts. -Deleted- Its the holiday day==no reason to go off topic so far. Save it for Monday?

    I just saw a reference to Obama sending in 300 Military troops to Uganda to attack some Fundie group in the business of killing anyone who disagrees with the. Good use of our military resources. A nip in the bud should save us who knows what worse down the road? Gotta keep those resources safe for China to develop.

  3. jbenson2 says:

    Islam: “The Religion of Peace”

    The Muslims slaughtering Christians through Christmas eve and Christmas day. Devout Muslims doing what they are commanded to do …… on Christmas. Nothing to see here, move on.

    But you non-believers better respect it! and don’t dare draw a cartoon of the Moe. A moe toon? Now, that’s religious intolerance.

    • Cursor_ says:

      Just as Christians slaughter others and their own kind for centuries. Just as Jews do as well.

      There will always be radical elements in any group of humans. Humans so evil that the end justified the means.

      From religion to ideology to just plain avarice, humanity has been and will be very inhumane.

      Blame not the idea, faith or nation. Blame the human element that lifts the weapon and uses it to commit atrocities.

      A concept cannot kill a man. But a man can.


  4. NewFormatSux says:

    This is a good thing. Since they are against technology, they would hunt down the spammers.

  5. I hope this doesn’t affect the delivery of a large check I’m expecting.

    • jpfitz says:

      Thanks for linking to my favorite nuns. I noticed you stopped for a while, glad to see the sisters back.

      Merry Xmas my friend.

  6. And another thing, you don’t see Christians bombing them on Ramadamadingdong.

  7. MWD78 says:

    looks like Nigeria is being set up as the backup plan if Iran falls thru.

    i too often wonder about the outrage if we bombed Mecca on Ramadan.

    • jpfitz says:

      Good Xtian nations don’t bomb for religious reasons, only for the almighty dollar.

      • deowll says:

        I’m unaware of any good Xion nations. Who did you have in mind?

        • jpfitz says:

          Maybe good was the wrong word. I’m being facetious, bombs and “God” are not simpatico.

        • Cursor_ says:

          I’m unaware of any Xian nations.

          There fixed that for both of you.


          • jpfitz says:

            Isn’t the good ole USofA a xtian nation?

            The US is bombing many brown people with predator drones. We bomb them they bomb back.

            To clarify Xian is Capital of Shaanxi.

  8. ABO says:

    This is not news. Let me know when a Christian blows up a Mosque.

  9. Dallas says:

    No surprise seeing religious loons killing each other because they disagree who has the nicest Santa Clause.

    May your Winter Solstice celebration be filled with joyous laughter.

  10. deowll says:

    A small observation which some people may not agree with.

    Unless you are talking about a nativity scene or something related directly to the birth of X none of the so called Xmas decorations actually have anything to do with the Xian faith. So far as I can tell they are all connected to Saternalia/Yule/ whatever mid winter equinox/new years celebrations were celebrated by our pagan ancestors and have nothing to do with the faith so use them as you will.

    For those that don’t know X in Greek and Ancient Latin is pronounced Chris. Xmas is the original way to write Christmas and Xian would have been how Christian was first written and it since the X is a cross of sorts it is preferred by some Xians.

    • tcc3 says:

      Blame the church. They wisely let major holidays coincide with pagan ones on the calendar. The overlapping of customs was encouraged to help smooth conversion.

      Sensible PR.

  11. deowll says:

    My nephew is a Chaplain who serves in Afghanistan. I told him truthfully that being so marked made him a preferred target. However the gay and lesbians in the service are at double risk. Middle eastern culture has a cure for the condition. As the present temporal leader of Iran noted there are no known gays or lesbians in the country. I believe the same might be said of atheists and agnostics.

    While being a Christian in much of the middle east is extremely risky the number of people who think you should be killed will increase to the large majority if you fall into one of the groups named.

    If you disagree you are absolutely free to put your ideas to the test.

  12. e4ze says:

    I am a Muslim and a regular listener of No Agenda.

    I am white, live in the UK and became Muslim just over a year ago.

