Afghan military already selling heavy weapons to Taliban

Afghan soldiers are selling their weapons and vehicles to the Taliban, sharing intelligence and even signing covert ceasefire agreements with the insurgent group as they prepare for the withdrawal of Nato forces…

Despite Britain and its western allies having spent billions on training and equipping Afghanistan’s security forces, they are freely co-operating with the Taliban and in some cases, ceding territory without a fight or even joining forces with their opponents…

According to the Nato study, Taliban fighters believe they have overcome the American troop surge, that victory and their return to power is “inevitable” and that they can easily subdue President Hamid Karzai’s forces once they take charge of security in 2014.

It also says that after trying by turns to threaten or cajole Pakistan away from its covert support for the Taliban, the Pakistani government remains “intimately involved” with the insurgent group. Taliban prisoners also claim the country’s ISI intelligence agency is “thoroughly aware of Taliban activities and the whereabouts of all senior Taliban personnel”…

A bazaar in Miranshah, capital of North Waziristan in Pakistan’s tribal region, was “increasingly inundated with rifles, pistols and heavy weapons which have been sold by Afghan security forces.”

“The vehicles and weapons were once only acquired on the battlefield. They are now regularly sold or donated by the Afghan security forces,” the report concluded…

Our pundits, politicians and Pentagon PR hacks all deny any of this is really happening.

  1. Dallas says:

    As far as I’m concerned, exit that cesspool and leave those mofo’s rot. If another terrorist attack happends from there, level fucking place from a console in Nebraska

    • Animby says:

      Excuse me, Dallas. I have friends in that country. You know, they may be Afghans but they’re people, too.

    • President Amabo (& my wife Chewbacca) (threaded comment systems are for retards) says:

      One of the few times I agree completely with Dallas

  2. sargasso_c says:

    Let’s all pretend this never happened.

  3. George says:

    Did nobody learn anything from the Russian invation of that country? Or the British?

    So we are now left with a wrecked economy and tens of thousands of physically and emotionally shattered soldiers and what do we have to show for it? A country in the hands of the Taliban.

    Osama may not have survived but he still won.

    On to Iran!!!

  4. Roasted Peanuts says:

    Recap: What a waste of time and money. They had nothing to do with 9/11. They allied with the U.S. during the Cold War because the USSR was in *their* country and they wanted the USSR out. US invades *their* country and wonders why the Taliban are now fighting them. Fucking idiots.

  5. Animby says:

    The Talibs claim they are going to take the country back as soon as NATO (i.e. the USA) pulls out it’s troops. Now, Barry says lets get dem Taliban out of Gitmo and send them back to the middle east. And he says, by the way, we’re gonna pull out by the middle of next year. Hell, I’d be making some deals, too…

  6. howard Beale says:

    sounds pragmatic to me they have to live there

  7. CrankyGeeksFan says:

    The full article from the Telegraph mentions how it is becoming more of an ethnic war, north vs. south, in Afghanistan. That was an argument that was made years ago about a long term military presence.

  8. Yaknow says:

    Funny how this people, the Afgans, devalue life so much and uphold violence to kill as if it was as natural as breathing. Being their highest value they justify it, create dogma to do it, etc. which is all what they are about….killing, and more killing. If they where a person they would be a psychotic mass murdering serial killer.

    Not saying all are that way, just the freaking majority or that country.

  9. msbpodcast says:

    You have to take the long term strategic view of things.

    Afghanistan is a land locked country with no access to any water except whatever the rains bring.

    Afghanis are so fucking hostile that they make enemies of all their neighbors and partnerships last about as long as the season… This is not a place where sane rational people live. (In fact their chief raison d’ètre might be as a penal colony for the rest of the world. [Much like North Korea, which would make an even better one since they have neither accurate maps, lights at nights, modern infrastructure, nor internet access.*])

    We’ll give the Taliban back the stinking cat box of a country, wait for 50 years, until all the wretches have run the country into the fucking ground, again**, and invade again, but this time with earth movers and let the ignorant idiots rape their own scenery this time, moving mountains around for pennies a ton our profit.

    I’d worry less and less about the incredibly credulous towel heads as time went on.

    They can always be manipulated into ruining their own country for our profit for pennies on the dollar.

    Commerce will always deal with the corrupt on every level far more effectively than diplomacy can deal with the not-yet-corrupted at the top.

