1. Anonymous says:

    Seems you can either commit to a life of crime by robbing banks or you can be the bank. Throw some lawyers into the mix and any way you look at it, someone is getting robbed.

    Personally I find it just a little sad that the Muppets (a.k.a. “anthropomorphized characters”) are the ones helping the truly stupid understand just how badly they have been screwed. It’s so sad that it’s funny.


  2. ECA says:

    Since we are supposed to be Equal under the law, I suggest that we pay his lawyers Equal to what I will pay mine.. or at least PAY for a lawyer EQUAL to his..
    Also, CanI give a few suggestions about Equality of equity..
    Let him also Survive for the duration on the same wages/living as I AM, or at least share his wealth with myself(at least during this time) so that WE both are Equal..

  3. bobbo, holding his nose as this is about politics says:

    Hah!…..I say: HAH!!!

    Substitute Goldman Sachs with the Republican Party/Congress/the Government…..and it still makes an excellent commentary:

    1. 0:40—…the Muppets – Here’s to being Rich.

    2 1: 35…sure we advise them against their own self interest… but does that make us bad guys? /// “Yes!”

    3 1:45… “If Americans didn’t want us to get rich, why do they let us trick them into giving us all their money?

    Maybe with the muppets involved, the American Electorate will see things more clearly? Hmmmm…..women voting against contraception coverage? People earning only $300K per year voting to do away with Inheritance Taxes????

    Yes, reality is so clear the muppets can see it. We are too much the fantacist in our own minds. We conjure up a world in which WE make all the money at the expense of everyone else and we call that “freedom.”

    Back in the real world, “we” are in fact the “everyone else” not the King, not the top .1 percent.

    So foolish for the “above $200K” crowd to be voting for Romney. This idiots are as much the victims of this fraud as are the poor being cut off home heating or food stamps.

    Silly Hoomans.

  4. Cursor_ says:

    Funny or die.

    Well they have the die part right. That was just lame.


    • bobbo, holding his nose as this is about politics says:

      Curso–humor can be an individual thing and difficult to devine one way or the other.

      I found it funny, thoughtful too.

      So==any ability to identify WHY you did not see the humor, or are you only caught up in the thoughtful social commentary?

      How did you get in here?–The door, and the elevator./// Maybe not knee slapping, but these are the muppets.

      Poor cursor, taking everything sooooooo “seriously” ==or is that even fair? Some other psychological process going on?

      It is after all a joke about rape. Hard to make fun of that.

  5. mainecat says:

    I see Robin Colcord finally ended his wandering after prison and now heads Goldman Sachs. Fitting. Buck Compton/Tinman is now his henchman.

  6. NICKtheRAT says:


  7. Yaknow says:

    A Sasha Grey moment for those investing in Goldman and Sachs.

  8. jpfitz says:

    The suit on the left snorting coke plays a role in the series Justified very close to this sketch. Funny but tragically so.

    • Cap'nKangaroo says:

      He also played one of the lead cops on the TV show “Boomtown” circa 2002 or thereabouts.


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