    I would like to share a few facts about Islam with you all:
    1) Killing innocent people is not allowed
    2) The Quran states that the Earth is spherical, it actually even gives a more accurate description by describing it as the shape of an ostrich egg
    3) Wearing shirts and pants/trousers is permissible
    4) Leaders are ONLY allowed to be chosen by being democratically elected
    5) The Quran also describes the complete water cycle

    This article is yet another propaganda piece. There are bad eggs in every basket. These people (assuming the story is true) may be Muslims by name but this is NOT Islam.

    May peace be upon all of the morning 🙂

    • orchidcup says:

      There are extremists in all religious faiths that wish to kill people in the name of God or Allah.

      I have an idea.

      Have a representative from each of the religious sects gather in Jerusalem for a conference.

      Have God or Allah announce which religious sect is the official representative of God’s word and scripture.

      Problem solved.

    • jbenson2 says:

      “1) Killing innocent people is not allowed”

      Vs. the Religion of Peace encouraging Muslims to seek out and kill newspaper editors who print a cartoon illustrating the hypocrisy of Mohammed.

      • RS says:

        Kinda goes to the meaning of “innocent” doesn’t it.

        To refuse to submit is not innocence in Islam.

  13. #37--bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    #36–Pedro==Holy Crap! What are you doing, implementing your New Year’s Eve Resolution early? This is about 5 posts in a row with you being half way analytical. Did that GED come thru and now you are living up to it? Ha, ha.==No seriously: good job. All reasonable and stuff.

    Yes, DOGMA always breaks down this way under scrutiny: there are good X’s and bad X’s. Doesn’t matter whatever the dogma under review is, when it doesn’t work or is found hypocritical or dishonest then you have only found the bad X of the type.

    EG–find an Islamist that will kill you if you make a cartoon of Mohamed==well thats a bad Muslim, not like us good Muslims over here.

    Or take Ron Paul supporters: find free market capitalists cheating the public with false weights or adulterated goods? Well, those are BAD LIBERTARIANS and says nothing about the wise counsel of Ron Paul’s anti-regulation schemes.

    Or take Alfie==everything he likes is good, and everything he dislikes is progressive, caused by Obama, and is bad.

    They are all cut from the same cloth–preferring to believe what their own eyes and brains would tell them if they weren’t filled with …………

    Silly Hoomans.

  14. msbpodcast says:

    Sick fucks…

    You know I’m getting pretty sick and tired of this.

    How would they like it if I strapped a kiloton bomb to my ass and blew Mecca into a sheet of glowing dirty glass?

    I’d smear a whole bunch of the fuckers into shadows on Plato’s cave wall, knock out one of the pilars of Islam and blow the Qabah back into outer space in a millisecond.


    • orchidcup says:

      But you see, they don’t happen to see it that way.

    • Cursor_ says:

      The religions are things and things cannot be evil.

      But the people are evil. People can and will be evil.


      • jpfitz says:

        Cursor_ , you don’t really believe in evil. Do you?
        Good and bad are opposites but evil smacks of religion.

        Evil is used to emphasize the severity of an action that is bad or unmoral. In my world evil doesn’t exist only really bad actions or people.

  15. #44--bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    “How would they like it if I strapped a kiloton bomb to my ass and blew Mecca into a sheet of glowing dirty glass?” /// They probably wouldn’t like it, but I’d suffer your absence for such an outcome. Really putting yourself into that “dirty bomb” scenario.

    Still orchi==you gotta admit there are some people you can’t/shouldn’t compromise with. You know the type? You can lock up a couple of thousand, but more than that speaks to a different solution. Usually involving someones ass. Peapod may be on to sumthin’.

  16. Dr Spearmint Fur says:

    This ain’t religion. This is grotesque self deception turned into violence.

  17. AdmFubar says:

    >>>”Boko Haram opposes not only Western education, but >>>Western culture and modern science as well.[13] The >>>group also forbids the wearing of shirts and pants and the >>>act of voting in elections.”
    soooooo they all go bottomless there? in the words of yakov smirnoff, “Vvaat a country!”

    seriously, there are reason why they are all upset with the west there, western companies are (ie big oil) are destroying the country side with complete disregard to the environment there. (see link)

    yeah no reason that they would be upset with us.