    *) We should suggest that to them as a source of income. I’m sure Kim Jong Un wouldn’t mind taking people we no longer have a use for in the West in exchange for all the caviar and champagne he can eat and drink and Japanese DVD players with access to American porn.

    **) The Taliban were imperiously demanding that the rest of the world feed them, and the arab’s were buying none of it, before president Shrub sent in the bombers and cruise missiles to shift rubble around. The invasion of Afghanistan was a piece of incredible stupidity.

  10. DrWally says:

    A study of the history of Afghanistan reveals the obvious: a war-like people with a penchant for tribal violence, mired irretrievably in an 18th century culture. The hubris of thinking American troops were going to somehow change that is laughable. However well intentioned and resourced, it was doomed to failure from day one despite all the rhetoric and bombast from the neocon advocates in George Bush’s administration.

    It is a tragedy we extinguished so many young American lives to learn this lesson, and squandered so much treasure we so desperately needed to spend here at home. It amazes me that so many people think we should stay and continue to add to these totals. Can they tell me when we are done? How many good soldiers have to die? When can we come home?

    It is quite painful to say to the parents of the dead and the many wounded that it was all for nothing, but in truth it was for nothing. The sooner it is ended the better. Like Nixon’s fig-leaf of “peace talks” got us out of Vietnam just as the place collapsed, spreading some of the same BS now with the Taliban seems understandable.

    Only this time, don’t let the war-mongers and profiteers forget what they did to American kids. Don’t let their lies rewrite history.

    • msbpodcast says:

      mired irretrievably in an 18th century culture and proud of it buster…

      The Taliban Afghanis are a people just begging to be led by the nose (or by the balls) into the previous century.

      Their vision is firmly fixed on the rear view mirror of history.

      That said, I thing the US should accept all Afghanis who would emigrate to Utah.

    • orchidcup says:

      I would have to say their culture is more like the 14th century.

  11. MartinJJ says:

    Many of those Afghan soldiers were probably Taliban already and just joined so they actually get paid. So the selling of the war crap and ceasefire deals only make sense then. When other countries finally leave, they don’t want to get shot by their own. Taliban is a religion. You can kill people, but not religious convictions. During wars stranger things usually happen.

  12. deowll says:

    90% of the Afghan economy is US spending. The bulk of the local population shares the same views as the Taliban. The nation is run by a government whose leaders would sell their own family members into slavery for a modest fee. Nobody is loyal.

    It became obvious to me some time ago that as soon as the US pulled out the Taliban would take over.

    • MartinJJ says:

      The Taliban never left. The Taliban drugslords still kept an eye on the poppyfields. They burned down several schools for girls again and more of that crap. All this while americans were still chasing this fake terrorist Bin Laden. Or better, while the CIA was shipping in the drugs from Afghanistan.

      The whole world refuses to join this “war on terror” because they all clearly see how bogus it all is. Only americans still believe that nonsense.

      Keep listening to your bogus main stream media and soon you will start WW3 with Iran.

  13. Dr Spearmint Fur says:

    Life expectancy in Afghanistan is but 45 years. The average age is 18. It has the world’s second-highest infant mortality rate. Only 12% of Afghan women are literate. It is the world’s largest producer of opium.

    It has been occupied by foreign militaries for ten years, which followed years of Taliban rule, which followed years of civil war, which followed years of Soviet military rule. I’m sure it will be a peaceful Jeffersonian democracy now.

    • MartinJJ says:

      Half the population got killed by american wapons and american drones. First by the CIA/Bin Laden clan against Russia and later by US drones. So no wonder average age is only 18.

      The Taliban are “not happy” about women and education. They keep burning the women schools (usually with the women still inside to set an example). So there is your 12%.

      Billions of dollars from the Afghanistan opium revenues got whitewashed through american banks and nobody goes to jail. Thats what happens with the CIA is totally above any law.

      Due to lousy dna altering GMO food and toxic chemicals they deliberately add to the drinkingwater (and other bad food), american children of today are actually expected to become way less old as their parents.

      The american educationsystem is about at the same level as in Afghanistan. Children have no clue what a tomato or union looks like, but when asked for a terrorist they all point to (CIA agent) Bin Laden.

      The USA has been dominated by financial terror (lobbying) from megabanks and warmongering folks for decades already. Even the elections are bought and paid for using the lamestream media. So the USA also has nothing in common with real democracy.

  14. Grandpa says:

    A wonderful lesson the United States will never learn. They tried to teach it in Viet Nam and now in Afghanistan. Maybe the Chinese are smarter than we are.


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