  18. sargasso_c says:

    Oil tends to make religious radicals. Iran. Saudi Arabia. Texas.

  19. Animby says:

    Noting says praise the lord like killing people trying to praise the lord.

    One should note the culprits in this bombing are a particularly loony cult. And even they don’t handle deadly snakes and drink arsenic! I have lived and worked with many Muslims around the world and, while I don’t care for Islam any more than I care for Christianity, the people are generally kind and peaceful. Sort of like Southern Baptists.

    msbpodcast says: “…if I strapped a kiloton bomb to my ass and blew Mecca into a sheet of glowing dirty glass? ” Gotta agree with Bobbo. That would likely be an especially dirty bomb. We’ll miss you, PeaPod. Oh, and hey: if there IS an afterlife, let us know about those dozens of virgins…

  20. e4ze says:

    “Have God or Allah announce which religious sect is the official representative of God’s word and scripture.”

    This announcement has already been made which is the Quran itself. It confirms what came before it of the revealed religions and announces that Islam is the the current and last religion/way of life for us on Earth, and the only way of life that will be accepted from us in the next life.

    There are many ways to completely prove that the Quran is what is claims to be, the unaltered word of our creator. My personal favourites are the scientific facts, linguistic miracles and the logical reasoning that it gives itself. Look at the stats on the number of people in western counties converting, we aren’t jumping on the faith wagon, we have been convinced by evidence.

    Islam is perfect and beautiful. A good way to remove the brainwashing/conditioning that the media has dealt out is to search YouTube for “Misconceptions in Islam”. The Indian accent may be a little annoying but I think most of you would find it really interesting.

  21. #73--bobbo, the pragmatic existential evangelical anti-theist says:

    #67–e4==you don’t mind the nick name I hope? There are two flaws to your argument:

    1. You should post a direct link to any supporting evidence you claim is “out there.” Telling people to google is totally lame.

    2. There is no god silly rabbit. Only creations of man for various reasons==all a social and psychological phenomenon. Just google within yourself for the evidence of that.

    Yea, verily.

  22. Shiraz says:

    This a cult and nothing to do with mainstream Islam. It is forbidden to attack or cause harm to ANY place of worship as per the Quran so these guys are some wakos.

  23. Glenn E. says:

    They never found out who to blame all the Black Baptist Church burns on, in the US. Wonder why? Likely some racists. Possibly atheists, but I wouldn’t discount some malcontents of any of the mainstream religions. Working on their own. If you can blame all Catholics for what the Irish Catholics did years ago. And can’t blame all Christians for what some who bombed abortion clinics, did. And can’t blame all Germans for what the Nazis did. And can’t blame all Japanese for what their county’s war criminals did. Well then how is all Islamics to blame for what a small faction of NUTS, do? I’m just saying. I’m certain there are atheists who break the laws of the land, too. But who ever blames all of them, for following some godless agenda? Makes me wonder if the own all the newspapers? Cause they’re always blamin somebody’s religion. But never a lack of one.

  24. e4ze says:

    #73 e4 is cool 🙂

    1) Didn’t know if links were allowed here. Also didn’t want to limit anyone to what I post seeing as there is an abundance of evidence out there.

    Seeing as you have the perception that God doesn’t exist, this book here proves that He does:

    You can ignore any Islamic references in the book, the objective here is to prove to you the existence of the Creator.

    The lecture I mentioned is called ‘Misconceptions in Islam” by Zakir Naik which should be the first link if you put what’s in quotes into YouTube.

    2) Not sure if I understand your point here. A social psychological phenomenon doesn’t explain how there is a physical universe, unless you mean that our existence is purely our own perception? If so (although that’s ridiculous) then where did we/our perception come from?

    Feel free to give the book a look over and let me know if you have any questions/refutations. I personally always used to think that scientifically proving God was something impossible, I was amazed when I first read that book. Strongly recommended to all.

  25. endquote says:

    Everyone knows that bombs are made using alchemy which is a pseudo science.

  26. Rick says:

    The real islamic weapon is the female womb. The global plan is to simply outpopulate everybody else. Its working in europe and eventually will overwhelm india and china too.
    White folk will be 50% of the world at best


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